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Monday, August 16, 2021

3 Recent 'Crawler Humanoids' Sighting Reports

3 recently reported accounts involving possible Crawler activity in Alabama, Jamaica and Oklahoma. Have you had a similar sighting? Feel free to contact me.

I recently came across the following accounts:

"Two of my friends (who are a married couple), and I were walking on my family land in north Alabama. Its about 170 acres and heavily wooded with both pines and hardwoods, and heavily trailed. It was dark but my friends wanted me to take them out walking on the trails. A couple of neighbors dogs followed us (a Coonhound and a Great Pyrenese), and we walked south then east to my camping area.

We were hanging out at my camping spot when behind us, further back the trail we had come down, the dogs started acting strange. We were looking back, and they came out of the woods to our left and stood on the trail. The Great Pyrenese started growling real low, and looking defensive. The Coonhound is a goofball, but he was also acting disturbed about something. The were both looking back down the trail to the west. I immediately got quite a strange and serious feeling, it was a bit ominous. I've learned to trust my gut, which I recommend to anybody in the woods, or if around a person or animal that you feel instinctively is threatening. 

Anyway, I said to my friends, "We better get back to the house." To get my point across, I sort of grimly added "Now!" Well, we were heading west on the trail, and the dogs, if I remember correctly had vacated the area.

While walking, I looked back and saw my one friend, the wife, looking into the woods off the trail and stagger back a few steps. I and her husband asked her what was wrong. (By the way, this is the area where the dogs had previously been growling at). She said, "I'll tell you when we get back, I don't want to scare D*****". He's kind of easily spooked."

So, we get back and asked what she saw. She tells us that she felt she needed to look off the trail, into the trees, and she saw something halfway behind a tree, looking at her (we all had headlamps on). She said it was pale/whiteish, with an oval kind of shaped head. Looked like it was crouching, with long limbs. She kept stressing how skinny it was, particularly the limbs. She said it had a surprised look on its face, like it didn't expect us to be there. Myself and friends/relatives use the trails regularly, but not at night. She said that the thing was bobbing back and forth in kind of a creepy way, like moving its head behind the tree and then swaying its head and shoulders back rhythmically to look at her. She said it didn't appear to be aggressive at the moment, but looked scary. I pulled up the famous trail cam pic of the "Crawler", or whatever it is, and she got a shocked look on her face and nodded "yes". However, she made clear that it wasn't exactly the same.

The next night, I was on the back porch, and heard a freaky, VERY shrill scream come from the woods. I don't know if the two were related, but I've lived in the country for most of my life, and I've never heard anything like it. This is one of multiple things that have happened around here, but this is the only one that I know of involving this creature. This is in north Alabama." KB


"This didn't happen to me. This was my younger sister's experience last year in October 2020. My sister is extremely religious and so is my mother. My sister dismissed it as an evil spirit, but recalled it today and thought it was something like sleep paralysis. I then told her about Crawlers and described them to her, and she said that looked exactly like what she had seen.

Last year, in October 2020, my sister woke up in the middle of the night. She said she woke up because she felt as if something was watching her and felt some kind of fear. She looked at her wall and said she saw a tall dark figure and felt as if it was staring at her. My sister said it was extremely skinny, much more skinny than a human could possibly be. It's arms hung down to its knees. She said it was taller than 6 feet, and she said she could see it's eyes but couldn't recall their colour. She also said that she believes they were glowing, but cannot recall properly.

She unfortunately was unable to get a good look at it, because she panicked and ran out of her room into my mom's room and hid under my mom's blankets. Neither she nor my mom went back to the room to check until they both woke up again the next morning. Of course there was nothing in there. She says that both her bedroom door was closed and so were here windows.

I believe it could've possibly been a bad dream, but at the same time I'm interested because she said it looked just like my description of a Crawler. It's weird, because I've never heard of anyone seeing Crawlers in Jamaica." X


"My friends and I went back roading today through our local area supposed haunted hot spots. We drove for at least 2 hours through back roads and didn’t really see anything just a bunch of wild animals until we made it to a spot where there was a field that went up a hill with lots of trees. I shined my spotlight out into the field to see if I could catch anything and about 60 to 70 yards out in this field I see a 7 to 8 foot tall grey, buff, naked, masculine, humanoid figure standing looking out towards the hill. The beam of light from the spot light caught it’s attention and it turned around and looked at us, it’s eyes where glowing from the light and then it crouched down on all four limbs trying to stay out of the spotlight as soon as it did that I told my friend to floor it and we got out of there as soon as we could. At first I thought it was the rake but the rake is really skinny according from eyewitness testimony. The creature I saw looked more like a pale mutant from the video game “The Forrest”

This was in northeastern Oklahoma right at the foothills of the Ozark plateau. Took place at around 3:30 AM" ZC

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