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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Terrible Unexplained Screams Alarm Friends in Idaho Wilderness

Two friends are in the Idaho wilderness at night. They had planned to hang out and shoot their firearms. They are soon alarmed by a terrible scream emanating from the forest.

I recently came across the following account:

"In July of 2020, my buddy and I decided to go shooing at night in the woods near Placerville, Idaho, near an old mining facility (this is important later). Exact coordinates are [43.94365265373899, -116.01342176045823]. The entire drive up there, which I would assume would be around, 10 PM or so, I was getting REALLY bad vibes, but I didn't say anything.

Anyway, we get up there, with rifles in hand, then throw on some music and chill out for a bit. Entire time we are up there it's pretty quit and I'm still on edge because it's at night in the middle of the woods, in an area I have never been to. I still have this sixth sense type feeling like something isn't right. My buddy says, 'Okay, lets do some shooting and reloading drills." My buddy goes first, aims at the brim where the coordinates are and fires two shoots. The moment the second shot is fired, I hear something scream LOUD from the tree line behind us where the mining house is. It sounded like a cross between a elk, bear, and wolf dying. I say 'f*ck this' and book it back to the truck. My buddy turns around and unloads into the direction the scream came.

I hop into the car, put my rifle out the window in the direction the scream came from and cover him from the car while he runs back. At this point, this thing screams at us again and I fire some shots in its direction. My buddy gets in the truck and we start the car, turn on the lights and as we are turning around to go back down the dirt trail it scream at us again, only this time it sounds like a dog. We both look at each other and are in collective 'WTF' mode and make our way back down the mountain. He is driving one-handed with a pistol in the other. I have my AR pointed out the window.

We don't hear anymore screams but the entire vibe feels like you are near death, and being hunted. So, sort of primal 'I need to fight or die' feeling that I have never experienced before. I still get chills thinking about it. Instead, we noticed more weird shit, The moon had turned red (I have no explanation for this to this day) and there were weird lights in the forest, like orange orbs floating on another ridge line (there is NO ONE out there) and we eventually get back on the main highway where the moon has since turned back to its normal bluish white.

My friend is a ex-Marine and a combat veteran and I am a seasoned outdoorsman. We cannot explain what happened. I have told this story a few times to close friends, and they all have pretty much told me the same thing...whatever happened that night defied logic because it either was not of this world (alien) or some sort of actual paranormal being/ cryptid or we were just super spooked by some animal and our mind was filling in the gaps. North America is a big place, and I personally believe there are creatures out there that we still do not know of in the more secluded parts of the continent.

When we got back into Boise and began telling some of his friends about the situation. Many of them said there is a Yeti or something up there, so who knows. I should also note that after shooting at it, my friend said he heard footsteps coming towards us, like it was running and it was big.

I recently watched a video about this thing called Crawlers. I find it significant because we were near a mine and other people who have gone to that area report feeling the same uneasy presence. It could be some undiscovered subterranean nocturnal species that is taking these people, which is why they disappear without a trace." AL

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