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Monday, September 20, 2021

Cryptid Sighting & Encounter Reports: Tennessee, Missouri, California & New Jersey

4 separate cryptid encounter account submitted by witnesses in Tennessee, Missouri, California and New Jersey. Do you have a sighting or encounter you'd like to report?

I recently came across several accounts:

"My father was transporting some goods through a town called Monteagle, Tennessee. He’s been known to see ghosts and spirits (even a suspected spear finger) but last night he saw something that rubbed him the wrong way. It was a cat-like creature with abnormally long legs and a short torso. He also said it had a noticeably ugly face. It was sitting on a brick wall on the side of the road. But when he turned to look at it, and it was able to look straight into his semi-truck (about 8-10 feet up window) I tried doing some research but nothing really came up.

He described it’s pose as similar to a cat or dog, perched, feet flat and knees bent, with it’s arms between its legs on the floor. He also said the walls are about 3-4 feet tall, which means that the creature was still at least 4 feet tall crouched down. He also said the body was like an animal, but the face just wasn’t. It was human-like but unsettlingly deformed." NW


"During my time growing up in SW Missouri, I was camping, bird-watching, and hiking in the Ozarks and Boston Mountains. I had an encounter with something I believe was a Thunderbird. I have seen an extremely large condor-like bird at least three times through my life (I'm 33). Turkey vultures are big, but the bird in question, I first remember seeing when I was 8. I would guesstimate wingspan is at least 12 feet, if not more. In addition, I hiked the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area and seen two pop out from the cliffs back in 2008. These are huge, take a Turkey Vulture and triple its size. They have black head and neck, the neck feathers tuft up grey.

There has been only two incidents I know of, besides my run-ins, mentioned about a similar bird, one with a farmer seeing one gliding towards Stockton Lake back in 2013. Another, where a birder saw what he thought was a California Condor off Bull Shoals. This was back in the late 80s.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this, heard anything like this? I feel like I'm nuts mentioning it, but here lately the incidents have been popping up in my head. AA


"I live in Northern California, and I tend to drive at night for my job. I’m a delivery driver. I usually bring my boyfriend along for the sake of it, just to make us both feel better. Last night he saw something neither of us can explain. I’m hoping for some insight. I’m going to try to make this as detailed as I can.

We were driving home around 11 PM. The road wasn’t super busy, and we have to drive by a  railyard to get home. There’s lots of trashed box cars. I had a terrible feeling of dread driving through there. Like, I just had to get the f*ck out of there. I can’t tell you why. I’ve grown up around creepy places my entire life. I used to live in the south surrounded by nothing but fields and dirt roads. But last night, I felt absolutely terrified.

We were about halfway home when my boyfriend gasped and became speechless. When he was finally capable of speaking, he told me he saw something that’s hard to describe.

It was on its hind legs, standing on a trashed out box car. It had features like a cat or a rabbit. It was about waist high. It wasn’t particularly tall. It had an extremely round face. It started running super fast on two legs when it saw us. It wasn’t quite human, but wasn’t quite animal either. It was bipedal.

I looped back around after he had calmed down. We drove back and fourth a couple of times, both of us terrified, but we wanted an explanation. Maybe it was a trick of the light. We couldn’t find anything. I have no clue what that animal was.

Hopefully an animal? Does this sound like what I fear it to be?" SD


"A few years ago me and my mom were driving home at like 3 am. We turned on to my street and I was looking out the window, when I saw the back of this super tall, lanky, whitish grey hairless figure walking in between two houses and about to go behind them. I still remember seeing its spine because it was hunched over and so skinny. I was really freaked out, but I figured I may have been seeing things since it was so late.

I stayed quiet and my mom kept driving. A second passed and my mom turned to me and went “what the f*ck was that?” My heart instantly dropped to my stomach. She saw it too. She said that when we turned onto the block, her high beams hit it. Its eyes glared like an animal's, so when the light hit it, and it had big sharpish teeth and grimaced like it was angry at us and then turned and walked away. She described the same body as me and the same manner of walking and that it turned from us and walked back behind the houses. We were so terrified we literally didn’t know what we saw. She also said that when she was driving to get me she saw a bunch of deer on the way to the bus stop, but on her way back, when we saw the thing, she saw no deer whatsoever. I live in a suburban part of east central New Jersey, but I do have woods around. Me and my mom are still terrified by it and I’ve never seen my mom scared of something like that, especially since she’s seen it’s face." H

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