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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

U.S. Government Needs To Be More Forthcoming About The Ongoing UFO Mystery: UFO Sightings Reported Yearly In Pennsylvania

The Government Needs To Be More Forthcoming About The Ongoing UFO Mystery

UFO Sightings Reported Yearly in Pennsylvania

From Researcher: Stan Gordon

While the media is currently giving more than usual attention to the UFO Phenomena, it is not showing the extent of the sightings reported throughout the world. The crux of the matter is that numerous credible detailed UFO sightings have been reported for years by not only military pilots from various branches of the service, but also from civilians throughout the US and the world as well. I want to make this clear to my readers so they are aware of the extent of the sightings, as most of the recent media focus has been limited to the observations by experienced Navy pilots and to the objects observed and tracked by personnel on Navy vessels- which is from only one branch of the military.

Over the years, I interviewed commercial, private, and corporate pilots, all of whom had observed objects in the sky that they could not identify. The public that is reading some of the news stories might get the impression that UFO sightings are a relatively new or insignificant phenomena. That is definitely not the case. There are Pennsylvania newspaper accounts of unusual objects seen in the sky dating back to the late 1800’s and into the early 1900’s. Through the 1940’s and 1950’s, observations of mysterious objects in the sky continued to be reported and the sighting reports have never stopped.

This year will mark sixty two years of my research into the ongoing UFO Phenomena. I have been out in the field conducting on site investigations of UFO sightings and other phenomena reported by the public since 1965. Those of you who are reading this may find it surprising that I have never personally seen a UFO. In 1969 I began to take phone calls from the public to report UFO sightings. My phone still rings at all hours of the day and night with calls about strange observations in the sky.

In 1970, I organized the first of three volunteer research groups that investigated UFO incidents in the Pittsburgh area and around the state of Pennsylvania for many years. Since late 1993, I have continued my investigations as an independent researcher. Most of the people who were involved with my research teams had some type of specialized background or training that was helpful with the research we were conducting. Among the team members were scientists, engineers, technicians, police officers and other first responders, former military personnel, and educators. My investigations have focused on my home state of Pennsylvania, although I do maintain contact with researchers throughout the country.

It became very apparent to me when I started my investigations that many UFO sightings, while being reported by credible eyewitnesses, were indeed explainable. Over the years, many sightings were determined to be misidentifications of natural or man-made objects.

Conjunction of the planets Venus & Jupiter (Copyright Stan Gordon)

Some UFOs were determined to be, for example, bright planets and stars, lights on aircraft, navigational lights on radio towers, bright meteors, re-entry of space debris, automated searchlight displays, weather phenomena, lights reflecting off the bodies of birds and insects, transformer explosions, various types of balloons, sky lanterns, kites, blimps and in recent years, many sightings of the Starlink Satellites as they passed across the sky.

Now that we have that out of the way, there have been countless UFO incidents that have occurred for years from across the Keystone state that are not so easily explained away. The 1960’s was an interesting time period. I investigated a number of very detailed close range UFO sightings of what appeared to be large solid metallic objects that were seen at very close range. In one instance, the object was so close that a witness could see what appeared to be an instrument panel through portholes that were positioned around the side of the object.

The 1970’s were very active with numerous detailed UFO observations, especially during 1973 when Pennsylvania experienced multitudes of UFO incidents throughout the year. Many local and statewide newspapers covered some of those sightings and my groups investigations. Sightings of cigar or elongated oval shaped objects similar to what the Navy has been referring to as Tic-tac shaped objects have been reported over Pennsylvania since at least the early 1970’s. Those sightings have  continued to be reported during the last few years and even in recent months. There have also been ongoing sightings of large spheres, triangular and rectangular shaped objects reported across the commonwealth.

While the subject of UFOs is becoming quite popular and is beginning to be discussed more seriously in the news media, there still remains a cloud of ridicule that lurks over the head of witnesses who report encounters with those mysterious flying objects. I have interviewed thousands of UFO witnesses over the years and many of those people asked that they not be identified when relating their experiences. Many of them, because of their educational or professional backgrounds, were concerned that publicly discussing their strange experiences could affect their job positions or personal life. That is one reason why these ongoing UFO encounters rarely make it into the news.

