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Monday, September 20, 2021

A Life of Constant Sorrow: Curse...or Other Malevolent Forces?

Paranormal experiencer AJW details the various incidents that he has suffered throughout his life, including assaults, rapes and other indignities. Is there a curse? Or are there other forces involved?

I recently received the following inquiry:

"Hi Lon, I've enjoyed your website, research and articles on 'Phantoms and Monsters' for years, but I never decided to tell you about my experiences until I read your forwarded account 'From Happiness to Homelessness: The Pitfalls of Oujia.'  Many of my own experiences mirror those of JP. Now although I have used a Ouija board 3 distinct times in my life (which I am sure did not help things) I have been subjected to what I can only describe as 'consecutive misfortune' since the age of 5 years (I am in my 40's now) from what I can only imagine would be a 'generational curse' and/or some type of spiritual attachment(s).

Now, like JP, I have also experienced various paranormal phenomena, such as UFOs: I have seen orbs twice, one in 1991 & the last one in 2008, both of which seemed to 'herald' extreme misfortune, and in 2019, I saw a solid craft hovering off of I-77 on a sunny afternoon, sitting against a clear blue sky, that was similar to the craft depicted in the old movie "Flight of The Navigator". I have had a few instances of street lamps shutting off when I walked under them (oddly enough it would be 1 specific lamp out of a row of them, so it could have been a coincidental malfunction, but this happened on streets in 2 different towns).  I have also had prophetic dreams.

I have had a few objects last year vanish, one of which was a pair of pliers that was only a few inches from me by the kitchen sink, where I turned my back towards a cabinet and turned back around and it was gone. (I live in a 1 bedroom apt, so not too many areas to misplace something) Those pliers have to this day never been found.

Worst of all is the sensation of negative entities around and in my homes at various times. During the height of such activity, these presences are particularly strong during the early hours, but strongest around 3am. When I am able to get to sleep early, I always wake up around 2:30am or 3:30am. I believe these forces are an attachment, and I have sought help from paranormal investigators I have seen on TV shows, or have located through the internet, but I have either been ignored, or if contacted, it was usually a Bob Larson-type where I would need to pay for their 'services'. Catholic and other denomination priests I have contacted, have also ignored me, with a 'certain famous alleged Catholic monsignor exorcist' basically telling me to 'get lost' when I asked for a Blessing or Deliverance and then ignored me once I revealed I was not of the Catholic faith.

Lon, I am not sure of anything when it comes to the nature of whatever has been plaguing me all these many years, but the one constant has always been, near back to back misfortune. Even in the rare times, I have had good fortune, a bad event would almost immediately arise to counter or nullify the good event.  I am definitely not insane as I have an almost 20 year career in complex corporate work. But perhaps people may think so when I give them the full details to illustrate the pattern of misfortune that I will share with you. Incidentally, whatever this phenomena is, it keeps me from receiving help of any kind and seems to work against me through certain people. Complete strangers have shown near instant extreme dislike and even malevolence before I've even said or done anything. As if 'something either inhabited them' or 'as if they detected something foul around me'.

I have been repeatedly molested by adult females as a child and adolescent, (another constant about this phenomena is that I seem to mostly get attacked through women, one relative suggested I may have had or have a Succubus-type attachment) had multiple near fatal experiences, medical illnesses or issues that suddenly have 'sprung up', immense difficulties finding employment, nearly been beaten to death a couple of times as child, nearly drowned in a swimming pool, came into a small monetary windfall, only to have been hospitalized with dual severe illnesses 2 weeks later which took every penny of it. Most recently, I was diagnosed with a medical condition while I was without insurance that has left me with over six figures in debt. While I was in the hospital. It's like some kind of demonic hit parade.

Below is a partial timeline so you can see the pattern. Where there are age gaps is where nothing directly life threatening happened, but happenings such as chronic destitution, molestation, etc. did continue.  The only clue I have to these happenings is that I have been told that my mother as an infant was a part of a bargain between her mother and a witch, only for her mother to break the bargain, the consequences of which may have caused the generational curse. (My mother has had a terribly unfortunate life by the way, continual misery and misfortune, fear and unhappiness).

Also, these events occurred before any of my Ouija board uses, so I do not think the boards were the source of 'the curse,' but I do think maybe the usage compounded things and made me even more of a 'target.'

Ages, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 - Molested by adult women (school teachers, baby sitters, family friends extended family members, strangers).

Age 5, randomly run over by a pack of bicyclists who claimed they never saw me in front of them. They would have kept going if my mother had not chased them down and confronted them.

Age 7, nearly drowned to death in a pool while surrounded by other kids, saved at the very last minute.

Age 9. suffered genital damage as a result of molestation, needed surgery.

Age 10 - Used Ouija board for 1st time with landlady, later molested by said landlady, who turned inexplicably hostile after its use and forced my family out.

Age 10 -  Moved into a house that was unknowingly owned by a criminal family. Police raided it one day looking for a nefarious member of that family, had police shotguns and automatic weapons pointed at me, was nearly shot  (2nd Ouija board use during this time)

Age 15 - Nearly beaten to death by a gang of 12 boys while on the way to school, 2 months later, was badly beaten by the military employed son of a disgruntled landlord.

Again, it's only a partial timeline, but you get the point now.  I have been trying for the longest time to obtain help to break this seeming cycle of misery with no success. I thought those I tell my account to either thing I'm insane, lying or even if I am telling them the truth, they cannot get a 'TV show' if I do not have 'Poltergeist/Exorcist' style things occurring.  And the religious folks I have contacted have been equal disappointments. I cannot obtain Holy Water or Blessed Objects (This might be good as I have read that improper use of Blessed Objects can make things worse),  I remember when I was recently in the hospital, I asked for a Chaplain, who performed a 'baptism' on me after I requested one, but this Chaplain was a very young man, who was more like some young televangelist from TBN channel and who clearly thought I was nuts when I started talking about demons and 'adjacent dimensions' where they may hail from, the last straw with him was when I asked him for some Holy Water and he said he would try to get me some and never returned to my room during my multi-week stay. So I doubt his 'baptism' was genuine. I have been looking at churches in my area for a full immersion baptism, but the few churches I have found seem to be again, run by Bible Channel type 20 -30 somethings, 'Christian Rock' frauds. (I am praying to find a genuine baptism that can break any attachments).

So I have been praying over salt and using that to try and counter at least the attachments/presences.

Well Lon, I'm not sure what you may think after reading all this, but with your experience in these things, I most certainly would appreciate some help or feedback. and if I am right about this force 'blocking' me from obtaining help, then I pray to God & Christ that it does not block you.' AJW

NOTE: I will follow up with AJW in an attempt to help him, or least answer lingering questions. Lon

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