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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part XIV


The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part XIV

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

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The Vast Venus Conspiracy

Lady Columba Venus Revelations

Was she plagued by an extraterrestrial or a demon from Hell?  Illustration source:  https://scatterscott.bandcamp.com/track/aliens-or-demons.

Italian School Teacher: “The Devil made me do it!”

Rosa Amuso, an elementary school teacher from Palmi, a city in the Calabria province of Italy, claimed that an extraterrestrial had burrowed into her head and was commanding her to do all sorts of things that she could not resist carrying out.  In the 13 March 1984 edition of the tabloid Sun newspaper of American Media in Boca Raton, Florida, an article appeared highlighting Amuso’s travails with this pestering alien.  Titled, “Space alien takes over girl’s brain,” the article says that in early 1984, the then 26-year-old teacher traveled to the island of Sicily and visited a Catholic priest specializing in exorcisms, Father Teodoro Tomaselli at the cathedral in Messina, a city not far from the Mount Etna volcano.  

Previous to seeking out the priest, Amuso’s mother Erminia, age 50, had taken her to several psychiatric doctors in Palmi and the surrounding area.  While some of Rosa Amuso’s neighbors thought that she was insane, the medical experts felt differently, speculating that she was only temporarily traumatized due to suffering through some jarring incident in her life that she wasn’t ready to discuss with them, as yet.  The priest, however, felt differently.  After meeting with Rosa Amuso, Father Tomaselli decided that she was possessed and had to have an evil spirit exorcised out of her body.  

Rosa believed that her mental torment was due to incurring a split personality.  “I wanted to be exorcised,” she explained to a reporter from the Sun.  Rosa Amuso was aware that she was doing all of the deviant sexual acts that the creature who lived inside her was telling her to do; but she did not have the will power to resist.  Her mother said that this was because, “Rosa is a nymphomaniac.  She chases men around, undresses on the street and copulates in public.”

Sadly, Rosa affirmed that what her mother was saying about her was true.  “The Devil won!” she cried, adding that, “I am his slave!”

According to Erminia, her daughter’s problems began back in 1977, when Rosa was on vacation in Sicily.  “Suddenly she felt a pain in her head.  She started vomiting and felt dizzy.  We thought she’d had a heart attack or a cerebral hemorrhage.  But a few days later, Rosa knew what had happened.  She heard this voice in her head.  It said, ‘Well, here I am; and I am taking you over.’  It was a creature from outer space, from another planet, that had burrowed into her head and lived in her stomach.  I believe it is really the Devil who is living in her in the guise of an extraterrestrial; but Rosa says it is really an alien.”

Erminia noted that the creature living inside her daughter had done some things that left no doubt in her mind that he is really the Devil.  “Once the voice told her to go to a cemetery to find a young man who had been killed by his fiancée.  The voice wanted her to see the grave because it belonged to the one had possessed before her.  The voice told her all kinds of details, names, ages, things my daughter could never have known.  When she got to the grave, she found out all the facts were correct.”

The mother and daughter seemed to have exhausted every avenue of approach with regard to this dire situation.   While the first exorcism failed to work, Erminia stated her belief that, “Maybe we should try a better exorcist.  Maybe Father Tomaselli did something wrong.  I think, at this point, that exorcism I our only hope.”

Graphic from Cold War Era.  Source:  Library of Congress.

Office “Space Cadet” May Be an Undercover Alien

Maybe there’s a weird gal or guy at the office who occasionally gets on your nerves.  Now UFO experts are saying that such individuals may be spies from outer space.  Back in early 1990, Brad Steiger (19 February 1936 – 6 May 2018), the famous paranormal researcher and author of over 100 books on such phenomena as ghosts, bigfoot sightings, ESP, UFOs, etc., told a reporter from the Globe tabloid newspaper of Boca Raton, Florida, in an interview that took place at Steiger’s residence in Phoenix, Arizona, and as published in its 27 February 1990 edition that, “Space aliens work everywhere, from small businesses to large corporations.  By working in ordinary trades and professions, the aliens gain invaluable insight into our society.  To identify a co-worker space alien, you must look for behavior patterns and personal habits.”

The ufologist Steiger provided a list of ten ways in which a space alien, operating in disguise, can be identified:

1. Aliens do not understand our style of dress and may wear shorts on a cold day or a plaid shirt with a striped blouse.

2. Aliens display bizarre eating habits, such as putting cream in soda or ketchup on toast.

3. Aliens call in sick frequently or are often late.  Aliens find it difficult to adhere to a strict work schedule.

4. Aliens do not understand Earth humor and may tell jokes that no one understands.

5. Aliens display intense curiosity.

6. If a co-worker is constantly taking notes, he or she may be a keeping a record for his or her alien masters.

7. An alien never talks about its personal life.

8. An alien may use a screwdriver to open a letter or try to make soup in a coffee pot.

9. An alien has difficulty in getting ideas across.

10. An alien becomes elated or depressed around machinery.

Putting the Spotlight on Alien Neighbors

Art Bell: “If you are not paranoid by now, you haven’t been watching the news.”  See https://blog.nbmpub.com/tag/paranoia/page/3/. 

Arthur Brown has literally succeeded in “alienating” his neighbors in the city of Heritage, Pennsylvania, located in Mercer County some 60 miles north of Pittsburgh.  In an article appearing in the 2 November 2015 issue of the National Examiner tabloid, published in New York City, New York, Brown, then age 78, informed that publication’s correspondent Malia McCarrick, that he has taken somewhat drastic steps to deter unfriendly extraterrestrials, who had moved into his neighborhood.   First, he wrapped his home in tin-foil, to keep the aliens and those under their spell from psychically penetrating his domain and reading his mind.  Second, he began shining intense spotlights onto all of his neighbors’ properties.  

One of his neighbors, living directly across the street from the paranoid Brown, and interviewed by McCarrick, the then 72-year-old Nancy Raich, noted that, “Over the years, he (Brown) has become a real problem.”  She then explained that, “He has a lot of issues fearing aliens.  Little by little, we learned that he thought we were ‘they,’ and that we are the ones the aliens were contacting to get to him.”  Raich had since become so frustrated with Brown that she put her home up for sale; but no one is interested in purchasing it since they, too, would probably have to start putting up with Arthur Brown’s shenanigans.  

“Who wants to buy my house when this yahoo across the street decides he wants to shine lights on me?” rhetorically asked Raich, adding that, “I’ve had a lot of nice couples come and look at my house.  You can’t get a second look until that’s cleaned up with the ‘alien lights guy.’”

Another perplexed neighbor, Donna Misinay, commented that, “He used to have an alarm that would go on and off and on and off and that was very annoying.  He finally had to get rid of that.  Now his new thing is to come out here and chase you with a spotlight.”

Early in 2015, a judge from Mercer County ordered Brown to take the lights down.  If he failed to comply, the judge said that he would impose a $500-per-day fine.  Unfortunately, the alien-fearing defiantly refused to obey; and as of November 2015, his fines have amassed to a total exceeding $20,000.  Since Brown would not comply with the county judge’s order, the city of Hermitage sought an injunction to get the lights removed.  The city manager Gary Hinkson insists that, “It’s a violation of the city’s zoning ordinance to have excess lighting that adversely affects neighboring properties.”


(Editor’s Note:  Dr. Raymond Keller sincerely hopes that you have enjoyed reading his series on the Real “Resident Aliens” and will check out any of his five books in the Venus Rising series of international-awards winning books, available at amazon.com while supplies last.  Should you have any questions or comments for the doctor, you can reach him at his e-mail:  rkeller1@mix.wvu.edu. - Lon)

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