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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Sharp-Toothed 'Grinning' Entities Manifesting at Night

An experiencer relates late night encounters with sharp-tooth grinning entities that cause paralysis and trepidation. Are these beings dangerous? What are they?

I recently received the following account:

"I've been reading your blog since 2005. I have been a ufology / paranormal researcher and gnostic since the late 90s. I never thought I would become a victim/witness. I still don’t know why I was visited back in 2012.

It happened late at night when I was just getting in bed. I was not asleep at the time it happened seconds after. I was laying on my side facing the wall when all of a sudden I heard a footstep on my wooden floor. It sounded like when my dogs walked around, with claws on its feet. It must have thought I was sleeping I think because when I turned around to see what the hell was in my room it was visibly upset that I saw it. I was instantly horrified at the sight of this humanoid looking demon/alien with the most evil grin you could imagine. I will never forget its sharp razor teeth they looked like metal. It had a pen or wand type of weapon in one of its hands and its hands had very sharp fingernails. It reminded me of a dinosaur and demon. It had horns on its head but also had insect features to it. It was wearing clothes. A 1-piece turtle neck black uniform with a weird symbol on it.

As I tried to get up and run out of the room I was shocked when I could not move. I was paralyzed. When I screamed/yelled for help, there was absolutely no sound, which made me even more terrified. The next thing I remember was a very bright white light, but then I blacked out. I awoke 15 minutes later, terrified and unable to sleep.

I didn’t sleep at night for a decade after this incident and I'm still unable to sleep at night. I removed a mirror from my room that day because I had a weird feeling it was connected somehow. I have been visited since, but they only visit me when I am sleeping and do not let me recall any memories from them. I am alone and defenseless against them every night. I have a feeling I have been visited since I was a child. They could take me at will and I can go missing at any time. I tried to draw a description of it the day after but had trouble recalling anything other then its grin. Thanks for reading." ZNS

NOTE: These 'grinning' entities have a tendency of appear after traumatic events or during troubled times. They seem to have a similar energy as shadow figures. Both could be non-terrestrial and/or non-human beings. I feel that they are energy feeders and dangerous to the living. Unfortunately, the victims needs to initiate action to remove these entities, as opposed to outside help. Lon 

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