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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Did Dogman Attack a Delaware County, Pennsylvania Man?

A man prepares to live in the undeveloped woodlands around Crum Creek in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. One night, he is attacked by an unknown being, after hearing loud barking outside his tent.

The following account was recently received:

"In 2019 I was having a very hard time being around people. I eventually packed my belongings and went to live my life at age 30 by myself in the woods. I was scouting an area that near Media, Delaware County which is in the suburbs of Philadelphia looking for the perfect spot to spend my summer.

After my long journey, testing different areas out, having bad experiences such as my tent flooding after heavy rains, I found a huge hill that probably went up for several hundred feet. This certain hill was on a giant rock outcropping with many beautiful stones embedded in the host rock. I honestly thought I found the perfect camp secluded from everyone and everything surrounded by a large creek. The area was well planted with huge trees of many sorts. So due to all these factors, being perfect for what I was looking for, I set my tent up right on top of the hill.

The tent that I owned was a one person tent big enough for me to sleep in, which is all I really needed. I'm pretty much set. All I had left to do was create a barrier with local tree branches so I could keep out anyone and hide my tent. Upon stringing up a huge wall of branches in the area and putting trip lines around my campsite I began living my life. Many days past that summer before the incident that changed my life forever happened.

So, before I delve into this experience I want to add that it would be nearly impossible for any dog or anyone to get up this hill. Someone would have to be extremely dedicated in finding this place to get to it. During my adventure living alone in the wilderness, my brother would occasionally meet me a bit away to drop of supplies such as beer, food, water, etc.

On a beautiful summer night, after it just rained very heavily, I was laying up on the hill right outside my tent, I was immersed in extremely dense fog. The whole area looked as if it was covered in a huge cloud. I was tired from a long walk earlier, so eventually when it hit around 10 pm I retired to my tent. I crawled in and laid down with all my equipment around me it was extremely cramped in there. I zipped up the door flap and began relaxing. I started reading a good book I had when I noticed it was getting really late, so I got my flashlight out put on my headlamp and just chilled. Periodically, I would text my sister to let her know that I was ok and just converse about certain things.

It hit around 1 AM when I just started having a very strange feeling. You know, a feeling something is wrong. I tried to shrug it off but it wouldn't go away. I laid there with my headlamp on fully illuminated. My tent had a tiny opening at the top with mesh so you can see out of it, other then that you can't really see anything on the outside. As I was reading I suddenly heard something run very loudly towards my tent right on my left hand side it stopped right next to me and began loudly barking almost as if a dog is right in your face about to attack. I suddenly shuddered with fear saying to myself that can't be a dog, there's no possible way anything can get to my tent with my barricade and my trip lines or at least not without making an extreme struggle and lots of noise. So, in complete fear after hearing this beast growl and bark like a maniac. I fumbled to get my phone. In a panic I started texting my sister saying there's something outside my tent and it's pretty pissed off. She texted me back saying maybe it's a dog. I'm like no dog could not get up this hill it's impossible.

The thing stopped harassing me and eventually disappeared after about ten minutes. I was very frightened after I heard, so I dialed 911 in my phone and held onto it in case that thing came back. After an hour passes and nothing happened, I began to relax a little. I kicked off my shoes cracked open a beer and resumed to read. Let me just say I've been in the woods for six months straight before and never had anything like this happen. It was so chilling that I get sick thinking about it.

As I'm laying there, the time started to pass with no sign of the creature I was too horrified to even look out the tent at this point, plus the ground was covered in fog. 3AM rolled around. I firmly held the phone in my right hand just in case. With a sudden moment passing I was completely paralyzed. I laid there in a state of fear, so intense that I thought I was going to die. Then something grabbed me! Whatever grabbed me began picking me up and smashing me into the ground. This thing was so strong that I felt like a ragdoll. It just kept squeezing me and shaking me as if I was nothing. I looked at my phone in my hand desperately trying to move my thumb to hit the dial button but it was impossible. This thing was breathing so loud and making noises so sinister that the impression I got was that this thing crawled right out from hell and wants to take me out of my tent. The cries from it were almost like a loud pulsing sound similar I guess to a giant heart beating out of control. It beat the living hell out of me. I pictured myself being carried away by this horrible thing into a cave to be experimented on or something really evil.

After fighting for probably 7 minutes while being completely paralyzed it suddenly stopped. The state of fear I was in was so intense at that moment. I was free and my thumb immediately hit 911. I got a girl dispatcher on the line. I thought to myself, what do I say? I'm in the middle of nowhere and I was attacked by something no one is going to take this seriously. I hung the phone up and started texting my sister saying listen, here is my location I was just attacked by something, I got no answer I kept texting. No answer.

I cowered in my tent for the next few hours until the sun came up. I was so worn out from the beat down that I crawled out of my tent in extreme pain. After a complete search of the area for footprints or a sign something had been there, I came up empty. No lines were tripped. No branches were moved and my tent wasn't damaged. Doesn't make much sense because I'm damaged I could barely walk!

Eventually, I moved my campsite and got a bigger tent. I still don't know what it was that attacked me. I don't know what that thing was menacingly barking outside my tent. I'm literally scared till this day. I now know that there are things so powerful out there that they literally can paralyze you by just coming close to you. Apparently, they can beat the hell out of you through your tent without leaving any sign of having been there. This all really happened and I wish that I could tell the story better through typing, but that's all I got.

Was it a Dogman? I don't know, but it could have killed me very easily if it wanted too. It could have made me a missing person in a heartbeat. I don't know why I survived or how?" D

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