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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Upright Canine Encounter Terrifies Hunter in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

During a hunting trip in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a relative encountered a 6-7 foot upright canine that was walking about near their tree stand. This uncle was never again interested in returning.

The following account was forwarded to me by friends Cam & Kyle at Expanded Perspectives:

"My story took place when I was a child. My family had a bunch of land near the Ottawa National Forest in the upper peninsula of Michigan. My dad, 2 older brothers, and my uncle were avid outdoorsmen and were always going hunting and fishing on the family land. There was a little cabin on the place and that’s where we would stay and spend several weekends a year. I wasn’t really into hunting at the time but I liked to go and stay at the cabin.

The Event! Took place over a couple of days, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was one fall during deer season. We were all up at the cabin for the weekend. The guys would all go out hunting and I would stay behind at the cabin and make food for them when they all returned. I liked it because they would all leave for several hours leaving me to the cabin all by myself. It made me feel all grown up for a few hours. Like I was living by myself.

My dad, my uncle, and my two brothers would all leave at the same time and go to the multiple hunting locations they scouted out on previous trips up to the cabin. I distinctly remember one evening when they all got back my uncle was acting a little strange. He didn’t seem his normal joking self. He looked a little white and nervous. Normally he was quick to talk about what he has seen while out hunting. But not that night. He hardly talked at all.

The next day, they all went out hunting again, and when they returned my uncle looked visibly upset. He began quickly moving around the cabin packing up all of his things and loading them into his truck. My dad and brothers were concerned and were asking him what he was doing. He was shaking and was yelling at them all to just leave him alone. He was done! He was going home. We all were a little concerned, like 'what gives?' He said he was leaving and that we should too. My dad took him by the arm and led him out to the truck. I could see them in a loud verbal disagreement out by the truck. I couldn’t make out what they were talking about but the discussion was heated. Finally, my uncle got in his truck and left in a big hurry.

My dad came back into the cabin and told us that everything was alright and not to be too worried, my uncle had some things he needed to take care of back home. I knew this was a lie, but kind of forgot about it for a while. We stayed a few more days and then went back home.

Fast forward to about 12 years later. My uncle was in a very bad automobile accident. He was hospitalized and died 4 days later. After the funeral, we all went back to my aunt’s house and were eating, drinking, and just socializing with the entire family. At one point I found myself out in the garage where my father and bunch of other relatives were just hanging out when someone brought up a very strange story. My uncle Bill asked my father “Hey do you remember that crazy story Jerry talked about up at the family cabin?” My father said yes and that we probably shouldn’t talk about that right now!” and they kind of moved on. I was like “Wait a second. What is uncle Bill talking about? What story?”

My dad kind of looked at me and said, “Do you remember the time up at the cabin when uncle Jerry got upset and left the cabin in a hurry?" I said yeah, actually I do remember that. He then told several of us that he had a strange encounter with something he couldn’t explain. At that moment my uncle Bill said, “He saw a werewolf!” We were all like "What?!"

My dad went on to say that he was correct. That evening my uncle Jerry said he was on the way to his tree stand when he came across something terrifying. He saw a large dark fur-covered creature that looked like something from the movie 'The Howling.' He said it was 6-7 feet tall and was walking around on 2 legs. What he saw was something demonic. Something not natural. Something not of this earth. This hulking beast was the most evil and terrifying thing you could ever imagine. It was pure evil. He could feel it in his bones. Whatever this thing was, it was standing in a clearing and was slowly walking upright just looking at its surroundings. Sniffing the air and slowly making its way through the woods. It had a purpose, but he didn’t know what. It had this strange strength about it, both physical and metaphysical. Like it was in this world yet shouldn’t be. He just watched it in shock not really knowing what to do. Yes, he was armed, but he knew that trying to use his rifle would be a bad mistake. He just stood there in awe of this strange and frightening creature. What was it? Why was it here? Was he losing his mind?

He later told my dad that something is wrong with this place, this land. It’s cursed and you shouldn’t hunt here anymore and for God sakes don’t let your children around here anymore. Get out of here as quick as you can, while you still can. It didn’t see him but he wasn’t hanging around anymore. He gathered all of his things and left in a hurry never to return. In fact, after that event he rarely spoke to any of us again.

He was an avid hunter and said it definitely was not a bear. He left that evening and never went back to the cabin ever again. I don’t know what he saw and my dad said he didn’t know either, but Jerry was different after that night. I wish I had more details. I miss my uncle Jerry, he was a kind soul. After listening to your show and several others, I think my uncle saw a Dogman. Thanks for all you do." A

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