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Tuesday, October 05, 2021

'Glimmer Man' Transparent Humanoid Encountered in San Bernardino National Forest, CA

A group of hikers in the San Bernardino National Forest start to experience disembodied cries for help. They become lost somehow and then experience a transparent humanoid in a nearby tree.

The following account was recently forwarded:

Please don't think I'm crazy. We saw what I can only describe as the creature from the "Predator" movies in the San Bernardino National Forest.

This happened on Friday October 1st. Location was 34°12'43"N 116°55'49"W

OK, I totally understand if no one believes this, because we are still unsure of what the f*ck happened, but we sat down, and came to a consensus on the events. We all agreed we witnessed the same thing. Me and three buddies were hiking in San Bernardino National Forest. Various trails, mostly the known ones, and mostly during the day.

Friday, we were making our way to Clark's Summit. As we were walking, one by one we noticed that we were veering off the trail. I asked my friend in front of me why he was going off the trail, and he asked our friend who was in front of him the same thing. The friend in front told us "I can hear a woman talking. You guys don't hear that?" (we didn't hear anything). We tried to convince her to leave it be, because it was already kind of dark, and we were close to where we wanted to set up camp on the trail. The friend in front is female, and insisted that what she heard sounded like a female calling for help, and that she sounded "really close" so I think she felt inclined to investigate a possible female in distress, while we were totally okay with going about our business.

Okay, I get a bit spooked now because she's absolutely serious, and we absolutely could not hear whatever she was hearing. Here's where it got weird. We only ventured off the trail about 300-400m, yet at one point, we were completely lost. We don't have any fancy gear or GPS stuff because we've never needed it, but we've been on this trail enough to know we hadn't gone far, yet we couldn't find the trail in any direction after walking for about 15-20 minutes. I started to feel weird, kind of dizzy/lightheaded, and when I mentioned this the other two said they felt weird as well.

It was like something had changed the environment around us, or moved us somehow to another location. I had no idea which way to go and now it was fully dark. My female friend said the woman's voice had said "I'm over here", and "Please help me." She said it sounded like she was hurt/crying. So here we are, somehow lost, after only walking for about 20 minutes off a large trail because my friend is hearing voices. We decided to stop walking in any direction, because the last thing you want to do at night is get even more lost. We had 2 tents, and sleeping bags in our packs, so we found a clearing and set up. We figured once the sun was out, we'd easily find our way back to the trail.

Before we could even lay down to rest, I noticed a tree near us was moving as if something was climbing it. It was really dark, and I wear glasses so I really struggled to see, so I called them over to see. I thought it was an animal at first. But it wasn't an animal, it wasn't anything! I could see the "outline" of what roughly looked like a human shape, but it was transparent, like completely see-through. The best way I can describe it, is the way heatwaves look on the pavement in the summer, you know, that wavy/liquid effect. They saw it too, my male buddy said "what the f*ck are we looking at" when he finally spotted it. They all said the same thing, it was transparent, but still visible due to the foliage around it being displaced and moving as it moved.

We all just stood stone still whispering theories back and forth as to what we thought we were seeing. I thought maybe it was some kind of optical illusion, but they both immediately jumped to aliens of course. The thing just sat there, perched on a large branch about 50 feet up. It's like it was watching us watch it. The other oddity is that after staring at this thing for about 10 minutes, we noticed all the normal forest sounds we heard prior had stopped COMPLETELY. I mean the only noise was us talking, and the leaves under our feet. The hairs on my neck stood up, and I had goosebumps all over when I realized this, like something was truly wrong.

After about 10 minutes of us standing there, whatever this thing was started to climb up the tree even more, until we could no longer see it all. We approached the base of the tree slowly, and walked around in a circle with our necks craned up trying to see this thing. It was too dark, and the trees were too close for us to see the top. We didn't hear it jump to another tree, so we assumed it was still up there. We were all too spooked obviously to camp right underneath whatever this was, so we gathered our stuff and started walking towards the moon. I sh*t you not, after about 5 minutes of walking, we were back on the trail! I literally dropped my bag and said 'WTF' out loud. We all stood there confused, looking around trying to confirm what we were seeing.

My buddy likes to joke, and said maybe we walked through some hallucinogenic spores, and had imagined all of that. I highly doubt that, but whatever happened, it seemed kind of, I guess predatory. Like it seems like something was luring us, or trying to confuse us. My friend still thinks we were f*cking with her about not hearing the woman she claimed to hear. Was it that thing we saw imitating a woman? How did we get lost so close to the trail? This was easily the weirdest thing I've ever experienced in the wilderness. We still don't have a good theory as to what we saw. It may not have been an alien, but whatever it was, it was humanoid, and was 100% transparent, somehow, and able to climb a really large tree with ease, without making much noise. Has anyone else seen anything like this in the woods?" G

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