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Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Pale 'Crawler Humanoid & Glowing Yellow Orb Observed in Westville, Nova Scotia

A couple noticed a pale crawler humanoid in the adjacent woods near the house. A glowing deep yellow orb was also present during this sighting.

I recently came across the following account:

"Just wanted to share my experience. Please keep in mind my experience happened 5-6 years ago now.

I spent the night at my ex's place in a very rural small town outside of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia called Westville. We were up very late watching UFC (probably 1am) and I went into the back bedroom of the house on the 2nd floor and happened to have glanced out the window towards the backyard.

His backyard was long and rectangular in shape and had an embankment that sloped down to a tree line at the end of the yard which was nothing but woods from beyond that point.

When looking out the window I noticed something very pale white crawling through the tree line. It immediately caught my eye and I kept staring at it. I called my ex at the time to come in and look. We both got really quiet and we came to realize that we weren't witnessing a creature that either of us could recognize. It was human like in form, very skinny, purely pale and crouched forward with very long arms and would make a few movements forwards towards the yard and then back deeper into the woods again.

We had horrible phones back then at the time, I had a old blackberry and his was no better and they both couldn't record what our eyes were seeing in the pitch black of night in the country. The only thing I could think of to do at this time was to call my older brother who has an interest in paranormal topics. I called him and described to him everything that we were seeing and to this day he doesn't disbelieve my accounts in any fashion. Something I said over and over to him on the phone was "its not moving like a human, it's movements are really really strange" (they were almost spastic in nature, nothing natural or orderly that I could make sense of compared to how other mammals move).

It made no noise that I could hear through the window.

I was terrified but watched this thing crawl around for a solid two hours. Years later my brother found the more popular YouTube video now of the crawler in the backyard or some guys house and he calls his preacher. That was so scarily similar to my experience that I got full chills, goosebumps and started to cry. It really REALLY hit me and solidified that we weren't somehow losing it or making it up, that we actually saw with our own eyes a crawler that night. What that man recorded is EXACTLY what a saw a few years back so even though I'm only one person I 100% can say that is the most legit video of the crawler on YouTube.

Something else that was also really messed up about my experience that I have zero explanation for is that the crawler could be seen down on the left hand side crawling around the tree line but for a few moments we saw a glowing deep yellow orb floating between the tree line for a few moments as well. I'm wondering if there any other accounts like this.

As I've mentioned in my story, this was an ex so we are no longer together, so I have no idea if he continued living there or ever saw such a sight again in his backyard. I've always been curious if it's still out there and I often think about my experience as I can recall it in high detail like it was yesterday. I'll never forget what I saw until the day I die." MM

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