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Monday, August 09, 2021

Anomalous 'Deer-Like Creature' Encountered in West Liberty, Ohio

An East Liberty, Ohio resident witnessed a deformed deer-like creature cross the road in front of them. They thought it was a Wendigo, though I believe it was something different.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

In February or March 2018, I was driving home to East Liberty, Ohio.

I turned on the road to take me home at 3:30 AM - 4 AM. It was really cold and dark, hardly  any other cars. I turned on OH-508 and as I was driving past South Union Mennonite Church I saw, what I believe is, a Wendigo crossing the road! I just found out what matched the description of what I saw online in photo illustrations.

It was shaking, going slow, I thought it was a deer that got hit by a car and injured. But what made this extremely different was that even before I stopped my car at a distance, I noticed the rest of the body, except the top of back, looked like bare white human skin! I stopped and saw it move in a hurry, but injured? Maybe into the field! Here's what's even more creepy. I thought, from a distance before I stopped, it was a deer standing up and wobbling. But this thing had legs. It was on all fours dragging its legs across the road, but was as tall as a deer on all fours. 

Its back had black mangled fur. Its back was much wider and bigger than a deer. It had something like antlers, but they were much longer and thicker looking. Not a lot of points like a deer would have and its antlers points were going in weird directions, not just straight up like a regular white-tailed deer. 

This thing is REAL, and it looks like what people call a Wendigo. I was going to back the car up and take a picture, but I was TERRIFIED and actually I went 70 mph across the railroad tracks. I freaked out the whole drive home, in disbelief. I've told my husband, but never talked about to anyone." AN

NOTE: I don't believe that this was a Wendigo. It was probably something more related to a 'Not Deer.' Wendigos are possessed humans who have a desire to kill and eat human flesh. In First Nations lore, they can transform into a deer-like entity, but I truly doubt that is what occurred here. Lon

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