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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Stan Gordon: Witness Attacked By Possible 'Thunderbird' In Montgomery County, PA

Attacked By A Thunderbird - Montgomery County, Pennsylvania - April, 2021

From Researcher: Stan Gordon  -

On May 26, 2021, I was contacted by a witness who had a very strange experience the previous month and has been shaken ever since. On May 28th, I conducted a long interview with the woman involved who provided me with the details of the incident that she said she would never forget. I have had other communications since that time with that witness as well. On July 29, 2021, I was able to interview the gentleman with which the witness had the appointment with that day in April. That man, who is a professional,  does not want to be identified, and it turns out that he has also seen what may have been the same huge flying creature in the same area in past years.

In early April of 2021, the woman was just pulling into a parking lot for a scheduled appointment at a location in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. She was a few minutes early, so she was talking with a friend on her cell phone. Suddenly, something flew over her vehicle that shadowed the entire car. Even though she was in her car she ducked her head thinking it was a small plane about to crash.  She commented to her friend about what had just happened. Seconds later, she saw the biggest bird she had ever seen flying in front of her car. She told her friend that the size of the bird was unimaginable.

The giant bird that never flapped its wings, just soared toward the office where the woman was going to, and it looked like it was going to landed on the roof. She told her friend that she was going to try to get a picture of the huge bird. The woman exited her vehicle and began to walk toward the back of the building where she felt that creature had landed. The huge flying creature was perched on the highest point of the chimney. She looked up for only a moment. At the same time, the giant bird looked down at her and made eye contact with what she told me were piercing fiery eyes. The eyes were large and round even from the distance up on the roof. They were vivid and green-red and orange in color.

The witness stated that the size of the creature was the most amazing thing that she had ever seen. The moment it looked down she realized that it had made direct eye contact with her she knew she had to run. She immediately turned and ran in panic and disbelief. As she turned the corner, she looked back for a second. The huge, winged creature was gliding toward her at an angle. It was only about eight feet behind her, and its talons were out. The woman made it to the door and rushed into the private office and yelled that she was being attacked by a huge bird. She told me that she ran for her life fearing what this huge winged creature might do to her.

She only had seconds to obtain a close look at the creature which she estimated had at least an 8 to 10 foot wingspan. The body and wings were either brown or black in color and were not shiny in appearance. It was not feathery, and she was not sure if it actually had feathers. The head was as large as a grapefruit and red in color. The beak had an odd looking hook that was also red made up of bone and featherless. The legs appeared to be tucked underneath and she was never able to view the tail. The witness said that it was the fiery pupils of the eyes that were most frightening. They looked almost demonic. The woman also stated that the times that she saw the creature flying, it never flapped its wings, it just glided through the air.

The witness said that when she looked up at the creature on the roof, she had the impression that she had disturbed it. She never noticed any odd sounds or smells while the encounter took place. She told me that this was a horrific experience, and that she was shook up for days. She will always wonder what would have happened if the huge flying creature had caught up with her before she rushed into the building. The witness thinks that she had an encounter with a Thunderbird.

On July 29, 2021, I was able to interview the gentleman that the witness had the appointment with that day in April. That man who is a professional,  does not want to be identified, and it turns out that he has also seen what may have been the same huge flying creature in the same area in past years. The man  confirmed to me that the woman did indeed burst into his office that day and told him that she had been attacked by a huge bird. He soon went outside and found some bricks from the chimney on the ground that apparently had been knocked over by the creature.

Other Thunderbird Sightings In the same area in past years

During my interview with the man, I learned that he had also had three previous encounters with the thunderbird. His first encounter took place around April of 2016. He was on his lunch break around 1 PM, when a huge shadow came over and he looked up. That’s when he saw the huge bird for the first time. It landed on the chimney on the roof of his office, and he ran inside quite shaken by what he saw.

That witness told me that what he saw looked like, “an ugly dark giant eagle.” He said it had a wingspan of at least 12 feet, and the wings and body were dark in color. The body appeared to be about a foot in diameter. The creature appeared to stand about 4 feet tall.

The head had an odd faded or plastic look to it and was a reddish color.  The beak was large- about 3-5 inches long. The tail was fan shaped with dark feathers, and the talons were very large. This witness also stated that it was the eyes of the creature that really stood out. He said it was like watching something from a horror movie and that it was somewhat difficult to explain. The eyes were dark but had a color to them. He stated that, “It had fiery eyes”.

The second encounter took place in 2018, also around April. The creature seemed to take a liking to the chimney on the roof of the man’s office. It was also around lunch time when he saw it up on the roof again and this time it raised up its wings. His third sighting occurred in 2020 and about the same time of the year as his previous sightings. It was early evening when he saw the thunderbird again up on the chimney. It then flew towards him, and he ran to his car and got in. So during those years this very large  creature flew twice toward this man at close range.

The man is of the opinion that these creatures are originating from the Pocono mountain area. He feels they are visiting his area to hunt deer and other wildlife. He was glad that the other witness confirmed what he had seen.

The area where this is taking place is about forty some miles from Philadelphia. It is described as being in a populated area with some nearby woods. There are a lot of energy sources in the area including high tension power lines. I have mentioned in my past writings that a pattern I noticed years ago was that thunderbirds and other cryptids are commonly seen in the vicinity of energy sources.


During April and May, 2021, I heard reports of other possible Thunderbird sightings. Please contact me if you have seen anything similar to what was reported or anything else unusual. My phone is 724-838-7768 or email:

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