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Friday, June 11, 2021

White 'Crawler Humanoid' Frightens Couple in Waupun, Wisconsin

A couple arrives home at night and begins to unpack the car. As they are doing so, the woman observes a white crawler humanoid and alerts her boyfriend. They then run to safety inside the house.

I recently came across the following account:

"My boyfriend and I used to live with his mom in a house in the city of Waupun, Wisconsin. The house was located off of a certain highway that takes you out of the city. There are literally no lights, so its quite dark at night.

He and I were driving home from my parent's house. When we got home, while we're unpacking the car, it's kind of eerie. My boyfriend isn't bothered, though I start to hear some really weird noises. Not like the ordinary woodsy creatures of the night. I just kind of shrugged it off.

My boyfriend is carrying stuff inside from the car and I'm in the car just getting our dog ready. That's when I see this hairless, I guess, white humanoid creature. But it's on all fours! I don't know if there were more than one of them. It moved really quick, really really quick! I told my boyfriend, "Hey, do you see those things?" and he says, "No, what things?" I'm looking right at the thing and I loudly, "THAT! THAT RIGHT THERE!" He still doesn't see it! Then, right as my boyfriend turns to the tall grass area we hear this screaming sound of like a rabbit being killed by something. Well, we book it and run inside!

When get in, right in front of the front door, if you walk to the opposite side of the house, there is a porch with a glass pane window. We both noticed it! This thing is on our wooden porch looking in through the glass door. We run to his mom's room and tell her what's going on.

She is versed in Native American culture and whatever, so she does his whole 'sage' the house thing and that seemed to make it disappear for the time being. So, we kind of just stayed most of the night, freaked out. We eventually fall asleep.

We wake up late morning, so we go back out to the car. There are these handprints on all the windows.

After that night it never came back. I would like to know what you think it was? It had no hair, very white humanoid on all fours. Could it have been a Wendigo?" WS

NOTE: Some experiencers think that these crawler humanoids are a Wendigo. Even though some of the characteristics are said to be similar, a Wendigo is an evil possession energy or force that is believed to transform a human into a murderous, cannibal fiend. We are still unsure what these crawler or white humanoids really are. We can only speculate at this point. Lon


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