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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Unknown 'Meowing Man' Causes Woman to Faint in Northern California Forest

A Northern California search & rescue employee describes an incident where a woman faints while on a trail with her husband. She says that there was a 'man' meowing, and that she later lost consciousness.

The following account was part of a series sent to me recently. It involves a member of a search & rescue team in Northern California:

"We'd gotten a report that an older woman had fainted along one of the trails, and needed assistance getting back down to the main area. We hike up to where she's at, and her husband is just beside himself. He says that he was a little ways off the trail looking at something when his wife starts screaming behind him. He runs back to her and she's passed out on the trail.

We get her on a backboard, and as we're getting her down to the Welcome Center, she wakes and starts screaming again. I calm her down and ask her what happened. I can't remember verbatim what she said, but essentially, what happened was this:

She'd been waiting for her husband when she started hearing this really strange sound. She said it sounded sort of like a cat, but it was off somehow, and she couldn't quite figure out why. She went a little ahead to try and hear it better. It sounded like it was coming closer. She said the closer it got, the more uneasy she was, until she finally figured out what was wrong.

"It wasn't a cat. It was a man, saying the word 'meow' over and over. Just 'meow, meow, meow'. But it wasn't a man, it couldn't have been, because I've never heard a man make his voice buzz like that. I thought my hearing aid was going out, but it wasn't. I adjusted it and it still sounded all buzzy. It was awful. He was coming closer, but I couldn't see him. And the closer he got the more scared I was. The last thing I remember was a shape coming out of the trees. I guess that's when I fainted."

Now, obviously I'm a little perplexed as to why a guy would be out in the f*cking woods making 'meow, meow' sounds at people. So once we get down the mountain, I tell my superior that I'm going go search the area to see if I can find anything. He gives me the go ahead, and I grab a radio and hike back to where she fainted.

I don't see anyone, so I keep going about a mile more, and I when I head back I go off the trail, to see if I can figure out where she saw him coming from. It's almost sunset by this point, and I don't have any desire to be out at night alone, so I just sort of write it off and make a mental note to check it out again tomorrow.

As I'm headed back, I start to hear something in the distance. I stop, and I call out for anyone in the immediate area to identify themselves. The sound didn't come closer or get louder, but it sounded exactly like a man saying 'meow, meow' in this really odd monotone. As comical as it makes it sound, it was almost like that guy Ned on South Park with the electrolarynx.

I go off the trail in the direction I think it's coming from, but I never seem to get closer. It's almost like it's coming from all directions. Eventually, it just sort of fades out, and I ended up going back to the Welcome Center. I didn't get any further reports like that, and even though I went back to that area, I never heard that exact sound again. I suppose it could have been some stupid kid out there f*cking with people, but even I have to admit it was weird." F


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