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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Bizarre Personal Accounts Describing Unknown Entities

4 bizarre accounts describing a variety of unknown entities and/ or beings in Florida, Ohio, Maryland and New York. Were these simply apparitions...or something quite different?

The following accounts were recently forwarded to me:

"I'm in Maryland. But at 15 I had ran away and was in the woods at Fort Howard with my boyfriend. I saw a white spirit fox and something I can only describe as deer-like, glowing blue, and had almost a lightbulb like head and neck. Big and bulb shaped; the deer part was the legs and body. I wasn't afraid of it and felt peaceful around it. I had no desire to question or touch it.

My other experience was the next night. We were walking home from Fort Howard. There are woods and farmland on this road along with Todd's Farm. But I didn't see a ghost that night. We had took a weird tour through the woods, even had to get over a short barbed wire fence. We came out by the road and crossed the street. So to my right, across the street is a huge long field surrounded by woods. Out of the corner of my eye I see someone...something, in the field walking. I know the grass is high because I've seen the cranes play in it. It is white, pale and anorexically thin. Honestly reminded me of a holocaust victim. I guessed it at over 6 foot, but thinking back now it could have been more like 8 foot.

I asked my boyfriend what it was. He looked and told me to keep walking and don't look at it. Tears were running down my face, I feared for my life. I knew what I seen was not human, not my imagination and not a ghost. He told me later it was called an 'Alpine Spider.' They could get down on all fours with their arms twisted upside down and run. That's all I know about it. Reminds me of some crawler stories I've read." H


“I saw something weird in college. It was during the winter of 1994-95 while at the University at Buffalo. I was a recent transfer and was dorming on the 10th floor of Fargo. I was dating a girl who was on the 8th floor.

One night during the week I was saying my good nights to her outside of her room, which she shared with three other girls. The hallway was long with windows at each end as well as stairwells. Her bedroom was on one end of the hall with the elevator on the other end. The elevator was old and noisy. Outside there was nothing but darkness.

In the middle of talking, I abruptly stopped in mid sentence because I peripherally saw something that my brain could not interpret. My girlfriend asked me why I stopped talking and I turned my head to look down the hall still trying to understand what I saw. Then she says, “did you see a white glowing figure walk across the hallway?” Now I knew I didn’t imagine it because she just described what I saw. It would have been impossible for both of us to imagine the same thing.

We both walked down the hall to investigate but there was nothing. The elevator was not there and the stairwell door was closed. If it was opened and closed it would have made a loud thud. I have no idea what it was.

For years I thought it was an angel or something. All I know was that it was around 5’5 or so. It was all white. No details. No hair. No cloths. No eyes. It just had the silhouette of a person. It made no noise at all and was only there for 2-3 seconds. I have never seen anything like it again." WR


"I grew up in Miami Township, Ohio. In the mid 70's, myself and friends were to camp out in dad's garage. My sister, Audrey, came back to tell her scary story experiences. It was enough to frightened my friends back into the house. After a while I wanted to go back into the garage for our campout. As I started out the back door, Audrey grabbed my shirt. At that point I saw what she saw...a huge hairy creature walking upright. My thought was Bigfoot. We watched it walked through the neighbor's backyard.

Audrey had some other weird experiences. And my brother, Steve, was followed by a similar presence to the one I saw. His kept pace with him as he walked through the backyards to home. Then a neighbor's dog came out of the darkness passing Steve, to chase whatever was following him." CR


"A few years back, it all starts with me waking up, I vividly remember it all. I remember it was so cold that I was shivering, but I was in my own room (and in Florida during summer, sooo….. ) and the air vent in my room wasn’t working. I heard my older brother up using my PS3 (yes this was that long ago). So as usual, I got out of bed so I could play too. But I felt something crawl on my neck. I threw my hand across my shoulder to scratch my neck cuz I didn’t think much of it, BOY WAS I WRONG. My whole neck started tingling like there were spiders on it. I looked at my hand and it was full of things, I can’t even really describe it. I guess the most accurate description would be kind of like the venom symbiont, but filled with roaches.

I screamed so loud and cried. My brother asked what's wrong, but I could barley form words, all I said was, “TAKE IT OF, PLEASE.“ My brother obviously confused wanted to know what are you talking about. Me still crying screaming and in shock said, “TAKE IT OUT OF MY HAND!” I didn’t know what to do, this black gooey 3 foot tall roach infested mass was building up on my hand.

He finally just grabbed the “nothing” out of my hand. Then it stopped. There was nothing in my hand, and nothing in his. I was still in tears, but what else could I do, there was nothing. Few hours passed and I scratched my neck, and noticed the upper back part of my shirt was gone, like it was ripped off. But I find it weird that a scrawny kid could do that with his bear hands. But that was it, no hand rotting darkness, no roaches. Nothing." KG

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