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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Frightening Night in the Cabin on Vermilion Lake, Minnesota

A group of older teen boys was staying at a remote cabin in the Minnesota wilderness when they started to experience a few unexplained events. Later, a pair of eyes peered through the cabin window.

I recently came across the following account:

"My story involves myself and three of my really good friends from childhood (will have them go by Kevin, Ryan, and Tommy) whom I am good friends with to this day. I could not write this story to you without their help, consent, and experience's as well. The story you are about to read IS TRUE and not made up in any way. Regardless of whether we had been seeing things or not, the reality is we had experienced something very horrifying the one night at my friend Kevin's cabin. We thought long and hard about actually sharing it or not, afraid of being ridiculed, but we are ready to share with the community, and again you had to be there to experience it. One of my friends had actually suffered a nervous breakdown after the incident and needed counseling in itself. Regardless, I would like you to know also I have always been a skeptic of the paranormal and find it very hard to believe in many aspects. But, I love to watch, listen, and read on it simply because I always love to have an open mind in life. An open mind in my opinion is a growing one. Whether it was paranormal or not, someone was clearly there that night.

During the mid-summer, usually around the middle of July, I and a couple of my good friends (who I had mentioned) always made time to go up to my one friend's family cabin up north in the forest of Minnesota (cabin located on Vermilion Lake). We would always go, for sure accompanied, by my friend's dad (Kevin's dad who owned the cabin) and sometimes a few of our dad's as well. Once we were Juniors in high school we felt mature and old enough to go to the cabin on our own finally without Kevin's dad or any other adult supervision. I would like to mention a little information in regards to my friend's cabin to help you picture the scenario.

My friend's cabin is very remote and small based upon a large-sized island. Other cabins were on the island, but the next one close to us was a solid quarter or half-mile away at least (which is my best guess) which you could get to by taking a man-made path around the island. I want to mention that to get to my friend's cabin, you had to park on a gravel road on the opposite side of the island, and take his boat across the lake about a half-mile to reach the cabin (this lake is huge).

My mind always had a tendency to run around when sleeping there at night throughout the years for it was all one level with only two bedrooms next to one another, a kitchen/living room connected, and a bathroom in the back of the cabin. And where you slept in the cabin there was always at least one window in each room with no curtain to it at all, so it was very easy to see outside to the woods and lake. This is where my mind would run as I always thought someone was peering in (of course nobody ever was). I had been to this cabin a dozen times throughout my life and nothing had ever happened, and the older I got the easier it was to sleep.

We would stay a week or four/five nights. On the third night during the trip, when we were there on our own finally, we had set up a campfire and had been drinking beer all night. We went out to his dock to gaze up at the magnitude of the stars and enjoy our buzz. Then all of a sudden we heard something out in the water that sound like a fish jumping out to catch a bug. We quickly looked out at the lake with curiosity wondering where the splash came from, having our poles ready 24/7. Thankfully the moon was out that night which lit up the lake. Otherwise, it would be dark as black with there being no city lights for miles upon miles, and we would not have been able to see anything on the lake.

My one friend (Ryan) began to point out saying "Ummm...what the hell is that?" after looking closely and finally spotting what he was pointing at, all I can describe it was it simply looked like a head out in the middle of the lake, just floating about, staring at us directly. It was about 3 quarters worth of a football field length out in the lake from the dock. There is no question that I could see its features. it had long black hair and very palish skin like a face, but couldn't make out the eyes, mouth, nose, or chin, as if it was just a blob of pale skin with long black hair over it. I'll never forget the feeling that came over me, the hairs on my legs, neck, arm all stood up and I was paralyzed on the inside ready to leave that moment.

But we told ourselves it was just a Loon as these birds are very popular night drifters on the lake and do their hunting late. They also have black with white colors on their coats AND hunt by diving deep into the water, holding their breath up to minutes sometimes. So it was possible that a Loon all of a sudden popped up in the water after hunting a bit, or at least we tried to talk ourselves into that scenario.

All of us had the creeps and noticed it wasn't moving one bit, just treading water in its same place. We went back to our campfire lit it even brighter and headed inside to drink more (I would like to mention that there was a staircase outside my friend's cabin about 8 stairs in length down to the bottom where the fire pit was and dock.)

