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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Unknown 'Dark Humanoid' Encountered in Colorado's Front Range

Two female friends are in the Front Range of Colorado at night searching for a quiet spot to relax and party. During the time they have an encounter with an unknown humanoid figure.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"This started back in January 2020. I live on the Front Range of Colorado, meaning that once the mountains stop, it's basically plains for miles and miles. There are a lot of small roads and strange dead ends around these parts, and one of these is a favorite of me and my friends, as it goes a long way out from the main road, with basically no reason for anyone else to be there. This privacy is great for any variety of teenage shenanigans.

I was in the back of my friend's car as we drove down that road, hoping to park at the end. As I was staring out the window, I swore I could see the silhouette of a tall, strangely proportioned person running alongside our car. It was far out in the field, and I convinced myself it was just my mind playing tricks on me so that I wouldn't freak out, and I didn't tell my friends so it wouldn't bother them. We parked there for a few hours, lights off, and then went home with nothing else amiss.

Recently, I was headed back out to that spot with my girlfriend, both of us in separate cars. My drive up was pretty uneventful, but there was some fog that made it pretty spooky. Once we parked, my girlfriend hopped into my car and was obviously super freaked out. Once I got her to calm down, she told me what had happened.

On the drive up, she had looked out her window and seen a tall, dark humanoid figure EXACTLY like what I had seen 11 months earlier, but this time it was just standing there. Staring. As soon as she made eye contact with it, her car radio turned to static. She pretty quickly turned it off and hauled ass to meet up with me.

I cannot stress enough how little she believes in the supernatural, so seeing her as freaked out as she was definitely left me a little uneasy. I helped calm her down and then hopped out of the car to take a piss. (I know, literally the stupidest move ever, but at the time I hadn't remembered what had happened to me previously.) While I was out there, I definitely felt like something was watching me. But I'm generally an anxious person so I brushed it off, as I was only going to be out there for, like, 30 seconds. When I stood up and went back to my door, my girlfriend looked absolutely f*cking terrified, and she was staring over my shoulder, not at me.

My first thought wasn't anything supernatural. We're both girls, so I assumed some creepy rapist had crawled out of the grass and was standing right behind me, waiting to hurt us. When I tell you I FLEW into the driver's seat, I really mean it. My flight reflex 100% took over. Once I slammed the door, I looked over at her and yelled "WHAT?" As far as I could tell, there wasn't anyone there.

She told me that she had heard faint, female voices coming from the grass, exactly like ours. We were in an open plain, so there was no way it was our echoes. Whatever was out there was mimicking us.

The mimicking is what did it for me, and I knew we had to leave ASAP, especially as I had deciphered my hazy memories of the last time I saw whatever it was. I didn't tell my girlfriend exactly what was wrong, just turned around so my headlights were on her car so she could get there quickly.

Once we were safely away, I called her and told her my thoughts. We're both pretty spooked right now, obviously!

What are your thoughts on this? What do you think it was? Also, let me know if there are any questions I can answer." MG

NOTE: If I had to guess, and this is a stretch, I'd say it may have been something similar to a crawler humanoid. The phenomenon comes in all forms and situations. I doubt that it was a thoughtform since the girlfriend was not aware of the previous sighting. Very interesting account. Lon


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