Encounters with Mini-UFOs

It was during the 1960’s when I began to receive reports of odd maneuvering flying objects that were small in size, low to the ground, and approached surprisingly close to the human observers. I have been calling these objects, “mini-UFOs” for years. This is an aspect of the UFO phenomena that has been rarely discussed, even though similar incidents have been reported from around the country.

The smallest of these objects range in size from about one to two inches in diameter and resemble oversized fireflies. The more common observations are of an object about one to two feet in diameter. They are generally described as being spherical in shape, however, some other configurations have been reported. Some observations describe an object that looks solid and metallic, yet in other reports they are transparent or just luminous spheres of various colors. I have interviewed people who were close enough to reach out and touch these objects if they had wanted to. These objects have been seen in daylight and at night and during all types of weather.

Even more interesting are reports of these small objects pacing and at times entering moving vehicles through open windows. There are also reports of these objects entering homes through open windows. Residents have reported for years seeing these small objects hover in front of the windows of their homes and near their properties. Some of these observations seem to have some similarities to what Navy personnel have been referring to as drones which have reportedly been observed around Navy vessels in recent years.

What are we dealing with?

The UFO subject is very complex and there are many different components to it. Many people have brought forth their theories over the years as to what the UFO phenomena could be. Some of the most popular theories have been spacecraft from an extraterrestrial source, time travelers, interdimensional visitors, unknown atmospheric life forms and demons.

I have been of the opinion for years that there may well be more than one origin to unexplained category of the UFO phenomena.  I would not exclude the possibility that some of these observations  could be of extraterrestrial origin. I have, however, investigated many cases where some of these objects seem to have both a physical and non-physical component to their appearances. We could be dealing with a phenomena that is beyond out present scientific understanding and, for lack of a better term, might be interdimensional.

Until there is definitive evidence, I keep an open mind as to what these unknown objects might be. I don’t have the answers and I don’t think our government has all of the answers either to this ongoing mystery in our skies.

Some of the cases I have investigated suggests that, at times, these objects just suddenly appear in the sky. Some UFOs have been reported to physically transform into another shape. Large solid looking objects have reportedly faded away and vanished. These objects seem to have the ability to suddenly appear and disappear. On occasion in daylight, large solid objects have been observed entering clouds but never exiting or being seen again.

The following is a brief synopsis of some of the many UFO cases that have come to my attention over the years. Most of the cases mentioned were incidents that I investigated. These close range UFO cases provided detailed observations and information and are not easily explainable.

* Spring of 1966-Latrobe– At about 4 AM, a woman was awakened by her dog that was making an odd whining sound and spinning in a circle. Thinking the dog was sick, she took the dog outside. She looked up and noticed a large solid metallic object shaped like a child’s top hovering and spinning about eighty feet over the roof of her home. The object was surrounded in a red glow and was completely silent. The witness became quite upset from what she was seeing but watched as the object suddenly rose into the sky and quickly moved out of sight.

* August 22, 1966-Adamsburg– That evening two women driving on Route 30 eastbound when they noticed a strange object hovering over the high tension power lines up on the hill to their right. The object looked as though it was nearly touching the wires.

Location where the UFO encounter took place in 1966 (Stan Gordon files)

As they approached closer, the object dropped below the wires and began to move in their direction. That is when a dark oblong shaped object described as long as an MG sports car passed so low over the car that the two women ducked their heads thinking that it was going to hit them. The object, whatever it was, made no sound. When the ladies arrived at their home, they made a call to the state police.

* February 1968-Rural Westmoreland County- It was early evening when a man happened to look out his window to check on the snow that had been falling. That witness (now deceased) had just retired from the Navy and had a high security clearance. He was very familiar with the latest aircraft that the military had in their inventory. He was a devout UFO skeptic until that day.

What first caught his attention was a gray metallic rod that was positioned about twenty feet from his window. When he took a better look, he realized that this long rod was one of three that were connected to a metallic gray object that was oval shaped with a dome on top. He estimated that the object was fifty to sixty feet in diameter. The bottom of the object appeared to be hollow. The object was positioned about fifty feet away from him and was hovering only about fifty feet above a fishing pond.

Sketch of the object observed in 1968 by Charles Hanna

The man told me he saw what appeared to be windows or portholes in the dome and lower section of the object. He said he could see what looked like instrument panels and at times flashes of different colored lights through the portholes. The hollowed out bottom of the object looked to be about twenty feet in diameter and there were numerous lights spinning within it. The witness called to his wife who upon seeing the object exclaimed, “Oh my God! What is it?”

