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Thursday, September 09, 2021

Majestic 'Not-Deer' Encountered in Goose Creek, South Carolina

A 13-year-old Goose Creek, South Carolina resident recalls his extreme encounter with a 'Not Deer' entity...majestic and powerful, but not a normal deer.

I recently received the following account:

"I only ran into the Not-Deer once and that was about a mile away from my own house on a gravel road that cut through some forests, fields, and goes right near Goose Creek, South Carolian. I couldn't have been more than 13 at the time. I walked the forests and deer paths all the time and had encountered everything from a swarm of bats to an angry fox and even some drunk guys pissing on everything but I had never felt threatened before.

It was strange, because at first I felt what everyone else was describing despite being somewhere I usually considered to be more my home than my own bedroom. The moon was high in the sky and swollen with light, so I could clearly see the forest around me. But the despising, spite filled watchful presence came from everywhere at once. I was on edge and only had a small knife with me, but I took it out. My entire soul was screaming that someone, not something, was there and they intended to hurt me. I wanted to run as fast as I could back to my house, but something stopped me from walking further or just sprinting off. Some sense that if I passed a specific point in the trees I wouldn't survive. From that exact point on the trail the Not-Deer slinked out from between a cluster of trees that should've been too close together for them to her through.

What was different to me was it felt like it was part of the forest itself. And it had giant branching antlers. The kind you never see in real-life because they get broken during mating season or the bucks get shot during hunting season. They seemed more like crowns or swords than anything else. And these monstrous antlers were getting bigger because this deer-like creature, that in no way resembled a deer, was shambling towards me. It was huge and majestic. Similar to an animated drawing.

My first instinct was to fight it. I was already palming my knife despite having a visceral vision of exactly how the fight would end with me wishing I was dead. I was ready to die in that moment and hopefully take whatever this thing was with me. But something stopped me. I have no idea what it was exactly, but something reminded me of all my other experiences in these same woods and how every other time I wrapped myself in it. That no matter what strange thing had happened before I had accepted it and it, in turn, had tolerated me even if it couldn't accept me. And that's what I did. I mentioned earlier that the Not-Deer felt like part of the forest. Enraged and viscous, but still familiar.

So I let it wrap around me. It was an insane experience and to this day I don't think I've felt the kind of purity of hatred that I did in that moment ever again. It was like someone had hijacked my emotions and just turned spite, disgust, hate, and rage up to 100 and everything else down to 0 but only for a split second. The moment I felt that swell of emotions start to ebb the Not-Deer stopped coming towards me. We just looked at each other while I struggled to breath after having every negative feeling shoved through me. And they left. Just hopped away into the trees and bushes and left me to continue my walk home. I did go out at night on the very same trail and just wandering through the forest many nights after that.

That was the only time I ever saw the Not-Deer, but it wasn't the last time I felt their eyes on me. Watching to see what I am. What I'm worth. If I've changed enough that I'm no longer worthy of the life they let me keep. I used to be of the forest and I think that kept me safe. But I've been living in city apartments for over 5 years now. If I go back, I doubt I would walk those paths alone at night again. I'm not sure of the forest still has a claim on me. I'm not sure if the Not-Deer will still find me worthy." LC

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