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Wednesday, September 01, 2021

'Feral People' Accounts: Who Are They?

Are there really 'feral' humans lurking about in our wilderness? Here are a few related reports from Olympic National Forest, Queensland, Australia & New Hampshire.

I recently came across several 'Feral People' accounts:

I used to live in Western Washington State. It is very woodsy. There is this one stretch of road deep in the Olympic National Forest, it goes around a bend and then you see up 2 mountain sides packed with trees. On one side we got out and parked and took a driving break We walked a bit into the woods.

So, I have a strong 6th sense. Had it since I was an kid. I also have an irrational fear of inbred mountain men, ala the original wrong turn, the hills have eyes. etc.

We found a roundish clearing maybe 100 yard on the tree line, We played for a bit, then I was going to sneak around the back of a tree in the clearing. On the opposite side of this tree was a symbol, not one I recognized. Thought it was a kid possibly, years ago. But I started looking at the other trees and they had marks as well.

I started to feel a deep fear and a sense that we needed to leave. I'm lucky that my family and friends trust my judgement. But, we had a lot of pushback from my younger brother. He dragged his feet and I was ushering us all back to the car.

He's halfway between the clearing and the car. I was not watching him. I hear running and he's booking it to the car, screaming go go. He jumps in and we take off. I look out the rear view to see 2 scrawny men come out of the woods. They looked dirty and like their faces were crooked.

I have driven by that spot 2 more times in later years and never had the inclination to stop again." CP


"Two of my friends had relatives that had gone off to live in the bush (Queensland) and were rarely heard from again after that. They weren’t feral though. They’d come into town every once in a while for staples, but you would go years without seeing or hearing from them. It was more or less a full, off the grid existence.

You’d occasionally come across those kinds of camps and cabins if you were bushwhacking. Because it was just kind of accepted that those guys were around, we weren’t really afraid when we’d come across a cabin, but we also weren’t going to go knock on their door and ask for tea either. I generally gave them a wide berth. It takes an enormous amount of grit to thrive deep in the woods like that, and I was definitely weary of getting in their space." EB


"This reminds me of a area in New Hampshire up north I never went to but heard about.

It was called "Stratford Hollow" and the locals warned us and others not to go there.

Apparently it's a very tight nit backwater community. There's a matriarchal woman everyone calls the queen or queen bee there. There's apparently houses/cabins with makeshift creations like tires used for chimney sidings, etc.

I remember seeing the road going into the hollow and it definitely looked unwelcoming." RV

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