 The man called his brother and wife who lived several miles away in Greensburg. His brother was a UFO believer so he wanted him to come out to see the object as well. When his brother and wife arrived, the object was still there but had moved slightly higher into the sky. They all got into the car and watched the object as it moved to about fifty feet directly above them. Suddenly, the object accelerated higher into the sky until it looked like a bright star, then it turned red as it quickly was lost from sight. They later called the Latrobe Airport and were told that other people were calling in similar reports. The initial witness told me, “If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I could not have been convinced.”

* April 15, 1973-Between Penn and Manor, Westmoreland County- Over twelve witnesses reported seeing large solid objects low to the ground within a one mile radius around this rural area. At about 9:15 PM, two cars full of people pulled off the Penn-Wegley Road to watch a strange object that was just drifting very slowly only a short distance away. The silent elongated object was estimated to be about sixty five feet in length. There were two bright round lights in the front vertical area separated about ten to fifteen feet apart. There was a gray haze surrounding the object making it difficult to see the exact shape of the object. The object was in the vicinity of a power transmission line and of the Manor Power Substation.

Later that same evening, another man driving in the vicinity of the Manor Power Substation observed a large glowing object stationary about ten feet over the trees. The glow from the object was illuminating the surrounding area. The man pulled off the road and lowered the window as he watched the object. The witness told me that the object looked like a glowing spinning top over thirty five feet in diameter. The object continued to spin while hovering and lit up the area with “a burning white glow”.

The man noticed two or three rows of square windows that emitted various colors of light that were positioned around the center of the object. The witness had kept his engine running and headlights on during the observation. However, while looking at the object, his vehicle suddenly shut off and his headlights became very dim. When the object took off at high speed, he noticed that his headlights became very bright again. The man traveled down the road and stopped at a phone booth to report the experience to the state police who then referred him to my UFO hotline.

* October 25, 1973-Near Uniontown, Fayette County– The UFO Hotline was busy ringing with many UFO reports this day. At 10:30 PM that evening, a report came in from a state trooper from the Uniontown barracks. He had just investigated a multiple witness UFO landing at a farm outside of the city. (There were some other unusual elements to the case in addition to the UFO sighting.) At about 9 PM, fifteen people observed a barn sized red spherical object about one hundred feet in the air. The object soon began to descend toward a pasture on the property.

When three fellows went to the area to investigate, they noticed about two hundred fifty feet away that either the object had landed on the ground or was hovering just above it. At that time, they observed a huge white domed shaped object about one hundred feet in diameter that was illuminating the surrounding area and was emitting a loud whirling sound. During the incident, the object suddenly just vanished from sight and the sound also stopped. The state police were soon called concerning the unusual incident.

The investigating officer told me that when he arrived on the scene to investigate, the area where the object had been on the ground was glowing. The luminous area was estimated to be over a hundred feet in diameter and extended up from about a foot off the ground. The farm animals would not go near it. The officer also stated that if he had a newspaper with him, he could have read it from the glow. My team was on the scene within hours after being notified of the incident.

* August 30, 1983-Derry- A businessman was traveling along Route 217 toward Derry just before midnight. As the man drove down a hill, he suddenly became aware of a series of amber lights that appeared about forty to sixty feet above his vehicle. The man soon realized that he was underneath a huge solid round object that was pacing him down the road. The driver became alarmed both from the tremendous size of the object that he estimated was about two to three hundred feet in diameter, and from the odd strong bass sound that the object was emitting that was vibrating through his body. At times, the witness said he felt claustrophobic when he was under the object. He said the experience was similar to driving into a large underground lighted parking lot.

Sketch of the bottom view of the object based on the eyewitness description by Robert McCurry

The witness was able to provide to me a detailed description of the object. The round object was battleship gray in color and had a bluish tinge to it. The bottom section was flat, but in the center was a square or slightly rectangular area outlined in black. It gave the witness the impression that it might have been something like a doorway. The entire bottom section of the object was covered in amber lights that emitted a soft yet bright glow. The lights were each about nine to thirteen inches in diameter and did not flash.

