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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Dark Humanoid-Shape Figure Plays Cat-and-Mouse in Fayetteville, NC

A group of friends in Fayetteville, North Carolina are taking a late night hike along the railroad tracks, when they notice an unknown dark figure standing at the edge of a field.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"For context, I'm a very skeptical person. I love paranormal topics and I'm totally open to hearing and reading stories. But I have to say that 99.9% of the time my bullshit meter is flying off the charts for some "true" stories. If I can, in any way, find a logical explanation to some weirdness I encounter, I'm highly likely to lean in that direction.

That being said, like 10 years ago, me and my inner group of friends loved going ghost hunting. Partly because the topic was fun, and partly because we just wanted to get out and explore weird and creepy spots. Growing up in Fayetteville, North Carolina there are a couple of spots of interest that we found. One of which was near the main railroad that ran through our downtown area. ALLEDGELY, people would claim to see bright lights trailing down the tracks at night as if someone was walking with a lantern but void of a person / train/ lighting system, etc.

So one Saturday night, myself and six other decided to take a long walk down the tracks at night to see if anything interesting popped up. After a couple of miles walking we were well into a wooded area and close to the tracks we managed to spot an open field. This was one of those 'super moon' kind of nights where it was just insanely bright and none of us really needed to use any lights. So this field is about the size of a football field with knee high grass. One of the guys spotted what looked like a silhouette of a person standing on the far side of the field. Not doing anything in particular, just standing. Immediately we were all like, "Yeah that's pretty creepy," and like a bunch of idiot post teens, we obviously decided to check it out.

So this is when things really start to get weird. As we start to approach the "individual" they would duck down into the grass. Once we got to the spot there would be no trace of anyone. UNTIL we turned around. The same silhouette would now be on the complete opposite side of the field. So for reference this person was able to completely circle us and crawl or super low walk almost 100 yards in almost no time without any of us seeing them move until they popped back up. We basically ran back and forth on this field like 4 or 5 times with the same thing happening each time. We were never able to get close enough to make out any details on the person. Just a totally black shape of a person.

After that last time, the shape just disappeared and didn't pop back up. After some light conversation of just how creepy that all was we decided to start heading back. This is when things really ramped up for us. In all, we were 6 guys and 1 girl. As we were almost back to the tracks we noticed she wasn't behind us anymore. After an initial panic and some searching we found her back in the field standing close to one of the tree lines. She was just staring at it not moving at all. When we approached her asking what the hell was going on she was just mumbling that she needed to go into the woods. We had our lights out at that point and could see that there was some weirdness going on. Her eyes were totally dilated and she was sweating pretty hard.

Before it even becomes a question, no there were no drugs being used or anything else consumed. We were all for some drinking parties and some of us were okay with smoking pot and whatnot, but this wasn't one of those nights. Everyone was stone sober. Anyway, the dilated eyes were weird. But the extremely strange part was that she had this mark on her arm that was clearly visible especially because she was fairly pale. It looked like a hand mark where someone grabbed her arm but it was red and puffy almost like a burn. That and the fingers marks looked crazy long. Again, strange. So she's mumbling about going into the woods, pouring sweat, and then starts to sort of push her way towards the tree line. One of the guys with us, that happened to be the largest of us, put himself in front of her trying to block her.

This skinny 5'4" girl knocked this very in-shape 6'3" guy on his ass like it was nothing. Completely winded him. It took all of us to hold her down after this. The whole time she's screaming her head off that she needs to go in there. Like a minute of that and then she starts violently vomiting and just like that it was over. She seemed totally fine. We asked her what the hell happened and she stands by that she completely blacked out and had no recollection of those last few minutes. Again, not being there my mind would go to drug use but this is one of those situations where you'll just have to trust me that there was none involved. Additionally I'm no expert but I'm personally not familiar with any drugs that have that kind of profound effect and burn out of you within a 5-10 minute span with zero aftereffects other just not remembering what happened.

Anyway. After that we basically booked it out of there. The walk through the wooded part back through the tracks was super uncomfortable, but nothing else happened. And that's that. One of my three stories that I have a hard time wrapping my head around." CP

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