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Monday, October 11, 2021

Creepy, Unusual & Scary Cryptid Accounts

3 accounts of creepy and unusual activity, including a 'goat man' seen near Bardstown, Kentucky, an unknown being tapping on a window in a Louisiana bayou and a warning on Virginia's Appalachian Trail.

I recently came across the following accounts:

"I was hiking on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia when I was 15, around 1990, and was two days into the woods. I slept in the trail shelter that night, and the next day I had a creepy feeling all day, like someone was following me.

So about 1 PM I come around a bend in the trail and there is a post note nailed to a tree, stating about three or four days earlier a female solo hiker had been violently raped and assaulted in the shelter I had stayed at the night before. It gave a rough description of the assailant, contact info for the police and other things. It said they had not caught the guy and he was believed to be a drifter/hobo type who was still in the area.

So there I am, two days walk from the nearest road, at least the nearest I know how to get to without bushwhacking through steep and rough terrain. Only weapon I had was a Ka Bar knife, and I am not a big guy, very average size, and young at the time.

I was freaking out. So, it was like 30 trail miles to a road, a town actually, Damascus VA. I walked with full pack the whole way, through the night with a flashlight, to make it to the town sometime the next morning. We lived pretty close so it was easy for my dad to come pick me up, but I was a pretty shaken, being that far out in the woods with no real way to defend myself.

Now I am 33, a combat vet, with a lot of other sketchy experiences in life. I'm not a coward by any means, and fairly street smart. If I was to run into a similar situation I would not stick around to test my luck. I think I did the smart thing getting out of the woods." B

NOTE: The Appalachian Trail has had some of the most horrible crimes and strangest unexplained encounters that you would ever want to imagine. Lon


"I have a story of a goat man. It was in the outskirts of Bardstown, Kentucky about 50 or 60 years ago. My great uncle and some other relatives, who were kids at the time, were hanging out way later then they should have been. My uncle Shorti said they would do so when the moon was bright because there wasn't many street lights then.

One night they were walking home on some dark dusty road and came around a bend. They never thought anything of it and continued. Once leaving the darkness they heard a sounded 'hoof walking' strange. At first they figured it was just a horse, but the pace was wrong. It had to be something two-legged. This made them nervous because, at night, bad things tend to happen when black kids stayed out to late, so they ran.

The steps stagger and it began to run, and a few of my cousins looked back and saw a man. When they said to the others, "a crazy man is chasing us!" From what he said seemed like forever. They stopped to hide in some brush around a clearing where bourbon storage buildings were off the road. The creature was about 50-75 yards off from where they hid, slowly walking and seeming to be in no hurry. This was when they noticed it wasn't normal. The legs were what truly scared them. They thought it was a demon of sorts, that looked like a 'goat man.'

They waited for it to go by around them. Then they waited still trying to coax the others to make the first move home. They began heading the up the opposite direction of the road. After taking the scenic route they were almost home. About 1/8 of a mile from home, they heard laughter behind them, that was coming from another shaded area they had just left. They knew it was the crazy goat man and ran until they reached home. Once there they told their father, who went up the road to investigate There was nothing, not even dust or tracks in the road and that was the first and last of the goat man." P


"We live out in the boonies, along a bayou in southern Louisiana. On September 21, 2010 at 8:30 PM, after our daughter had been asleep for thirty minutes, we heard a tapping that came from the front of my house on the window. The sound was hollow sounding because our windows are double pained to help with insulation. The tap was rhythmic and was heard to be 4 taps. My wife and I both looked at each other like 'did you hear that?' We have motion sensor lights all around the house and not one was tripped. Our little dog was on the couch with us but was sound asleep and did not hear a thing.

I live in a new house out in an old pasture, surrounded by hog wire with a single strand of barb wire 5 foot tall with the northern part of the house 25 yards from the woods which runs into a swamp.

In a matter of seconds, I was out in front of my house with my .45 and a 3-million candle power light. My wife bolted the door and stood guard inside. The night was warm but clear. Once outside the motions sensor lights activated as my presence tripped them. I began my sweep around the house. I move to the north and my movement spooked something in the thick brush. From the sound it was a deer (The does with fawns and yearlings like sleeping close to the house as nothing will bother them at least until hunting season) but I did not have eyes on it.

The sweep continued around the house with each sector of motion sensor lights kicking on in turn. Nothing was observed nor were any tracks seen that night or during the following day. The fence showed no signs of being climbed or evidence of being crawled under. My in-laws were alerted as they live 100 yards from us.

I am a combat vet and do not spook easily. I have seen many things in this world but this set me at 'Condition 1' as the noise had to have come from the windows in my daughter's bedroom. My wife checked and she was sound asleep. Later that weekend I made a sweep through the swamp with no visuals or anything to alert me to lie in wait one night.

This was spooky and I waited for this event to happen again. Extra precautions had been taken. But we never had another experience. Very strange" GW

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