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Sunday, August 01, 2021

Hairy Quadruped Cryptid Dwelled in Northeast Tennessee Quarry

A boy and his friends, living in northeast Tennessee, encountered a large crawling hairy creature in a nearby quarry. It seems the folks in the area knew of its existence, but kept quiet.

"In 1987, when I was 10 years old, we moved into a new house, and a new neighborhood, in northeast Tennessee. My future best friend, I’ll call him Andrew, invited me up to spend the night on a Friday after school. It was around the first of December or so, and a light snow had fallen. This other kid we were friends with lived on the same street as me was there as well. We played Nintendo, and shot basketball for a while then we started getting bored.

Andrew asked me if I wanted to go to 'The Pit?' I said, “What’s that?” He said follow me. So we walked up through his backyard. There was this huge abandoned rock quarry and where we stood it dropped about 50 feet down to this plateau area. There was also a cave that was covered up by large boulders and stuff right under our feet. When you climb down there to the plateau there was another drop off about 80 feet to the very bottom, but you had to access it from another street.

Well we climbed down onto the plateau area and were just looking around, when all of the sudden we see this thing. All we’ve known to ever call it is a 'creature?' It was scaling the rock wall we were just standing on above only about 150’ to our left. It looked like it would have stood around 4-5 foot in height and it was covered in white fur so the snow camouflaged it (in the summer and hotter months its coat was a brownish color). It climbed that wall like a man would! It turned to look at us and we all bolted back up the cliffs to Andrew’s house and never looked back!

I had nightmares for about 2 weeks straight after that!! This thing would mutilate cats, dogs, opossums, etc. I’ve even seen deer that unfortunately got too close to the area that it’s taken down! It almost got a few of us when we we’re kids too! What was weird is how it would kill. It would rip everything’s spinal cords out of its body and eat all the organs! It was around for several years and then it just vanished, and shit just stopped. Craziest/scariest thing I’ve ever encountered in my entire life!

I’ve searched and searched for what this thing may have been? I’ve gotten more into cryptids in the last little bit but I can’t find anything similar to it other than a dogman but I don’t think it was tall enough to be a dogman? And it it ran on all fours. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me! I would greatly appreciate it!" G

After an inquiry, the following information was received:

"I never saw it’s face. In a way, I wish I would have but, in a way I’m glad I never did. Too bad we didn’t have smart phones back then like we do now or I could have possibly tried to capture footage of it. All I know is that it had fur, and I believe it changed with the season’s as some sort of natural camouflage? My friend's dad said something chased him down the ditch line one summer night right at dusk and he said it had horns. He jumped into his truck and didn’t get out for close to an hour it scared him so bad. We thought he was full of shit, just messing with us, but he swore to God that he wasn’t. So I’m guessing it had some sort of horns? Probably 4-5 feet if standing on its hind legs?

This one time there was Andrew, this kid that used to hang around us but got on our nerves, and me. We decided to go down to the very bottom part that I talked about that was only accessible over off the other street. There used to be this huge trash pile that you had to climb down into. Like a hillside of crap the guy who lived there dumped his trash down the side of it. Now it’s completely filled in because of him.

Anyways, once you get to the bottom of the trash heap it was like another world down there! It was like an almost prehistoric rain forest-like setting, especially in the summer time! You would go down there and there was all kinds of weird shit laying around. We once found this huge turtle shell that was completely bleached white. But you had to cross these fallen trees all over the place.

So we messed around for a while then started hearing crazy noises. We felt like, 'Oh shit. Let’s run! Andrew and I were skinny and fast, but this other kid kept falling going over the fallen trees. We could see this shadow or something dark chasing his ass down trying to catch him. We had those whistler bottle rockets with us and we were trying to shoot it at that thing. He lost his shoe and we kept telling him to run and to forget the damn shoe! We also smelled something dead and found one of Andrew’s cats torn apart! It’s jaw was completely unhinged. Spine torn out like the others. People’s dogs would go missing all the time. Freaky as hell!

One time we were sitting on the ledge of this little cliff going down in on the plateau side over by my friend's house. We were just sitting there chilling and talking. We had probably sat there for a good 30-45 minutes and all of a sudden we hear what sounded like rocks and dirt sliding underneath our feet! It was like something had snuck up on us to grab us but lost it’s grip or footing and slid down the hill. Talk about bolting the f*ck out of there and not looking back!" G

NOTE: I later found out that this abandoned quarry was near Kingsport, Tennessee. Apparently, many folks in the area knew about the crawling hairy cryptid. If anyone has further information that they can provide, please feel free to contact me. Lon

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