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Saturday, July 24, 2021

What Was it? Large Floating Orb in the Parlor

A woman asks me to interpret an encounter with a large sparkling orange orb that she had 52 years ago while staying at her great grandmother's house in rural Virginia.

I recently received the following inquiry:

"Hello! I would like to finally share a very odd experience that happened to me when I was 10 years old.  I'm now 62, and it has baffled me for years, along with other unexplainable phenomena that has occurred during my life.  Speaking about this night to family and friends has induced scoffs, eye rolls and accusations of flat out lying, so I've kept it under wraps and out of print all these years. Here goes.

My great grandmother, who was 83 years old in 1968, lived in a very rural area known as St. Stephens Church, VA.  Her dirt driveway was approximately 3/4 mile long which led up to the old family homestead of which I was told was already around 100 years old or more.  She was raised there, and so was my grandfather and his siblings.  It was surrounded by fields, thick pine trees, a huge swamp and a family graveyard situated a good ways from the back from the house.

It was a hot summer night, and instead of sleeping with my grandmother, she announced I would be sleeping across the hall in the "parlor" because I was becoming a "big girl".  Sleeping alone didn't bother me, but going to bed at 8:30 annoyed me immensely, as it was still light outside and I was far from being sleepy.

The parlor was situated in the front of the house and was furnished with an organ; settee under the window; a pot bellied stove; and, a bed which was directly across the room from the window.  The pot bellied stove was on the adjacent wall at the foot of my bed.

As I gazed out the window beyond the porch and weeping willow tree in the yard, I noticed a small light closest to the entrance of the driveway that had emerged from the tree line.  It could have been a firefly or "lightning bug", for all I knew, and I fully expected it to vanish at any moment--but it didn't.

As I stared at what had now become a curiosity, the light became larger and brighter as it skirted the edge of the driveway coming toward the house.  It was slow, but methodic.  As it reached the half-way point to the house, it became more apparent it might be heading my way.

To rationalize, I remembered my father telling me about "Wee Willy Winkies", which he declared were spirits, or alternatively, gases that sometimes formed in the swamps near his childhood home in South Georgia.  I thought that was a logical explanation, but why was it moving so precisely toward Grandma's house?!  I was becoming a little concerned.

I was mesmerized as it continued to get larger and larger and brighter and brighter as it reached the edge of the yard and then hovered under the weeping willow as if was "looking" at the house.  It seemed I could actually feel it's presence; but in my wildest dreams I would have NEVER guessed what would happen next.

This huge, three dimensional, fiery ball made it's way to the front porch and floated through the screened window of the parlor!!  I couldn't scream, I didn't cry, I just watched intently as it floated to the pot bellied stove, hovered a moment as if watching me, and then proceeded to the foot of my bed, continuing until it was directly above my head!!

This "ball of light" was about the size of an extremely large exercise ball.  Although it was mainly orange, there was also yellow, and sparkles of blue and white, writhing around and within.  There was no heat emanating from it, but it felt strangely ALIVE and overwhelmingly bright!

Needless to say, I ducked under the blankets hoping it would go away.  I waited for what seemed like around 30 seconds before mustering up the courage to peek out of my pseudo-safe cover.  Although it had not completely gone, it was slowly making it's way to the end of my bed, to the pot bellied stove, and out the window, following the same path upon which it entered.  I watched as it reached the driveway and then darted quickly back into the woods.

Well, this big girl jumped out of the bed and ran across the hall to Grandma's room.  She was "hard of hearing" and, in my excitement couldn't understand a word of what I was saying; but reluctantly let me sleep with her the rest of the night.

When my parents picked me up the following day, I tried to explain what had happened that night.  My mother actually laughed, but my father said it was probably the spirit of my great Uncle Atkinson who had died a couple of weeks earlier and was buried in the graveyard behind the house.  Daddy said he was probably just checking in on me, but that light came from the opposite direction of the graveyard.

Well, that's it.  PLEASE, someone tell me your thoughts.  As I've grown older, I'm now wondering if this may have been an encounter with an alien being that meant me no harm, but wanted to size me up.

Please help! God bless!" GS

NOTE: Actually, it could have been one of a variety of anomalies. My best guess is that it was probably a spirit energy of a passed loved one or someone associated with the property in life. Though the size is somewhat large, that's still my best guess. I doubt that it was a non-terrestrial being or energy. It seemed to be interested in the witness from the start, so I believe it wanted her to see it for whatever reason. I really doubt that it was malevolent or there to scare her. Lon

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