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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Weird Night: 30 Foot 'Pole' Transforms Into An Unknown Humanoid

A young Alabama man was in a tent with his friend on a large farm. After a while, the witness heard strange footsteps and eventually noticed a tall 'pole' near the barn. Weird account.

I recently came across the following bizarre account:

"This happened in 2017. I was with my friend, who lived on farmland surrounded by forest in central Alabama. We were outside in front of the farmhouse in a tent. He was asleep, but me, always having insomnia, I was wide awake. All of a sudden, I hear loud slow footsteps coming from out of the forest coming over in the direction of the tent. This terrified me, because I didn't know what it was. A bear? A deer? A person? No clue. So I was waiting for the footsteps to stop outside the tent and I was preparing myself for the absolute worst, because since it was heading in the tents direction, that's what I assumed was going happen. But it didn't. Instead, these footsteps moved PAST the tent.

So, after hearing these loud slow methodical footsteps come from out of the woods, ignore two defenseless people, and then silence for easily 10 minutes, curiosity started to eat away at me. I unzip the tent and quietly peak my head out to see if I could see anything. I'm looking all around the tree line, the house, everywhere; and I cannot find the source of these footsteps. I'm just about to put my head back inside when I spot something that doesn't really make sense. Behind the farmhouse to the right is the barn, and next to this barn...is a pole.

I saw what looked like a 30 foot tall greyish silver pole, vertically placed next to this barn. It was shiny and glistening in the moonlight. I studied this weird structure up and down with my eyes, confused, because I know damn well I would have easily noticed this 30 foot tall pole bizarrely placed inches away from this barn earlier when it was daytime; but I didn't.

BTW, I should really start calling this thing something other than a "pole" because after looking at this strange object really hard, I realized that this "pole" had something like arms and legs. They looked like rods; perfectly straight symmetrical and proportioned with its size and stature. It looked so smooth and round, and it looked like it was stretched out; idk how to explain it. I then realized that it was doing something. It was spinning in a circle. Ever so slowly.

I was dumbfounded. I had no idea what I could possibly be looking at. All of a sudden, this 30 foot tall shiny spinning pole looked humanoid. It then took an uncomfortably long step back into the woods, still spinning ever so slowly, still glistening and shining in the moonlight.

I had no idea how to react. I was at a complete loss for words. I just kind of went back into the tent and laid on my back until the sun came up. I had no sleep at all and after that day, I never hung out with my friend at that farm again. I don't know what it was. Trick of the eye? A humanoid? A stick man? Or a glitch? Your guess is as good as mine." EP


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