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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

'We Met a Leprechaun at the Southlake, Texas Costco'

A couple are shopping at a Texas Costco when they encounter, what they describe as, a Leprechaun in the parking lot. There is a brief conversation in which the Leprechaun personally knows this couple.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"Please note that I am being completely sincere and my wife can vouch for this encounter. I know that Fae and their ilk are considered little more than a joke these days. But I tell you true, I swear it. I met an actual Leprechaun, and I've been encountering Fae all my life. And I have a theory as to why there was a Leprechaun in Southlake, Texas.

My wife and I were looking for a desk at Costco one rainy night and we found one we were looking for. I was carrying it out to our car in the rain when we were aggressively confronted by a tiny Irishman (Red hair, green eyes, freckles, brogue) about 3 feet in height. His proportions were normal and proportional to said height from what I could see. He wasn't a Dwarf (little person, squat/small limbs), he was just really small.

He wasn't wearing anything special either, just a t-shirt and jogging pants with sneakers. Not green either, but his hair was as red as mine.

He called me by name, and he knew my wife's name as well. As soon as we looked up to address him, he started talking to us about absolutely nothing in particular, as if he knew us and hadn't seen us in ages. I was so shocked I simply answered his questions and listened to him react, again as if he knew us from way back.

"How've you been doing? What's up?"

"Do you still live round here?" I said, "We still lived at my old house." He replied, "Ah, good old home sweet home."

"How's the family?" I said, "My grandmother's well and I don't talk to my mother often." He replied, "Well its fine that you keep an eye on your gran, she's danger prone."

"How's the writing going?" I said, "Writers block..." he replied, "As always, eh? Keep trying!"

"Any kids?" I said, "No, we're waiting till we have a place of our own." He replied, "A WISE decision young man!" He looks at my wife and says, "This one's a keeper!"

All his responses were super jovial and friendly, and I barely noticed it, but I had put my umbrella over his head subconsciously, and I was now getting soaked. The entire time I was wondering if we were the victim of some sort of prank, or if he recognized me from some time before, but me, being an idiot had forgotten him.

Finally the questions and friendly conversation stopped, and he gave us both a mischievous smile complete with eyebrow waggles, and said, "Two cents for your two cents." He then handed us each two new shiny pennies. Then he turned and walked into the Costco.

We were both so flabbergasted that we didn't speak the entire way home. When we finally got there I looked at my pennies, then at my wife. "Did we just meet a Leprechaun?" And it kind of fits with all the Fae lore I know. A complete stranger approaches you as if he knows you, waits for you to be rude so he (a Fae) can curse you. If you surprise him and are polite, he'll give you a small (or large) reward.

On that note, we put the pennies in a keepsake box and they were gone by morning, literally it's like they'd been taken (there was no other money in that box) and nobody else has access to it. That's what made my wife believe the idea that it may have been a Leprechaun.

As to my theory how or why a Leprechaun would be in Texas, well it's fairly simple. If humans can emigrate/go on vacation, then why can't Fae? Most of them pass for human anyway, so it's not that difficult to see one boarding a plane in Europe (where they are still a protected species under law) and coming to America to mess with some rude Americans

Tell me what your thoughts are. If he wasn't a Leprechaun, I don't know what he was." JT

NOTE: Well, I'm not up-to-date with Fae lore, but I doubt that I'd be taking 'rewards' from a Fae or Leprechaun...let alone telling them anything about myself. Did this guy ever read about Changelings and other Fae mischief? A bit hard to 'bite' on this one, but I present it here for your perusal. Lon


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