At one point, I noticed that the black circle object was still there but about 30 yards closer now still looking as if it was staring right at me. I could easily see the nose on this thing's face. Again it was very pale like it hadn't seen the sun for years. A very VERY uneasy feeling came over me and I immediately went inside told my other friends to come to look quick, keeping my eyes glued to it at the door to the cabin.

We came outside to see it still there looking at us as if this head was corked up at us with its chin in the air. Nobody dared go down to the dock anymore and we immediately went back inside ruling out that it probably wasn't a Loon because a Loon wouldn't have tread the water in the same spot. Eventually, the current would have drifted it somewhere else in a rocking manner. For a Loon to stay in the same spot for almost an hour or two made no sense to any of us. This head-like object was stiff as a board and not moving a single muscle Just staring up at us from the deck instead. There was no ripple effect at all in the lake from the object. We said it was just a log and went back in. I could tell everyone else felt uneasy too.

A few hours would pass. It was super late into the night at this point and knew we needed sleep. Being my curious self, I Looked back outside once more, and the black object had completely vanished. I couldn't help but feel a sense of relief thinking the log must have floated off or just hit shore somewhere. As we slept with the windows open that night my other buddy (Tommy) and I slept in the living room while my two other friends slept in the two separate bedrooms with their doors open.

Not being able to sleep I began to hear someone walking around at the bottom of the stairs to the cabin (around the campfire and at the bottom of the stair). I thought I was about to shit bricks, no question what, or whoever I heard down there was off the dock now, pacing back and forth as it made the sound of a boot clicking on the wood. It was as if they weren't sure what to do with themselves it lasted for about three minutes.

Wanting to whisper to my buddy but frozen in fear I just kept my eyes shut and ears on full alert. The footsteps sounded like they took two steps up the deck stairs all of a sudden, but then turned around and sounded like there were sprinting out down the man-made path. After it sounded like the steps were long gone and a couple minutes had passed I woke up Tommy asking if he heard the steps. Both of us were now sitting up, I was startled by my friend (Ryan) walking out of his room and saying we need to leave a minute after these steps vanished (he must have heard us talking so felt he could come out as well, but either way he was waking us up regardless). Something was very disturbing about his expression and I asked him "Why?". He woke up my other friend (Kevin) in the other room and said let's go! Get to the boat! It's time to go!

He explained to us quickly while grabbing his stuff. I will never forget it. He said when he was turning sides on his bed to get more comfortable, he saw someone peaking in at the top right corner of his window and it quickly shifted out of his view. He said all he saw was one eye, ghostly white skin, and black hair long down the window.

Ryan then continued to say "Let's f*cking go!" very seriously. We locked up and as we headed down the stairs we saw barefoot prints in the dirt heading off into the path and all around the cabin. We picked up our step getting to the boat (not knowing what was watching us or around us) threw our stuff on the boat, untied it, and sped off. I didn't even think about the head in the water anymore or to look in the water.

My eyes were just glued to the island trying to spot anything moving, but I saw nothing. When we had finally gotten our stuffed packed in the car and boat tied up, we hopped in the car and took off. We had been driving out about 10 miles and out of the blue Ryan (who said he saw the person outside his windows) all of a sudden broke down in the car sobbing saying "What was it guys.. oh f*ck, what did I see?" We called to tell our parents what had happened on the way back and that Ryan was freaking out. They told us to just get home safely and quickly.

It was late, about 4 or 5 in the morning but no one slept and it was a very quiet ride home. My friend's dad (who owns the cabin) went up that following weekend and said he experienced nothing while there, but did mention bare footprints were still about which he thought odd because someone was walking around his property which bugged him badly.

Whatever my one friend saw in the window really hit him hard. After his break down he had trouble sleeping multiple nights and ended having to seek some help for a couple weeks and hop on some sleeping medicine. As time went on he ended being fine but isn't too comfortable sleeping next to a window without a curtain.

To this day I cannot explain what happened and why it seemed to happen to us, and can not explain what I saw in the lake and what Ryan specifically saw. Nothing has ever happened at that cabin since that night, so we're told by my friend's dad who owns it (which I believe him). I personally have never decided to go back to the cabin, which really makes me sad because I had great childhood memories there. Tommy and Kevin both have gone back and been fine. But Ryan refuses to go back and I'm with him." MH

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