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Saturday, October 02, 2021

'Cryptid Canine' Evidence Claimed in Nova Scotia

A young woman in Nova Scotia fears that a cryptid canine, possible upright, is roaming the province. She states that she had heard it and that there is evidence that bolsters her claims.

The following accounts were forwarded to me:

“Help me please. I need to know what this is. I swear that there is some form of wolfman, dog man, werewolf, shapeshifter, whatever you want to call it living in my home province. I’ve heard them and I swear I’ve seen them.

I grew up out in a rural community in Nova Scotia, where the closest kids were 10 minute walk away. We always had wildlife living in our back yard, from bears to coyotes, owls, foxes, even skunks and porcupines. I was very familiar, as my father was a hunter and taught us the sounds and tracks and even the awful smells of the life around us.

I’m 20 now and live in a large town on the outskirts of the Halifax. I remember the first signs starting around the age of 14-15. I would be trying to sleep with my window open at night during the summer, and I would hear these mutilated howls. I’ve never heard the likes of before, which would terrify me into slamming shut my window, closing my blinds and locking what I could around the home. I would spend time outdoors or walking home from the bus stop and see massive paw prints or sometimes barefoot human prints on the sandy gravel road. There were these moments of awful stench. My mother would always claim it to be just “the ‘coons in the compost bins again.” But there was no way on earth that’s what this was. I began to spend less and less time out there due to feeling watched and unsafe.

I didn’t know what else to do. My dad left my mom and my step father was a city man who thought I was simply scared to be out. There was one event 3 years ago when I was 17. We had a family friend who had a camp 40 minutes out into the middle of no where, and of course being myself I wanted to go and hangout with all my friends near my age. So we went. No cell service, no plumbing, all electricity was solar powered, outhouse and all camp on a lake. None of my friends were there, and all the adults went down 3 camps off for drinks and I was stuck with all the kids 13 and under. Free babysitting, am I right?

Anyway to the point. I had settled in and was reading a book with my flash light while the kids were watching a movie on their tablet (what’s the point of camping if your on your electronics?), and I heard the sound of someone in the driveway, the footsteps on the gravel. I got up from my book and went to see if it was one of the adults from the group, but as soon as I stuck my head out the door and noticed an awful rotten stench when the sound stopped and there was no one there. I swear I’d never felt so chilled as I did in that moment. The hair on my neck was raised and I slammed the door shut, loudly, and locked it.

That night, when the adults were back, we paired up to go to the outhouse before bed. Of course, myself and the family friend were the last two out there. I had done what needed doing and was waiting for my friend. That’s when the twigs snapped and the chills were back. I saw movement, a large dark almost black dog-like shape was off in the tree line. I froze. It was darting around, so fast, I wouldn’t have believed the speed of I hadn’t seen it. My friend came out of the outhouse and the latch snapped my attention from it to her. She was concerned about how pale I was but when I tried to point it out, it was gone. Poof.

We went inside and all throughout the night I could hear howling and barks and sounds from outside. It reminded me of the whole laughter sound from hyenas. But every so often there was this awful deep choppy howl of a sound, a sound no coyote could make. It wasn’t the scream of a dying rabbit or the laughter from a fox, it was not natural. It was twisted. I tell this because about a month ago I was out with my boyfriend for a late night drive along the coast, off a distance from the city. While he was driving and we were talking, we both saw something massive. It was dark, almost black in colour, dog-like in structure, and there was an awful unforgettable smell in the air. We both were shouting and sped off away from it. I convinced him it was just a black bear, but there was no way. It was far too large and thin for a bear in the late summer. I know it was that thing.

But, anytime, I tell someone about it, I’m told I’m crazy, I’m just hearing coyotes as we don’t have wolves in our province. Should I be worried? Scared even? We live in town close to the city. I wouldn’t think it would follow us here. But I can’t help but feel anxious. Am I crazy? What is this thing? It didn’t make any moves after us. It didn’t even look in our direction. 

Unfortunately I can not move away because of medical conditions and have to stay close to family. I’ve not done a lot of research on them but I know a little. I’ve heard a few stories that they just like to terrorize people and enjoy scaring them for fun when they’re summoned for a particular reason. But of course it’s the internet and I never know what to believe. It also had a tail, would that make a difference? I’m not familiar with the anatomy of a skin walker Thank you for answering. Nova Scotia, the peninsula. Does that make a difference? V

Here's another cryptid canine sighting in Nova Scotia:

"There was been a werewolf sighting in Glengarry, Pictou, Nova Scotia. It was Sunday, March 9, 2014. Robert MacLean was driving home from a party in town around 2:00AM in the morning when a deer ran across the road about 50 yards in front of him. A big animal chased after the deer, but just before tumbling into the crevasse, it stood on its back legs and stared into the headlights, its eyes glowing, and then was gone. This wasn't the only evidence that was found this past weekend. A local farmer by the name of <name withheld>, found a cow dead in the field behind his barn, completely eviscerated with huge chunks of meat missing, and large bloody tracks leading off into the woods.

It is important to note that Glengarry does not have a large population, mostly scattered houses surrounded by woods. It is an area where only a few people hunt, as hunters constantly complain about a feeling of 'being watched'. A survey of the area around the possible sighting site turned up a few deer tracks and a reddish smear just off the road, down over the bank, but a sample could not be taken due to the steep nature of the area." Name withheld

NOTE: There have been various Bigfoot accounts reported out of Nova Scotia, especially in Pictou County. I was involved in a Bigfoot habituation several years ago in Kings County. UFO activity is well-known throughout the province....including this report and, of course, the Shag Harbour incident. Cryptid canine reports are very uncommon. Lon

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