The man became frightened as the object followed overhead and he accelerated in speed to try to get away from it. Moments later, the object that had followed him down the road hovered over him a second time and then a third time. The object finally moved off into the sky and was not seen again. Soon after his frightening experience, he contacted the Latrobe police department who referred him to my UFO hotline. I found the witness to be very credible.

* June 21, 1985-Indianhead- A fellow on his way home from work at about 12:30 AM noticed an odd series of six lights in the sky. As he approached closer, he realized that the lights were attached to an object that looked like a solid elongated blimp. The object, however, had no gondola like that of a blimp. The witness soon realized that he was seeing something that was quite unusual.

The object had a silver metallic look to its surface and looked to be about one hundred feet long. The witness pulled off the road and exited his vehicle to get a better look at it. The object made no sound as it hovered, but as it began to move, he heard a whoosh sound as though something enormous was moving through the air. The object was moving about thirty feet above the trees.

The witness could see that the bottom of the object was hollow from the bright blue lights that were being emitted from that section of the object. Six bright lights at the top of the object were described as flashes of high intensity blue. Those lights spun in a counterclockwise pattern and illuminated the trees and the ground. The object then moved and hovered very low over a field. The fellow ran to the field and stood underneath the object looking for any identification markings such as Goodyear or USA, but there were none. He yelled out loudly but there was no response.

He ran back to his car and soon sped down the road to get his parents to bring back to that location. When they arrived at that location the object was gone. The fellow called the state police, and I was contacted about the sighting soon after. That same evening within hours, several other witnesses from different areas of the state had also reported seeing a similar shaped object.

* August 12, 1986-Monroeville- At about 8:30 AM, witnesses reported seeing a large solid cigar shaped object, “fat and rounded out,” that was hovering over some trees behind the Monroeville Mall complex. It then moved toward the mall and hovered about two hundred feet over the roof of a store. The size of the object was described as the length of three school buses and was completely silent. Later that afternoon, a similar sighting was reported about twenty miles away in Westmoreland County.

*September 3, 1987-Greensburg- It was about 8 PM when witnesses, including law enforcement, observed a huge metallic cigar shaped object approaching from the west. The object moved over a series of high tension power lines near what was then the Greengate Mall on Route 30 near Greensburg. The object moved across the highway over a power substation. The object that was moving in a smooth  horizontal path suddenly stunned the observers as the football field sized object turned vertically in the sky, and moments later, the power went out in the mall and surrounding area for a short time.

Artist Depiction of UFO Incident near Greensburg, PA . Drawing by Robert McCurry

The silent elongated object was described as being about three hundred feet in length and moving only about three hundred feet above the ground. The object appeared to have a silver or dull gray surface and was covered with multiple white flashing lights. There were bright red flashing lights at each end of the object. The object moved out of the area in the distance.

* February 10, 1988-Cambria and Somerset Counties- Between 7:45 and 8:30 PM, several reports were received from various witnesses over about a ten mile area bordering on Cambria and Somerset Counties. The first report was from the area near Blough where people observed an object as big as a house hovering over a body of water. The object was described as a solid in appearance, about sixty feet long, with two rows of colored lights that did not blink. The object hovered about fifty feet over the water and within a hundred feet of several witnesses. At one point, bright spotlights from the object were directed toward a wooded area.

That same evening in the vicinity of the McNally bridge, other cars stopped after a large object rose up from beneath the bridge and rose to the height of the bridge. One witness I interviewed was only about one hundred fifty feet from the object. He described the object as looking like a metallic football that was about fifty to sixty feet long and about twenty five feet wide. There were various lights on the object including five or six laser like lights emitting from the front. The witness was amazed that that the object had no wings or propellers and hovered with no sound.

Another witness that same evening near Davidsville reported seeing what he described as, “a small cruise ship in the sky.” The object passed directly in front of him only about twenty feet away. He described the solid object as looking like a football with tapered ends.

* May 17, 1989-Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill)- Two witnesses had stopped at a restaurant around 3 AM in a densely populated suburb of Pittsburgh. They left the establishment and as they drove down the block approaching Whitman Street, they noticed a large luminous object hovering above the intersection of Beacon and Wightman. The driver was so shocked that she stopped the car and got out to look directly at it.

