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Friday, August 13, 2021

House Entities: Large Black Dog, Woman in a Blue Dress & Furry Little Man

A newlywed couple were shown a Victorian-style house that contained several entities. A large aggressive black dog, furry little man & a woman in the blue dress.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"In 1989, my wife and I were newlyweds. At the time, we were looking buy a house here in the Spokane, Washington area. While being shown the basement of a Victorian-styled house, we were shown a corner that had been excavated. As I looked in, I saw a large black dog leap toward me and jumped back. The dog did not appear further.

Later, while back in the living room, we were talking about some unrelated matters, and I looked at the heating vent (old-fashioned decorative ironwork grille about a foot square, as I recall) due to some movement. I saw a small, furry man looking out at us. His hands were holding onto the grillwork. When he noticed me looking, he quickly let go and vanished into the heating vent. I alerted the others, but none of them saw it.

Shortly afterward, I saw a ghostly figure of a woman in a blue dress in the corner of the room. Again, none of the others saw the apparition, but before I described the phantom woman the person who lived in the house asked me if she looked like so-and-so (details of the spectre's appearance escape me now, beyond the blue dress), which matched precisely what I had seen. She explained that the figure had appeared several times previously. She was not aware of small furry men, however, and the dog was similarly unknown to her. I do not know if the three appearances were connected beyond occurring in the same general period of time.

The first, the black dog, was about the size of a German Shepherd, of indeterminate breed, but vaguely wolf-like. It was aggressive when it leapt at me. The next appeared to be a small man-like figure covered in dark brown fur or thick hair, about ten inches tall, perhaps, but hunched over slightly. The last, if it was a fairy, appeared to be an adult-sized woman whom I recall as very beautiful, though the details of her face and appearance have been lost to my memory. Similarly, the dog is somewhat vague to my recollection, though no more so than other memories from that era. The small man, however, is vividly marked in my memory. I can easily call up the texture of his fur/hair, the color of his fur, the appearance of his face, and so on.

Because of the strange and unexplained activity, we decided not to buy the house. We did purchase a home nearby, 5 houses away on the same side of the street. We still reside there. I occasionally wonder if those entities still inhabit the house." HG

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