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Friday, July 02, 2021

'Feral Wild Men' Stalk Unicoi County, Tennessee Couple

A couple in Unicoi County, Tennessee have been experiencing encounters with what they describe as 'feral wild men.' Are these actually humans, or possibly Bigfoot. Read and LMK what you think.

I came across the following account and update. Not sure what to make of it, so I'll leave it to you:

"I received a private message from a very nice gentleman over in Tennessee who shared his story with me about his experiences with the 'Hillbillies.' He did not want to share it from his profile publicly in a sub, but he did give me permission to share it. I’ll refer to him as “Mike.”

Mike lives near Erwin, Tennessee (Unicoi County) along with his wife and their dog. Mike and his wife have had two encounters with the feral wild men. One encounter as recent as last week (April 2021).

Mike said the first encounter was back in June of 2019 when he and his wife were both in their living room together watching TV around 8 PM. They both were startled when they saw a deformed man’s face appear in the window. Mike’s wife literally yelled out in fright. It stared at them and gave an evil smile and ran off into the woods. They did call the police. Police searched the yard and tree line but found nothing.

By 11 PM, while in bed, Mike and his wife (who couldn’t sleep and had the gun nearby) heard disturbing laughing from outside the window. The laugh was a lunatic type of laugh. Mike took his gun and went to the door and out to his porch where he yelled “GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE” and shot two rounds into the ground. Mike saw not one, but two wild men run from behind his shed and into the woods. Mike was so disturb at the sight of them that he shut and locked the door. He returned to bed with his wife but they both did not go to sleep.

The following morning Mike’s wife routinely lets their dog outside. The dog will do her business, then will always return to the front door and scratch to be let back in. The dog has not been seen again since his wife let her outside that morning.

Last week Mike’s wife had a sighting. She was returning home from the supermarket and was unloading groceries from her truck when something up in the trees grabs her attention. She saw a deformed man up in a tree staring at her and grinning widely. She got back in her truck and left and drove to her husband's office.

They both do not know what to do because the police are finding nothing and they feel like they are not being taken seriously by law enforcement. Mike did install several security cameras

Mike’s description of the wild men: Taller than 6ft. Thin but toned body. Long dark hair on their heads with patches of hair throughout their bodies. Pale gray skin. Long fingernails. Only one tooth it it’s mouth. Eyes are large and wide and are black. Looks like a man/Bigfoot/troll mix. Deformed features in the face and head.

Mike promises to keep us updated!" S

UPDATE: Mike did locate the dog about 8/10 of a mile into the woods...dead. The dog was not in a great condition and I will not go into those details here but the fur color was how he recognized the dog. To be conservative, there was not much left but fur and bones. The wife does believe a feral wild man is responsible.

Mike and his wife continue to have sightings, but mostly up in the trees. They have excluded the police because the police never find anything and have told Mike and his wife that they are most likely seeing campers throughout the woods. His wife stated that she is aware of times when the feral wild men are near because of an odor…a very distinct odor. The wife seems to be having more sightings than her husband. They believe the feral wild men are more interested in the wife. They have had one additional scare of something peeking through their window and describe the face looking like a very evil Sméagol from Lord of The Rings; describing the ‘hit and miss’ strings of long hair on it’s almost bare scalp. They have both heard the “lunatic type of laughing” in the woods at night.

It is not an every day occurrence, but they are afraid. They are mindful and careful. Mike says it’s one of those things where “you try to live with it but stay out of the woods and stay armed…just in case.” The wife is sure these are feral wild men and not Bigfoot and not campers just messing with them. They have some pictures and I am waiting for Mike to send those over. He has asked me if I am willing to make the trip his way to take a look and I am debating. This is the only ACTIVE case I am aware of now regarding the feral wild men so I want to stay on top of this! Waiting for Mike to send me more." S

NOTE: This is all that is currently available. I'm hoping for a follow-up. I have heard a bunch of feral mountain people stories over the years...mostly originating from the Smoky Mountain range on the Tennessee and North Carolina sides. I have family living throughout Mitchell County, North Carolina, just across the mountain from Unicoi County, TN. If you have any reports or sightings, I'd be glad to read and/or post. Lon

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