Their first thought was that the object was a blimp, but as they watched they realized that the object was a lot more elongated, and that it was brightly illuminated in a white glow. Toward the bottom of the object were three large red lights that appeared to be connected. The silent object that had been hovering for several minutes did not move off but seemed to suddenly just vanish. The witnesses were so upset that the filed a police report on the incident.

* September 2, 1989-Ebensburg- A man was sitting by his pond on this beautiful afternoon. Suddenly a strange object began to approach from the north and then hovered about thirty feet above the ground only about fifty feet from the witness. The solid silver object was round and about fifteen to twenty feet in diameter. The bottom section however was colored orange-red. The center of the object was divided by a glass-like amber-colored window with one green flashing light. The silent object hovered and then ascended into the sky, then returned to the same spot where it originally hovered. Prior to the object departing the area, it emitted a mist from the bottom right side of its surface downward toward the ground.

* February 5, 1992-Williamsport and surrounding areas- A UFO incident involving numerous witnesses took place around Williamsburg and other surrounding areas. This incident was well covered in the local newspapers at the time. The series of UFO sightings had taken place late afternoon concerning the observation on one or more large boomerang or triangular shaped objects.

Some of the reports were over populated areas. Some reports indicated that one object seen was estimated to have a wingspan that was hundreds of feet in length. The object, at times, was moving so slowly that people who were  nearby moving in a fast walking pace could keep up with it. The object was making a rumbling sound that attracted many people to look outside or up in the sky. The object also displayed various colored lights. Whatever that object was has never been determined. Many witnesses were interviewed, and  detailed investigations was conducted.

I quickly began to make contact with sources that might have information. A dispatcher at the Montoursville State Police Barracks told me that they had received numerous reports of a large low level object in the sky. I also spoke with an air traffic controller at the Williamport-Lycomming County airport who told me he had handled about twenty calls from the public reporting the sighting. He told me that he had contacted Harrisburg Approach Control to see if they were working any military air traffic or were aware of any such aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting. They were not. I was also told that nothing unusual showed up on local radar. Whatever this object was still remains a mystery.

* July 24, 2002-North Huntingdon- Three people were standing in a parking lot of a shopping complex talking that evening when one of them noticed something approaching from behind the other couple. That is when they all saw a small sphere that was round and shiny and about the diameter of a tennis ball. One witness stated that although it looked solid you could see thickness in the wall of the object. The object moved slowly past them less than ten feet away. A man told me that if he moved forward a few feet he could have reached out and touched it. The silent object continued to move away on a straight course and was only about six feet above the ground. As it moved off in the distance, it began to move in a zigzag pattern. The wind in that area was very calm at that time.

* January 3, 2007-Youngwood- It was 8:58 PM that three people were traveling on a rural road outside of Youngwood. It was a clear and starlit night when there attention was drawn to a luminous object that was low in the sky and was either moving very slow or hovering. One witness told me the object was “oval shaped with a hump at the top and bottom”. The entire object was surrounded in a glowing effect. The object that was silent was moving slowly and very low in the sky.

Photo of the object taken near Youngwood, PA in 2007. Photo used with permission of the witness

At times, the observers lost sight of it as it was blocked by trees and homes in the area. At one point they had an unobstructed view of it. One passenger had a new cell phone with a camera function that had a night mode setting and snapped one picture. They all looked at the phone and were excited that they had captured a picture of the strange object. Seconds later they looked back, and the object was gone. One witness commented to me, “It was there, then it wasn’t there.”

* June 1, 2013-North Huntingdon- It was just after 10 PM when a mother and her three year old child just left a convenience store and were heading on Route 30 eastbound when ahead of her she saw a large object hovering over the highway. There were no other cars in the area, and surprised at what she saw, the woman stopped her car about one hundred fifty feet from the object. The object that was completely silent was hovering about sixty feet above the highway and took up all four lanes. Her young child yelled out, “Look Mommy, a flying I-pad in the sky!”

Sketch of the object provided by the witness. Sketch used with permission of the witness

The woman told me that the object that looked basically rectangular, “looked like the gondola of a blimp without the blimp.” She estimated that the object was about fifty five feet long and thirty five to forty feet high. There were two tiers of odd looking lights on the object. The family had to pass under the object to get home, and the car experienced various electronic malfunctions at that time. The woman also attempted to take a picture of the object with her cell phone, but the camera function would not operate. See the following account for more details.

