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Monday, September 13, 2021

Tall Robed Humanoid 'Camouflages' Presence on Galveston, Texas Beach

3 witnesses recently encounter an unknown tall & slim humanoid while on a Galveston, Texas beach. The being seemed to be able to 'bend' light and camouflage its presence.

I recently came across the following bizarre account:

"Two night ago, very late after midnight, my daughter (21), her friend (21), and I (43) had spent the evening at a drag show in Galveston, Texas. After the show we decided to drive down to the beach for a few minutes before we headed home. The beach we usually go to was kind of a far drive from where we were and it was almost 3 AM, so we decided to pull into a beach access that we had never been to before. I pulled in and drove around in a circle to shine the headlights in a 360 so we could kind of scope out the area before we got out. I parked next to a trashcan kind of close to the dunes.

As soon as we got out of the car I felt a heaviness. It's hard to explain, just something felt weird, and my intuition was to get back in the car immediately and leave. I wish I would have. I didn't find out until later that my daughter and her friend had the same feeling. There was no moon so the only light was from a few beach houses on the other side of the dunes. I keep a huge baton flashlight/taser in my car so I grabbed it and we walked down to the water.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my daughter's friend turn around really fast and look back towards the car. She had heard a sound coming from the direction of the dunes. She grabbed my flashlight and pointed it towards my car, and she and I both saw something standing right up against my car. Neither of us were exactly sure of what we were looking at because it seemed to fade away when the flashlight hit it. It's so hard to describe but it was like you could only see it in the edge of the light from the flashlight. Like it only existed between light and dark. I grabbed the flashlight back and shined it directly where it was standing and it was gone. Just kind of disappeared. It was very surreal.

This heaviness that I felt when we first got there was suddenly unbearable and we all knew we had to leave as quickly as possible but we were all kind of frozen in fear. We slowly made our way back to the car but as we got close, my daughter and her friend saw the same figure crouched down next to the trash can with its back facing them. It was eerily silent as we ran to the car, jumped in, and sped off.

There was complete silence in the car for a few minutes until we got down the road a bit. Then I asked if they wanted to talk about what we just saw and we all just collectively freaked the absolute f*ck out, tears and everything. My daughter only saw it from the front for a split second but her friend and I looked directly at it and we both described exactly the same thing.


Judging by the height of my car, we estimated it to be at least 6'2-6'5. It was very tall and slim. It had a human shape but the face was just kind of blank with two black spaces where eyes should be, like the eyes were there, just really sunk in. Its face kind of had the shape of a long Gandalf type beard, but it was fleshy, not hair. It had really long arms, one of which was resting on the top of my car on the back passenger door. It seemed to be wearing what looked like a robe but it was part of the creature. Like his flesh was in the shape of long robe sleeves. No hands just long fleshy flaps. It was just standing there kind of slouching, like it wasn't standing up all the way.  And it just stared blankly at us, almost through us. When I say a heavy feeling, we could physically feel some sort of presence as soon as we had gotten there. 

I personally have never felt so much anxiety, fear, and terror in my life. I have no idea what the f*ck we saw but there is definitely a lingering wary feeling throughout my whole body since it happened that I cant seem to shake. My daughter says she feels the same way. Every time we talk about it we get chills. I'm super bad at drawing but I tried my best to draw what I saw." AH

NOTE from witness: To clarify, when I say that it disappeared when the light hit it, it was more like it seemed to have some kind of reflective camouflage that when the light hit it directly. You couldn't see it, but when the light moved away you could. AH

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