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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Real-Life Creepy & Unexplained Encounters

Several witnesses recall creepy unexplained encounters that they had at some period in their lives. The locations were in Georgia, California, New York & Arizona.

I came across several unexplained personal accounts:

"A couple of years ago, my girlfriend, her family and I decided to go out and explore an old church in the woods in rural North Georgia. Our friends and us had planned that they would prank her family by hiding in the woods playing drums and chanting.

We had explored the area for about 20 minutes or so when we decided to sit on the front steps of the church to take a break. There’s a dim street lamp lighting us up. The tree line was about 10 feet away and there was zero visibility beyond it. We suddenly hear this sound. I’ve never heard anything like it. It had this bleating quality of a goat but much deeper and more urgent like a drawn out scream. It was literally right at the tree line.

My girlfriend and I immediately believed this was our friends who’d decided to go a different route with the prank so we start playing it up. After a few minutes, it started to get old and we told our friends to come out. No one came out. We figured they’re just trying to keep the prank going for a bit longer than necessary and we brushed it off thinking they’d come out when they grow tired. We got up to go down to the old baptismal font a little further the other direction down the hill into the woods.

We were on our way there when we began to hear drums and chants from down the hill. Our friends had been down at the font the entire time. Unless they’d invited someone else to prank us that we never saw and they never told us about to this day, that noise came from someone or something else.

When I got home that night, I stayed up for hours researching every animal sound in North Georgia, even branching out to the entire southeastern US in desperation to make sense of it. It’s the scariest unexplainable thing I’ve ever experienced and I can still hear that sound in my head clear as day. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it." AI


This incident happened recently. My friends and I were living at a cabin in Lake Tahoe in California. It was in May, so it was not snowing, but the nights got near freezing temps. We had gotten some firewood burning in the fireplace and three of us were chilling around it. We were drinking scotch and had turned down the lights all the way in the cabin. The nearby houses were about 300 yards out and they had their lights down as well.

We heard creaking on our roof for 2-3 seconds which stopped and followed by what sounded like a bag or something mildly heavy dropping on the roof. Then it was followed by the scariest, heavy rumble. The entire roof shook, but nothing else in the house did, so we knew it wasn’t an earthquake. We almost felt like something broke the roof and was coming down the stairs to get us. We screamed and picked up the hot fire pokers and searched through cabin, tapping walls and attic area. We looked up the chimney for raccoons, as they tend to hid there. Also this wasn’t the first night we had the fire. If a raccoon momma was nesting, she would have fell through the chimney. We found nothing.

Then we noticed that the neighboring house had turned on their lights, and had come out with searchlights. They had heard a similar sound. We all thought a bear had ran from our roof to theirs, but it’s unusual for a bear to do that. The neighbor’s dog was quiet through it all. I checked that there was no way out from the chimney besides up,. So if something was in there couldn’t have escaped to roof without popping the lid, which was intact. We don’t know what it was, for next two nights we had a fire going, nothing. Not sure what it was and perhaps never will." NB


"This happened to me in 2007. I was hiking with a friend in the Adirondacks of New York State. My friend was a more experienced hiker and was in better shape than me at the time and I also had a heart condition, so there was no way I could keep up with him. We were coming down from one of the mountain ranges, I think it was Santanoni Peak, and it was about a 6 mile hike back to the car. Of course I couldn't keep up with the expert hiker and he was kind of a dick and would be so far ahead of me I couldn't even see him.

So I'm walking by myself, totally exhausted, and I start hearing these extra footsteps keeping pace with me. I figured it was another hiker coming up behind me, but every time I turned around there was no one there. I'd stop and the extra footsteps would stop a second after. I'd start going again and they'd resume. This went on for quite a while and I kept feeling like I was being watched/stalked. I just kept going, keeping my wits about me and kinda beatboxing to myself to motivate myself to keep going.

Eventually I made it to the car and that was the end of it. I wonder if this is how people disappear in the woods. Maybe if I had pretended the footsteps weren't there I wouldn't be here now." ES


"I work on a family ranch. I'd get this usual feeling of being watched or followed while checking cows at night. I've heard a few other accounts while talking to people working there.

One night, a buddy of mine and I were going coyote hunting. We placed a dead rabbit in the open, cut it up, covered our scent, and hid on top of some hay bales. He blew a call out a couple times and we waited. Howling started faintly and got gradually louder. It got to the point where it sounded like they were right next to us and then, nothing. Complete silence. I have never experienced quiet out there like that before or since. I know this probably doesn't sound scary to y'all, but to me, it was just eerie and unsettling.

My brother saw a UFO one night while coming back from the hay fields (notably, as he's very skeptical and can't think of an explanation for what he saw. I can't exactly remember what he saw.) He also claims he saw and heard a pair of boots walking in the tree line next to him one night. When he got back to the house and asked dad about it, dad said he'd been at the house the whole time and our uncle had left for town the day prior. My dad joked that it was probably "Old Great Grandpa Ben making sure you weren't screwing around!"

My dad claims to have woken up to "an Aztec looking fellow" staring at him from his doorway. Worth noting the ranch house is literally only a couple hundred yards from an actual Native American burial ground. I pointed out that we live a bit north for an Aztec (in northern Arizona), but he stands by what he saw. We're members of the Navajo Nation, and he's studied Native American cultures, so I believe him." PL

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