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Sunday, September 19, 2021

2 Bizarre & Terrifying Incidents in Wisconsin & Missouri

2 bizarre incidents in Wisconsin and Missouri that unsettled the witness when he was younger. A pet dog was alerted by movement outside a cabin, then an unknown being lets out a bloodcurdling scream from across a river.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"I was a young teen and on a canoeing trip in northern Wisconsin at a cabin owned by my oldest brother. The nearest people were an old farming couple that had a place two or three miles down the road. We used to draw water from their well. We had just arrived at the cabin and unloaded, and my brother told me to stay and continue unpacking while he went to get water.

We had brought our Pointer along, and shortly after he had left I got this strange uneasy feeling like I was being watched. The dog then gets up from a bunk and starts growling and slowly pacing between the window and door. It was getting dark and as I peered out of the only window, I could not see anything, but I was scared and I could not calm the dog. Something was out there watching and circling the cabin.

I grabbed my brother’s single action .45 and the dog and I climbed into the bunk placing my back against the wall. I was just a scrawny kid and could barely hoist the pistol. I had my thumb on the hammer and finger on the trigger resting the barrel on my bent knees. The dog continued with her low growl and we sat there for what seems like an eternity alternately watching the window and door. Finally, I heard the J-20 bouncing down the fire trail so I eased the barrel away from the door. My brother walked in and was shocked to see me backed against the wall sitting on the bunk with my dog and the hog-leg, and in his words "white as a ghost".

The next day we visited another neighboring cabin located five miles or so in the opposite direction of the farmhouse to see if the owners were there. No one was there, but something had recently scratched and chewed all four corners of the cabins exterior walls to a height of six or seven feet. Most likely a bear.

I had another startling occurrence while living in southwest Missouri. Some friends and I were doing some night cat fishing from shore on the James River and periodically running our trotlines. We were sitting along the shoreline with a nice fire going accompanied by the usual idle talk and a few beers, when suddenly everyone just stopped talking like a switch was flipped off.

We were all staring across the river and felt as if something or someone was staring back. It was a very uneasy feeling, to which some of the group tried to shake off with the typical macho humor, when a bloodcurdling sound erupted from the other shore that froze everyone in their tracks. This sound was unlike any other that I had heard and it made every hair on my body vibrate and tingle. The only way I can describe it is it sounded like a wild person with no language skills was being gutted alive. No words, just this high pitched bloodcurdling noise/scream. Nobody moved or said a word, we all just sat there fixed in our stare, when just as suddenly a second noise/scream was let loose with even more force than the first.

By this time several of us were sprinting to our trucks that were parked within 20 or 30 feet and retrieving various firearms. We all sat there quietly with our eyes fixed staring toward the opposite shore watching the light from our fire reflecting off the rocks. Hours later we packed it up and left feeling very unsettled. We never did figure that one out or even hazard a guess as to what was on the opposite bank." IJ

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