* July 30, 2012-Bloomsburg- It was a beautiful afternoon when a motorist traveling east on Interstate 80 near Bloomsburg had a very strange experience. The man was tuning in his radio when he looked at the passenger window and observed a white, round translucent sphere about the diameter of a soft ball following along with the movement of the vehicle. The sphere floated through the open window and entered into the cab of the truck. The object moved around the floorboard, then slowly moved along the floor toward the driver. The sphere continued to move around close to the man. The object then departed through the bed of the truck. You can read more details at this link.

*October 2017-Fayette City- Early that morning, a man went outside to warm up his wife’s car. As he walked down the steps, he looked toward her car and saw something only about ten to twelve feet away by the right bumper. The outside lights were on and the area around the car was well illuminated. The witness said he saw an object that was about two feet tall and shaped like a haystack. The object was translucent, and shiny, and a milky-white color. There were vertical ribs that seemed to be the superstructure that looked like chrome straws that could be seen through the translucent structure. The object which was silent was gliding one to two inches off the ground, was motionless when he first saw it.

Whatever the object was, after several seconds it must have realized that the witness had approached until he stood about six feet from it. It suddenly zoomed extremely fast across the driveway to the left side of the car, then made a perfect right angle turn along the driver’s side of the car into the dark and was not seen again. The entire incident lasted only seconds. The witness wished he had his cell phone with him so he could have taken a picture. The witness has no idea what he saw but feels that it may have been some type of a probe.

*June 4, 2019-Youngstown- Low Level UFO Encounter with Strange Electronic and Animal Affects Reported near the Chestnut Ridge in Pennsylvania

On the evening of June 4, 2019, two people were traveling near the Youngstown side of the Chestnut Ridge not far from Latrobe in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The sky was clear with good visibility. The passenger in the car suddenly yelled out, “What are those lights?” The driver was watching the road and didn’t notice them until they were pointed out. The passenger was confused about what she was seeing since it looked so unusual. She saw what appeared to be a glass tube cylinder among bright lights that seemed to be covered with a smoke or haze. The cylinder appeared to be attached to a large V-shaped object with several rows of different colored lights.

The driver pulled the car over and stopped the vehicle so he could view what the other person was watching. The man said he was amazed when he looked up and noticed the odd sight in the sky approximately eighty to one hundred yards away from the vehicle. Hovering about sixty feet over the trees was a very strange looking object in the shape of a V. The V-shape was made up of numerous small rectangular shaped white lights. These lights were glowing but would brighten and dim at times. The driver estimated that there could have been fifty or more lights.

The object was estimated to be about forty to fifty feet long. Above the smaller lights were four larger round lights that were strobing and were orange, blue, red, and green in color. The brightness of these colors appeared pale compared to the smaller rectangular white lights. These lights seem to strobe from left to right. There was a larger light that produced a beam that was scanning the sky above the object.

This sketch of the object observed in 2019 was drawn by one of the witnesses

The driver lowered the windows as they continued to watch the object. The two observers were amazed that the hovering object was completely silent. As the witnesses continued to watch the object, some odd effects took place. The driver stated that it was as though “the electronic system of the car was having a seizure.” The radio was off at the time but they suddenly began to hear an odd clicking sound inside the vehicle but they were unable to locate the source. At the same time, it was noticed that the dash lights were dimming on and off with the beat of the clicking sound. The driver also stated that soon after he was having a problem with his cell phone dropping the signal several times.

The observers watched the object for about three minutes but became very disturbed by the encounter and decided to leave the area and continue down the road. The passenger stated,  “We were beside ourselves in awe.” They didn’t even think of trying to take a picture.

The object was still hovering as they began to drive down the road going about thirty miles per hour. That is when something else strange occurred. About thirty seconds after they left the location of the observation, a deer ran out from the woods in front of their car. The driver of the car is an experienced outdoorsman and said the deer looked dazed and confused. It was moments later that another deer did the same thing. Then just a short distance down the road a bird hit the car windshield and continued on. The driver commented, “All of these animals seemed confused and frightened. They were all crossing the road as to evade something that had scared them. I was in a state of amazement at what we encountered. I’ll never forget that strange night”.

