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Monday, August 23, 2021

Cryptids & Unexplained Phenomena Incidents

4 separate reports of strange encounters with cryptids and other unexplained beings in South Dakota, North Carolina, Tennessee & Kentucky.

The following accounts were recently found by me:

"I just recently moved to a small town in South Dakota and my apartment is surrounded by fields and woodland. Two nights ago I took my St. Bernard out for a walk around midnight. Funny enough, a few nights ago, some friends and I were sharing urban legends and creepy pastas, and one of my friends said she doesn't whistle at night because of skinwalkers. I didn't really know what that meant.

Anyway, on the night in question, I was standing with my dog when I started to hear a whistle. Just two tones repeated over and over. I know that it wasn't a bird, it was distinctly human. I also know that I wasn't imagining anything because my dog got concerned and began to become restless while staring into the dark where it seemed the whistle was coming from.

Usually he is so friendly and curious but he got scared and actually hid behind me. Big pansy.

I headed inside quickly and the whistle continued behind me. For some reason I wanted to whistle back, I knew it was a bad idea and managed to stay quiet. I got inside and locked the door and all of my windows. I told my girlfriend what I had heard and she of course dismissed it and said that I just needed some sleep.

I haven't been able to sleep since and last night I swear I heard a tapping on my window. I live on the fifth floor.

This may sound like I'm trying to write a creepy story but I swear this all happened. I don't know anything about this stuff, what should I do?" MM


"I live in western Kentucky, in a very woodsy region. I was walking my dog before bed, and out of no where he sat down and howled. I had absolutely no clue what his issue was, but I could sense that something just, wasn’t quite right. I decided to head back to the house, and I felt hyper aware of everything. Aware of every crunch of the branches, every rock I kicked, and every step that I took. I had a flash light because it’s very dark at night where I am, and I shined it into the woods out of curiosity. A pair of eyes reflected back at me, so I figured it was just a coyote and kept moving.

Come to the next morning, I woke up very early to hear a sort of weeping sound coming from outside, in the direction of the woods. Of course, I was freaked out, so I looked out the window. There was a deer standing in the field leading into the woods, but something just seemed off about the deer. It’s eyes looked funky, it looked almost bulky, and the weirdest part was that it’s legs looked mismatched. It looked almost as if the front legs were on backwards, the joints being in the wrong spot and bending the opposite way of a normal leg on a deer. My first thought was CWD, but it didn’t look as frail as deer with CWD.

The deer has returned multiple times since the incident, and I have even seen it stand up on its back legs to stare at me. I still hear weeping sounds coming from the woods in the early hours of the morning, around 2-5am is when I hear it the loudest. What did I see and hear?" MM


"Few years ago, I met a coal miner from the Tennessee mountains. We were just having a conversation about various subjects. Then, in a spilt second, he removed his cap, and he was another person. Everything changed about him. It was as if I were talking to someone else! Whole face just changed. Body language. Even his stature. It happened that fast. Honestly. I tried to hide my shock. But, he turned into another person right before my eyes." T


"Somehow, I got interested in skinwalker topics and I kind of kept listening to all stories. So one day I really felt curious about wanting to actually seeing these beings and slept with that thought.

Fast forward to 3 am. I hear howling and horrifying screams, not like anything I have heard before, near my apartment in middle of city (Charlotte, NC)! My wife and neighbors informed the next day that they heard the same noises, plus they had some kind of horrible dreams at same time.

What are these? Maybe a kind of interdimensional portal might be opened because I desired and was curious for that experience? I know all of it sounds, but I can't deny my wife and my neighbor together had weird dreams like some demon was trying to attack them at same time!" P

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