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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Scary Nights While Stalked in Northeast Texas

A Texas couple planned to hike a 4 thousand acre range, which they figured would take them 4-5 days to reach their destination. During the trip, then encountered several unexplained anomalies.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"When I was 20, my girlfriend (ex now) and I decided to take a week-long camping trip to some property that belonged to her fathers friend. My Australian cattle dog 'Wrangler' and her German Shepard 'Zero' were with us. It was a 4 thousand acre undeveloped ranch in the northeast Texas woods. The plan was to be taken by 4-wheeler to a point on the property unknown by us, and then we would hike back to the main gate over the next week. I had a GPS for an emergency, but we planned on doing the trip with maps and compass only. We were well-equipped for the trip. There was enough food for 3 days (planned to hunt the rest), water for 3 days and water purifying equipment. All the necessary camping gear was in tow. She had her bolt action .223 and a Taurus Judge revolver. I had my .22 rifle and my 9mm Baby Desert Eagle.

We arrived at our destination and bid farewell to the friends that dropped us off on the 4-wheelers. On the first day, we mainly wandered around exploring and figuring out our plan. There was a creek running through the property that we could follow and it would get us pretty close to the gate. We had our plan and had done enough exploring, so we started setting up camp before dark. Our first night was very pleasant for the most part. Dinner by the fire with the dogs chit-chatting all night until around midnight when we decided to turn in.

I woke up around 2:30 with a strange feeling. I saw Wrangler and Zero at the opening of the tent very tense, but not making a sound. I knew right away something was up. Both of these dogs were well-trained, very loyal and protective of us. I stepped out with a light and the 9mm to look around and left the dogs with my girlfriend just in case (she's a deep sleeper). I made my rounds around camp and found nothing, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was watching me. I passed it off as a pack of coyotes and went back to bed trusting the dogs to watch out for us.

We woke up the next morning and I told her what had happened. We just blew it off and began our day. Well, the second night we set up camp near the creek and things got a bit hairy. While sitting around the fire we heard a very strange sound. Something I've' never hear before. The dogs began to growl and snarl facing the woods north of us. We quickly drew arms and began to sweep the campsite. We found nothing but the sound persisted around camp. It was like a snarling/gargling/sniffing sound. We didn't sleep that night. No matter how much we looked and checked we could never find the source of the sound. The dogs were restless the whole night.

By the third night we were very uneasy. When night fell we sat by the fire with arms at our sides. We were going to stay up in shifts to keep watch, just in case. While I was asleep, I heard the dogs go off and when I woke up, I saw my girlfriend standing with Zero at her feet and her revolver drawn. I quickly took arms at her back. Something had apparently ran very rapidly behind the tent. She couldn't describe what it was. Then it ran by again. I caught a glance under the light of the fire behind us. It was big and very fast and ran on all fours, but that's all I made out. It sounded like more than 1 creature this time. They weren't coyotes. Too big and much to fast. She spotted 1 again behind the tent and fired. We heard the nasty snarl again and Wrangler broke away from me and gave chase. I love my dog but didn't dare go after him. I just called and called but he didn't return. We stood there guns drawn for an hour after she had fired. Everything was quiet. Then we heard rustling. We had our sights on the sound and Wrangler came out of the woods. He wasn't hurt, but he had blood on his back. After this, we decided to bug out at sunrise. We packed up and started hiking. We were about a 2 day hike non-stop from the gate and we were ready to do it.

The next night we didn't camp. We broke out the headlights and kept going. Whatever was in those woods was back, following us, but at a greater distance this time. They followed all night. That was one of the most intense hikes I've ever had. We hiked with our guns in front and the dogs in back. Whatever was following us wasn't stupid. It stuck to our sides, usually about 40 yards out into the woods always out of sight. We stopped to rest for a few minutes around 4 am. They stopped too. From what we could hear it sounded like maybe 3 things out there. They got closer when we stopped and I thought I saw something and fired the .223. I didn't hit anything, probably my mind playing games with me. But the shot scared them back to a much greater distance. By sunrise they were gone again. We made it to the gate before dark and high tailed it out of there.

We returned the next day on 4-wheelers and with several other people to have a look around. We went to the site of our 2nd camp and found a blood trail from whatever the hell my girlfriend had hit with the slug shot loaded in the Judge. The trail ran for about 200 yards before we lost it. We found nothing else and headed back before darkness caught us again. We never found out what they were and no one had any experience like that on the property before.

To this day, I try not to talk about it too much because I even have trouble believing it sometimes. I try telling myself they were coyotes with mange or mutated or something but she never let me believe myself. Not too many creatures out there can take a .410 slug and bleed that much without going down, especially not a coyote. All I know is that I wont camp on that property anytime soon." BL

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