*November 8, 2019-Masontown- This report was investigated by researcher Jim Brown. His website can be found at: www.jimsdestinations.com.  During the afternoon of Nov 8, 2019, a man traveling on a rural road outside of Masontown observed a silver gray sphere about two feet in diameter on the ground and blocking the road ahead of him. The man couldn’t figure out what it was but decided to approach the object and move it so he could continue his journey. He was about fifty feet away from the object when he opened the car door and noticed that the object was starting to fade away. It slowly continued to fade away and completely disappeared.

*October 14, 2020-Latrobe- A witness contacted me during March, of 2021, and shared with me his experience of observing a strange object in the sky. The man lives in the Latrobe, PA area. He was outside taking a walk on the evening of October 14, 2020, when he looked up into the sky and noticed a bright light moving slowly. The light, however, began to change positions and moved in different directions as he continued to observe it.

The object appeared to become larger in size and gave the impression that it was shaped somewhat like a boomerang with three separated lights. The object appeared to be hovering and not moving, and lower in altitude than the small aircraft that land at the local Arnold Palmer airport. The lights on the object were amber in color. The witness was able to obtain one picture before the object moved off. That picture reminded me of another photo taken of a UFO in Cambria county two years before this sighting.

Photo of UFO taken over Latrobe, PA in 2020. Used with the permission of the witness

*February-March 2021-A wave of UFO activity occurred in the Pittsburgh area and across the state- Residents from around the greater Pittsburgh area and other locations were reporting numerous sightings of strange objects in the sky and in some cases low to the ground. Sightings were reported from populated suburbs of Pittsburgh and from rural areas as well. There were also some interesting daylight observations. You can read more about some of these cases at this link.

UFO sightings have continued to be reported in recent weeks as well.

During my many years of investigating UFO sightings in Pennsylvania, the following are some of my findings that have continued to surface over the years.

*UFO sightings are very common and are reported every year all year round across Pennsylvania and around the world.

*UFOs seem to be attracted to energy sources. Many low level close range UFO sightings commonly take place in the vicinity of high tension power lines, power plants, communications and broadcast towers, gas wells and gas lines, railroad tracks, etc.

*UFOs have been observed hovering low over bodies of water and have reportedly been seen entering and exiting rivers and lakes across Pennsylvania. Similar accounts of been reported from around the world showing an association of UFOs with bodies of water.

*Low Level UFO sighting are reported not only in rural areas but also in more populated areas as well.

*Many UFO sightings are reported in daylight. Sightings take place at any time of the day or night and during all types of weather conditions.

*Animals commonly react oddly when they are in close vicinity of a UFO.

*Some UFOs seemingly have shown characteristics of being both physical and a non-physical at times.   

As you can see from the previously mentioned reports, the UFO phenomena has been a mystery for a long time and regardless of the source of the phenomena, it deserves a serious study by the scientific community. I am hopeful that the forthcoming government report will shed substantial light on the UFO subject- even if they don’t have all of the answers. The public deserves to know.

Contact information:

To report a UFO sighting you can contact me at 724-838-7768. I can also be contacted via email at: paufo@comcast.net. Keep checking my website for incoming information at: www.stangordon.info.

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Join Lon Strickler as he welcomes Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research investigators Manuel Navarette and Regan Lee to Arcane Radio for a detailed, first-hand discussion of recent investigations and reports of Fortean supernatural and paranormal happenings. Friday, June 11th at 9PM ET / 6PM PT. Manuel Navarette is the founder and curator of UFO Clearinghouse and an active paranormal investigator. He is currently one of the chief investigators of the Chicago / Lake Michigan Mothman phenomenon (along with Lon Strickler and Tobias Wayland). UFO Clearinghouse is a website dedicated and committed to providing the most up to date information on recent UFO sightings, reported alien abductions, and cryptid sightings. Regan Lee has been a long-time Bigfoot enthusiast & UFO investigator who hails from Oregon. She will present her experiences and theories collected during her investigations in the Pacific Northwest. Both Manuel & Regan are longtime colleagues and members of the Phantom and Monsters Fortean Research Team. This will be a truly outstanding, informative Livestream conversation that details many actual events. With a live SuperChat that can answer many of your questions. Enjoy! You can find the full Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research team and affiliate researchers at https://www.cryptidhunters.org

Join us this Friday, June 11th at 9PM ET / 6PM PT -  Watch LIVE w/ chat on the Beyond Explanation YouTube channel or at Beyond Explanation on Facebook

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