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Wednesday, July 07, 2021

The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part XI


The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part XI

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

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Cosmic Ray's Excellent Venus Adventure

The Vast Venus Conspiracy

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From Keller Venus Files, sketch “Cosmic Brotherhood” by Canadian science fiction artist Gene Duplantier of Willowdale, Ontario.

“No problem, Mr. Thor.  Take two tablets with breakfast and drink lots of water.  If you need any more, don’t hesitate to drop in to my office next time you visit Earth.”

Mexican Doctor who Examined an Extraterrestrial

The last few months of 1977 saw several member countries of the United Nations holding “high-level conferences” designed to look into the possibility of organizing a global network to investigate the appearance of UFOs all over the planet.  Unfortunately, the persistent efforts of some of those countries’ United Nations ambassadors to pique the interest of that international body’s General Assembly have gotten nowhere.  Each time that an ambassador brought up the issue of UFOs to the General Assembly, it was shelved for discussion at a later, but unspecified date.  

One of the more vociferous proponents for a serious study of UFOs on the part of the United Nations has been the Honorable Eric M. Gairy, the Prime Minister of tiny Caribbean island country of Grenada.  Speaking before the General Assembly at the end of 1977 on behalf of the ambassadors from numerous countries seeking an official inquiry into the UFO phenomenon, Gairy asked that the members of that body issue an official declaration of the coming year of 1978 as the “International Year of Unidentified Flying Objects.”  He also urged other member states of the United Nations to join Grenada in issuing postage stamps commemorating great moments in the history of ufology.  

Up until January of 1978, however, the Prime Minister was unable to persuade the representatives from the larger countries to cooperate in an international investigation of UFOs.  Nevertheless, sources close to Gairy informed a correspondent from the UFO Review, an independent tabloid newspaper published in New York City, that the door to initiating such an investigation may have been opened, albeit just a small crack.  Gairy allegedly informed the UFO Review’s reporter that in the forthcoming months, “There may be a big change in the attitude of certain countries, which will very likely come out and take a much more positive stand on the UFO matter.  When the next session of the United Nations General Assembly convenes, a special presentation will be made concerning close encounters in each of the countries belonging to that world body.  Top UFO researchers will provide the overwhelming documentation that Earth does, indeed, have visitors from afar” (UFO Review, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1978).  

Prime Minister Gairy stated that in the first week of April 1977, behind locked doors, the Ambassador of Grenada to the United Nations, Francis Redhead; the Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology of the United Nations, Joao F. da Costa; and the officer in charge of the United Nations Technology Applications Section, Bertrand Chapel, entertained a visitor from Mexico with a personal account of contact with an extraterrestrial being, a story that all of these officials took quite seriously.  

In the Mexican visitor to the United Nation’s account, it was during October of 1975 that a “gigantic mothership” was sighted by hundreds, hovering over the city of Guadalajara in Central Mexico.  Cars throughout the city had stalled.  As the drivers and passengers got out of their cars, they looked up in the sky and watched the huge, sleek craft as it glided over a nearby mountain range.  There were also additional UFO sightings at the time throughout Central Mexico; and the visitor to the United Nations described the people of that region as having suffered a bout of “UFO fever.”  

It was during the peak of this UFO flap that an established medical doctor in Guadalajara found himself confronted with a new, and what would come to be a most unusual patient.  It was a man who complained of being “seriously ill” and requiring the immediate assistance of the doctor.  The doctor immediately ushered the ailing gentleman into his examination room.  The patient further explained that he was feeling fatigued and asked the good doctor if he could carry out a complete physical examination of him.  The doctor then informed his new patient to strip to the waist so that he could check him over to appropriately determine the cause of his dire condition.  

According to the correspondent for UFO Review, “As the patient unbuttoned his shirt, the doctor noticed that the color of the man’s skin was unusually pink, almost like that of a child’s.  He also noted that there was not a single hair on the upper portion of his body (face, underarms and chest included), save for that on his head.  Taking his stethoscope, he listened to the heartbeat of the patient, but could find no irregularity.

“At this point, the doctor requested that the man strip totally.  When he was completely naked, the doctor again noticed the fact that his patient was entirely hairless.  The area around his genitals looked as if they were shaven clean.  In actuality, there were not even hair follicles on any part of his body, something that is completely unknown to biology on this planet.”

The patient sense that the doctor was flustered.  He then explained that, “I wanted to show you that I am not one of your kind,” at which time he started talking about the immensity of the universe, intelligent life on other planets and the reality of UFOs as spaceships from those far-off worlds.  The patient remarked that, “Alien beings from other planets, some nearby, have been visiting Earth on a regular basis and that the occupants of the flying saucers were particularly concerned about the Earthlings’ slow spiritual development that had lagged far behind our technological accomplishments with atomic science and rocketry.”

The doctor and the alien conversed for a brief period, in which time the doctor was informed of “many things of a technical nature,” things that he had no way of knowing on his own.  After their scientific chat and completed medical exam, the doctor was utterly convinced that his patient was actually an extraterrestrial being, so much so that he felt obligated to report the incident to “someone in authority.”  

The doctor called the local newspaper, El Occidental, and spoke to someone at the news desk. “Who would I report anything having to do with UFOs and space aliens?” asked the doctor.  

The individual on the other end of the line said that she was only a secretary and heard of some UFO groups in Mexico, but didn’t know how to contact them.  “But there was an article about this United Nations ambassador from some Caribbean country who is presently in Mexico investigating UFO sightings.  If you standby, I will get his contact information.”  

The secretary asked the reporter who wrote the article and he gave the name of the ambassador, Francis Redhead, and the local hotel where he could be found, the Rui Plaza in the downtown district.  The secretary passed this information onto the doctor; and the doctor called the hotel clerk, who patched his call up to the diplomat’s room.  A meeting was agreed upon for the following day, whence the doctor went over all the details of his encounter with the alleged extraterrestrial for the benefit of Redhead.  So convinced was the ambassador with the doctor’s claim, that he invited him to go with him to the United Nations headquarters in New York City, all expenses paid by the government of Grenada, to tell his story to a special UFO investigations committee.  

The Caribbean country of Grenada, much to its credit, was one of the first nations to officially recognize that we are not alone in the universe and that we are truly being visited by intelligent beings from other planets.  The reporter from the UFO Review revealed that a high-ranking official of the government of Grenada had actually met with a flying saucer occupant in the summer of 1977.  The incident allegedly occurred while two UFOs were hovering over the shoreline.  One of the UFOs then landed; while the other remained in a hover mode about ten feet above the ground.  An extraterrestrial being emerged from the landed ship and conversed with the government official, a prominent politician on the island, for about fifteen minutes.  Then the entity got back into the landed UFO and both of the craft, each about 50 feet in diameter, took off for parts unknown.  The alien was said to be a beautiful, blonde haired woman, about 5’4” in height, who was “very human in appearance.”


(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part XII of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where the author of the world-acclaimed Venus Rising series uncovers the existence of the “Zeroids,” metamorphizing beings of pure energy from an alternate dimension outside our own space-time continuum. - Lon)

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