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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Girl Shocked by Sasquatch in Barn Near Yale, Michigan

Bigfoot Spotted In Small Farmtown

YALE, Mich. (UPI) – Cindy Barone says it is not the torn down fences or the barn doors that have been ripped off at the hinges, nor is it the high-pitched screaming her family often hear at night. "It's the unknown that scares us," she said, "If I knew what it was I could deal with it." She is referring to a large, hairy creature that she and her family are convinced is a Sasquatch, or Bigfoot - a creature that is said to walk on two legs and roam wooded areas from Maine to Washington. Many think it is the so-called "missing link" of human evolution.

The Barones' latest encounter with the beast came Friday evening (November 19), when daughters Tina, 13, and Roxanne,12, went out to the barn to check on their animals. Tina said the horses were spooked and when she reached for the light switch in the pitch black barn she felt some fur. But she said the beast stood 2 feet above her, glaring down with bright red eyes. Tina said she didn't know what the animal was. "I have no idea," Tina said. "All I know is that its fur was about one inch thick and all matted and dirty."

Source: Twin Falls ID Times-News UPI article, November 22, 1981


NOTE: She was lured inside the barn by something mimicking a kitten. She goes to the barn reaches inside, not going inside, and feels something hairy. There had been several Bigfoot sightings throughout the area and it says the fence was torn down and the huge barn door was ripped from the hinges. This is not the first time the cat ploy has been used by Bigfoot, especially during the 1800s and into the early 20th century. A woman alone tending to the house hears a cat at the door, gets saucer with milk, swings the door open and sees a large hairy humanoid on porch. In yet another similar case there one or more 400+ cases involving children being led away from their yard by their dog or something that sounded like their dog and the little ones follow it. Lon

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