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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Creepy Discovery Near Wood County, Wisconsin Campsite

A family was camping in a wooded area of Wood County, Wisconsin. 2 of the brothers venture deeper in the forest to explore the wildlife, and eventually discovery a grisly scene.

The following account was referred to me by a reader:

"My dad was an outdoorsman all of his life and he had a few favorite hunting spots in central Wisconsin. My whole family spent countless amounts of time out in the woods of central Wisconsin and know them pretty well. Sometimes we’d take trips to just hang out in the woods throughout the year. Anyway, my dad isn’t here anymore, but we still take random trips out into the woods just to get away. My brothers tend to spend more time out in the woods than me and the rest of my family do, as they went out there with my dad the most. It’s a sentimental thing.

Two years ago, my family was having a get together one summer weekend in a wooded area in Wood County, Wisconsin. After dinner, my brothers went into the woods to see what wildlife would be out, as one is a photographer and is always trying to get shots of owls. Plus, they also wanted to check on one of the spots they liked to camp at.

I don’t remember what time it was that they came back, but they were acting off. Then one of them started talking about something really f*cked up was going on not too far from one of their camping spots. My mom, my sister, and I almost at the same time asked them what. They said they were out walking around one of their campsites and wandered off a little ways from it, only to stumble upon what looked like a blood bath. They said blood was just everywhere. There were also peppers, corn husks, and some rocks that were all situated odd, with blood everywhere. It even looked like someone had recently dug a hole to bury something.

Now, at first, I was about to say bullshit, because in the past they would come back with some story that you could tell they were making up. But not even a hint of a smile or laugh was appearing on either of their faces that time. They said the disturbed ground where the hole was dug and filled in, looked like it was big enough to put a small animal or human baby in. They just couldn’t stop talking about the amount of blood that was all over.

We told them they should call the sheriff’s department, as it could be something serious. It wouldn’t be the first time a body was found in these parts. They wanted to, but then decided not to because they had been drinking. Naturally, we were pissed at them for just wanting to leave it alone. I kept putting the pressure on them to report it, and 3 days later the one finally did. He had been asking some of the people at his work about what they thought it could be and one had mentioned that in their culture, it wasn’t unusual to find a place out in the woods to perform a ceremony and bury a baby that passed away. That really unsettled my brother, as cemeteries are where the dead logically go to be laid to rest and the amount of blood still had him on edge, so that made him report it finally.

After the area was investigated by authorities, what they dug up from the hole turned out to be a rabbit, not a human. The sheriff did say that he really appreciated him reporting it anyway, because there really are all kinds things that happen out in rural areas. It never hurts to be cautious and report suspicious things." FR

NOTE: I assume that this was the result of an occult or pagan ritual. Any thoughts? Lon

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