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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Upright 'Cryptid Wolf' Encountered in Michigan's Northern Lower Peninsula

Two brothers hike to an abandoned cabin deep in the woods of the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. That night, they encounter a pack of wolves along with a upright cryptid wolf that they cannot explain.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"When we were teenagers, my brother and I took a trip with my cousin and her family to their cabin in Gaylord, Michigan. It was a very rustic cabin that's been in her husband's family for generations. Nobody/nothing around for several miles, very thick woods. Breathtakingly beautiful. There is no road that goes to the cabin and there is no driveway or path. You literally follow a map and drive off into the woods until you find it. My cousin's husband mentioned that past generations had built other, smaller cabins nearby and would write journal entries about their experiences. Some of the entries date back to the early 1900s. Thinking that was the coolest thing ever, we grabbed protection (on the chance that we run into a bear or something), a flashlight because it was getting late, and made our way into the woods. We did not intend to be out long, mostly just planning a destination for the next day's adventures.

When we found one of the cabins (maybe a 20 minute walk from the home cabin), we decided to take a break and see what's inside. Neither of us were aware of how quickly it gets dark when you're in woods that thick and the next thing we knew, it was pitch black outside. We panicked a bit because these are not woods that you want to be in at night. And without the light of day, we have no idea how to get back. Not the best decision making on anyone's part but hey, what can you do now.

We remembered what we were told; make enough noise and if there are any dangerous animals nearby they will likely get scared and go somewhere else. The predators in the area aren't exactly hungry, so we should be fine. We remembered this too late because the next thing we know, there are a pair of glowing yellow eyes off in the distance, moving very slowly towards us. A large white silhouette of a wolf comes into view with those yellow eyes. Quickly, about a dozen more pairs of yellow eyes appeared. We had been joined by an entire pack of wolves. Just staring at us. (To paint the picture, the cabin is about the size of a small RV, and the entire front side of it was plexy-glass window. The door was just a screen.)

We knew that we were supposed to make enough noise to keep predators away from us, we had no idea what to do if we found ourselves in the middle of a wolf's lair, with all eyes on us. Both terrified and in total awe, we just froze. We heard another wolf pack howling a few miles behind us. And then another one off to the right. This made us even more terrified because we were told that wolf packs typically avoid each others territories so what were they all doing so close? (We are both completely aware that they could have just sounded closer than they were, but, in the moment, they literally sounded like they were right there).

We couldn't tell if minutes were passing or hours, we were just frozen. We were hoping that my cousin's husband wasn't going to stumble into this situation looking for us.

The wolves started to lay down one by one. Every now and then we'd see a pair of eyes pop up, but mostly they had stopped caring that we were there.

That's when it happened.

Much like the first wolf that we saw, a pair of yellow eyes was approaching from the distance except this time, the silhouette was HUGE and moved like a ghost. My brother grabbed my arm tightly. We were both terrified. Whatever was walking towards us, was NOT like the other wolves at all. It had a humped back and its shoulders were higher than what a canine normally looks like. It moved its way around the sleeping wolves, towards the cabin. Towards us.

I'm doing everything in my mind to tell myself that it was just a weird looking wolf, maybe some sort of deformity. Or that my eyes are playing tricks on me in the moonlight. There is no way that what I think I'm seeing is actually there. That was when it stood up on its back legs, hunched over and slowly walked up the steps to the cabin door (remember, the cabin door is just a screen). Instead of opening it, it just hunched over and sat down on the porch. I'll never forget the way it was breathing. Heaving, is more like it. Its entire body rocked back and forth with every inhale/exhale while it looked over the sleeping wolves. I whispered to my brother "WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT!?" And it started to moan and then growl, stood back up and walked to the other side of the porch. Got back on all fours, crawled down the steps the way a person would if they were on all fours, and began walking circles around the cabin before coming back to the steps and rocking/heaving at the foot of the steps, again facing the wolves. Eventually it got up and walked to behind the cabin.

I have never been so scared in my life. WTF was that thing!? We sat there frozen in absolute silence until the sun came up. I'm not sure that I blinked once, but we never saw the wolves get up and leave. When the sun started to peer through the tree canopy, the whole area was just clear. It was only us. (Wolves really are majestic creatures. It was impressive to witness just how stealthy they can be).

When we got back to the home cabin we assured our panicking cousin that we were fine but when we told her what we had just experienced, her husband laughed at us. He had been going to this cabin for his entire life and he has never seen a wolf come this close, let alone an entire pack (he seemed to not realize that he and his friends partying out there is a bit more deterrent than my brother and I sitting quietly). He about walked away from us when we told him we heard multiple packs. We decided not to mention the upright wolf. If he thought we were imagining the wolves, what would be the point in telling him we were stalked by a bi-pedal one? Neither of us are the type of people that believe in werewolves or things like that, and still don't. But we know that what we saw was unbelievable. Definitely not an animal that I've ever known to be in existence.

Fast forward 13 years later to now. I'm watching a documentary on legends of different creatures and learn about the 'Michigan Dogman.' Ridiculous name, with mostly ridiculous and unbelievable stories, like mine. I do a little more research and find that there are a lot of people from northern Michigan with a very similar story. The creature that these people are describing is almost exactly what we experienced. "A human-like creature with the head of a dog." The reports of this creature are mostly centered around northern, lower peninsula Michigan, where you will find Gaylord.

I am not the type to jump to believing things like this. All I know is that wolf looked mutated and it stood up and walked up those steps. My brother and I have always shared this "do you remember that time in Gaylord?" Mostly we leave out the oddity because, besides the terror, this was the coolest thing I've ever experienced. Learning that this monster-like thing that we saw is actually a "thing" has rocked me to the core.

What the f*ck did we see that night?" SA

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