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Friday, September 03, 2021

From Happiness to Homelessness: The Pitfalls of Ouija

An Oklahoma man begins to fall on hard times after conducting divination sessions on a Ouija board. He is currently homeless and desperate; seeking help where ever he can find it.

The following account was forwarded to me by friends Cam & Kyle at Expanded Perspectives:

"I'm contacting you guys to see if either of you have heard of a person being haunted. Not possessed so much. More like the spirit, ghost, apparition etc., has attached itself to that person (Yes I'm referring to myself). I never really believed in the supernatural growing up, even though I wanted to with every fiber of my being. It just seemed to me that the world we lived in was grounded in reality.

I had a normal childhood. A happy one and I was lucky in that fact. Never really got into trouble. Was a shy kid. Then I turned 16 and got my drivers license. It was true freedom for me at the time. Cruising Main Street in Stigler, Oklahoma. I grew up just two miles north of Eufala Dam. I digress because, at this time in my life, something happened that I just buried. You see my best friend Clint and I got our hands on a Ouija board. I don't remember where from.

One night late, around midnight, we decided we were gonna use it. Where do I decide to use the thing you might ask. Well, apparently the worst place you can use it. In a cemetery. It seemed to work we talked to what claimed to be a Nazi SS officer and my dad who had passed a year before. We finished and went home that night and never thought about it again.

Flash forward a year and my other beat friend Chad and myself were at my house and decided to get the ole Ouija board out again. This time we used it at the house. Our house was built into the side of a hill and the room we used was completely underground. Yeah, a basement. Chad and Clint did not know each other. They had never met each other. They went to different schools that were forty miles apart. During the session who should happen to show up,,,Nazi SS officer. Both times he seamed nice and nothing too detrimental happened. But this is when my luck started to change. Was he attached to me at this point? No, I don't think so. Not yet.

So fast forward a few more years. I'm recently out of the Marines and working as a reporter at a small town newspaper. My dreams had come true. Perfect life for me. Then I met Katrina. I fell hard for her. Everything about her. She was different. Not like other people. You see, she was a witch. Not a Wiccan or the like, but a full blown wicked witch of the east. It was with her that I used a Ouija for the last time. The Nazi was there, but not so cordial this time. As a matter of fact he gave me some good news. I'd live a long life. Not a good one, but one ofstrife, depression and distrust. Ok buddy, if you say so.

I wish I had taken it serious. It's not like the movies. All the bad coming at you at once. No, it's a slow burn. One that has taken 20 plus years. My luck went down and the paranormal activity went up. To the point, I'm a true believer. I wont go into to many details, but everything from ghosts to UFOs, to having power pole lights turn off or on for me every day. Now, the spooky stuff I can deal with. Makes life bit more interesting. It's the downward spiral of luck I've had. Synchronicity at its worse. So bad and so unique bad luck that I truly believe that my Guardian Angel is a Nazi SS officer. Jobs have gotten worse. To the point I haven't worked in years. There's drug use. Too much of it and I never liked them before. I have no friends to speak of and everywhere I go, whether at my only friend's house or volunteering at the local Salvation Army, things happen. Strange noises, cold spots and objects moving. These are all witnessed by people around me. The things that I've seen would make a true believer out of the most scientific driven minded person.

I would like to go into detail, but contacting you guys is a spur of the moment action. There is so much and it is so complicated its goung take me a while to get it down on paper. Finally, I know what most would think...that I have a mental illness. I thought this too and still entertain the thought on some days. I truly don't believe this. He's here right now. My nephew can see him and is always looking in the corner of the room at the corner of the ceiling or other odd spots. Sorry, this is all the time I have at the moment. You can contact me by email as I don't have a phone with service. You see, I'm homeless right now and have been for some time. It an embarrassment to me, but I accept it. Any insight either one of you might have, please feel free to contact me. This story sounds crazy and with details I left out its just plain unbelievable." JP

NOTE: I have offered to help JP. I asked Cam & Kyle to reach out to him for me. Lon

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