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Monday, July 12, 2021

'Spider-Walking' Bigfoot Shocks Witness Near Fallston, North Carolina

Katie G, a nurse, claims that she had just left for work at around 5:00 AM. It was November 2, 2020. This hour-long commute took her down Highway 18 through the upper part of Cleveland County and through small portions of Lincoln County and then Burke County of North Carolina.

“About four miles north of Fallston, there's one particular stretch of open field that runs parallel to the highway. At each end of this field are round hay bales stacked and covered with tarps. They are stacked two wide on the bottom and one laid on top of those making them have a rounded triangular triangle appearance. There are several of them laid out there with a gap between them every 20 feet or so. I don't know what they're being saved for but they have been there in the field for at least four years that I’ve been driving this road. This field is at my best guess 250 yards long by maybe 200 deep so to the wood line. The southern end has a short line of brush and trees then a very small RV park to the other side of the bales. The northern northern side, at the time, had a small forested area that grew right up to the bales. That area has since been clear cut. At about midway of this field, there's a small clump of trees not very tall nor very thick. They just sit there, a little island of trees and brush offering a little cover. This clump of trees is about 75 yards maybe 100 from the north end of the field. I had come to this point in my commute at approximately 6:05 AM. I was doing 55 miles an hour and keeping my eyes straight ahead because I’m always nervous in that area because it gives me the creeps...”

She noted the sky was clear that day as she drove. “I had passed the bales at the south end of the fields and just passed a small thicket of trees and brush so that the rest of the field was in full view when when a movement from the little clump of trees made me look in its direction. It was a fast and dark motion that made me think one of the trees had suddenly bent or fallen.

Then there was something... it was all very fast, the motion was smooth. It was moving at first with a brief undulating then into an incredibly smooth movement so fast it was almost undetectable. It was large and long, looking to be two feet wide. It was low to the ground and moving so fast I couldn't make out any limbs or head. I could tell that it was moving itself but couldn't see how. It was so incredibly fast... so fast I barely had time to think what before it had reached the line of bales at the north end. I had a fraction of a second to wonder if it would stop or turn but it didn't. It never even slowed down.

Then it did one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. It didn't pause to jump. It just kept right on going over those bales somehow getting wider and flatter and just oozing over them like a blanket being pulled across from the top. Then it was gone out of sight.

All of my effort had worked itself into my right foot and I had the pedal to the floor. I had to be going 90 when I passed those bales completely in the other lane not looking back and losing my composure. I panicked for about a minute then called my husband who told me to get a grip before I wrecked.”

She turned around and came home, afraid of seeing it again. She has since gone back and taken pictures of the area but never saw the creature again.

Source: Bigfoot Odyssey Podcast, from an episode titled: “4 Bigfoot Encounters (It crawled like a spider)” - uploaded on 2 Jul 2021

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