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Sunday, September 05, 2021

Bizarre Light Formations in Ontario County, NY Park

3 high school boys, in New York's Finger Lake region, experience a strange series of lights while exploring a local park late at night. It was profound enough that one of the witnesses vividly recalls the incident.

The following account was forwarded to me by friends Cam & Kyle at Expanded Perspectives:

"I have an encounter to share that might sound a bit crazy, but I feel that I need to share. There’s a wooded park near my house that overlooks a local lake. It’s pretty isolated and is used for cross country skiing in the winter and the view over the lake/trails. When this happened, my friends and I were all going into our senior year of high school and didn’t necessarily have the best reasoning when it comes to exploring stuff we probably shouldn’t be. It is a bit of local “folklore” or whatever I should call it that strange stuff happens at this park at night. Before going we had heard stories of satanic rituals, people getting chased out by men in robes/cloaks. One of my friends, who lives near the area, said when she was a kid they found dead cats nailed to trees. Really messed up things like that.

So, we wanted to go up there and see what we could make happen (regret doing so now). Over that summer, we had gone twice. To give a layout of the park, it’s on top of a hill with a dirt road that runs about a mile/1.5 miles in, with a big loop turnaround at the end. So you have to take the same path in/out. The two times before the encounter, we (about 5/6 of us, I forget) had gone at about 1/2 am, and walked the trails that are at the very end of the road at the turnaround. Nothing really had happen, it was more of a joke or something to do when we were bored.

The night of the encounter, it was just me, my friend Josh, and my friend Joe. Josh was driving, Joe was in the passenger seat, and I was sitting in the back. As we drove in, there was a really bad feeling. I had been there previously and explained that it just felt different. About 100 yards from the turn around/trails, to scare my buddy in the front seat, I rolled down the window and yelled, “hey fuckers, come and get us!” We drove to the turn around and parked on the side of the dirt road, but for some reason none of us were willing to get out. It just had a feeling of “doom,” that being best way I know to describe it.

About 5 minutes later, my friend starts slowly driving around the loop to go back out, and he looks over in the woods, which is all uphill for a good ways, and says “hey, there’s a light up there.” Me and my other buddy thought he was kidding at first, but we looked and realized there was a bright blue light about 150 yards uphill in the woods. This is where it gets really damn weird. My friend, who was driving, had no reaction. Me and the buddy in the passenger seat started yelling at him to drive but he sort of wasn’t reacting, probably just his reaction to fear. But by the time we yelled at him to hit the gas enough, and we’re going around the loop about to merge back onto the road out, the lights had covered the distance and broke out into the grass between the road and the trees, which is about 50 yards. When the light was in the woods, it appeared to be one ball. But when it came into the grass it was 4 evenly spaced balls of light. The first two about 3 feet off the ground, and the second two about 10, in a square formation. At first, I was thinking truck or dirt bike, something rational, but for a second the car headlights hit the orbs and there was nothing but the balls of light, we ended up speeding 50/60 mph out. The orbs followed and kept up with the car, until they just stopped chasing us like 3/4 of the way out.

I honestly do not know what this was. The balls of light didn’t “shine” like flashlight, it was bright but not projecting, if that makes sense. It’s also an area, the New York Finger Lakes, where there is a lot of Native American history. I don’t know a ton on the topic, but that could be connected. If you want to see the location, it’s the Harriet Hollister Spencer Recreation Center in Ontario County, NY on Google Earth.

That was a very long-winded story and I know it sounds absurd, but I really don’t know how else to put it. Since it had happened, I’ve told people and caught some jokes for it. Usually, people saying I’m crazy and I stand by it because I didn’t think anything like that was possible until it occurred to me. I grew up in the woods, I’ve been hunting and fishing since I can remember and there really isn’t much in upstate New York that I haven’t encountered in the woods. But I know this wasn’t natural." JH

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