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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part X


The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part X

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

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Negative Rh Blood Factor Provides Genetic Link to Aliens

In January of 1977, contactees from throughout North America were coming together for the purpose of exploring a possible genetic linkage they shared with the extraterrestrials.  This connection with our space brothers and sisters was the Rh-negative blood factor; and the organization these contactees established was known as the Venus Venous Research Corporation, headquartered in San Lorenzo, California.  The corporation sponsored the publication of a monthly newsletter from its very inception, Bloodline, where readers exchanged ideas on sundry issues of concern to the contactee community.  

In an editorial by Mabel Royce, she gave the following instructions to fellow members wishing to get in touch with their higher self:

“You must first relinquish your ego before you can grasp the concept of a universal soul.  You can be so wrapped up in this life you are living today that you have no concept of the past or future.  You can only receive telepathic communication if your mind can accept concepts from without it.  You must be able to alter your way of thinking, to accept alien thought waves as your own.  Only the complete submission of self can achieve this.  You must be able to sacrifice your original personality to acquire a greater one.  No one can change you.  You must change yourself.  You can change yourself into anything you want to be.  If you will just look at yourself, you will know what must be done.  No one likes to look at themselves the first time.  But once you do, you will have help to change anything necessary.”

Thousands more were coming to the realization that they were immortal spiritual beings from higher dimensional worlds temporarily inhabiting physical bodies for the purpose of learning lessons of eternal value on this planet Earth, a type of cosmic schoolhouse preparatory for the soul’s advancement into realms of light.  Royce explained it thusly:

“Once you establish a psychic link with the universal consciousness, any question you ask will be answered.  If you look, you will find the answers.  We must ask the previously unaskable.  The Rosicrucians teach about perspective.  Everything is relative.  It depends on your perspective as to what you see.  Picture a ballgame going on behind a fenced park.  The fence has a small hole in it.  If you stand with your eye to the hole, you can see the game on the other side.  If you stand back a few feet, all you will see is the fence with a hole in it.  It all depends on your perspective what you see….”

Much more on perspective as it relates to the observation and apperception of sundry phenomena was examined in the various issues of Bloodline, with articles by staff writers Mabel Royce, her sister Bonnie Royce, esotericist Ivan Boyes and many others with metaphysical leanings, but all sharing the Rh-negative blood factor.  As the role that these individuals would play in the organization and society at large, Mabel Royce wrote: “We hope we can help our people become aware of who they are and learn to utilize their powers.  We will gather all the latest scientific discoveries relating to our people through questionnaires and surveys.”  

As to the goal of such investigations, Mabel Royce noted that, “We will be presenting all the latest data on UFO contacts, Atlantis, Antarctica, Hollow Earth material, messages from our space brethren, psychic predictions on earthquakes and UFO landings.”

In helping members and readers explore their true points of contact with the wider universe, Mabel Royce recommended the following books, which even to this very day of 18 March 2021, I still heartily endorse:

Asimov, Isaac, Genetic Code (London, United Kingdom:  Orion Press, 1962).

Asimov, Isaac, Living River (London, United Kingdom:  Abelard-Schuman, 1959).

Binder, Otto, and Flindt, Max, Mankind:  Child of the Stars (Greenwich, Connecticut:  Fawcett, 1974).

Blavatsky, Helena P., Secret Doctrine (London, United Kingdom:  Theosophical Society Publications, 1888).

Holtzer, Hans, UFOnauts (Greenwich, Connecticut:  Fawcett, 1976).

Keel, John A., Why UFOs:  Operation Trojan Horse (New York City, New York:  G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1970).

Landsburg, Alan, Outer Space Connection (Sydney, Australia:  Corgi, 1976).

Lawler, Sylvia D., Human Blood Groups and Inheritance (Cambridge, Massachusetts:  Harvard University Press, 1951).

Steiger, Brad, Gods of Aquarius (New York City, New York:  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1976).

Velikovsky, Emmanuel, Worlds in Collision (Garden City, New York:  Doubleday, 1950).

Von Däniken, Erich, Miracle of the Gods (New York City, New York:  Delacorte Press, 1976).

Sacred Texts:

The Bible (King James Version), 1611.

Book of Mormon (Palmyra, New York:  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830).

Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden (New York City, New York:  World Bible Publishing, 1968).

As to the ongoing work of the Venus Venous Research Corporation and its newsletter, Bloodline, that was distributed free to members (those with Rh-negative blood types), Bonnie Marie Royce put out a request in the first issue that, “Anyone who wishes to donate their help or knowledge in any way you can, we would be most grateful.  Just drop us a line and let us know in what way your talents lean.  No task is too trivial.  We need all of you, whether it is calling in often to your local radio-news, talk shows, etc., regarding the negative blood types; give our address whenever you can.  Each person you find will be another that you helped save.

“It will be a most gratifying experience, I promise you.  Any of you who will be in San Francisco in the near future are most welcome and needed to get the job done.  We must all pull together.”  Clearly, an urgency was felt to locate as many of the starseeds as possible.  Royce and the other members certainly believed that something would soon be going down that would significantly impact the lives of those with Rh-negative blood types, those having definitive extraterrestrial genetic connections.  

Royce continued: “It would be almost impossible for me to put on these few pages all the things I most immediately want you to know; but I want you to feel free to write me and ask me any questions.  I’ll answer all inquiries the best way I can and if it is something I don’t know, then I will do my best to tell you where you can probably find it.”

In order to help the seeker in better defining their paranormal connection, Royce added that, “If you would like some pen pals, just write and state you are most interested in, such as genetics, UFOs, Hollow Earth, Atlantis, visions, auras, thought transference, radionic therapy, cave drawings, ancient astronauts, etc.  First send your name and exact blood type.  Include an approximate number of how many pen pals you would like to write to.  In which case, we would appreciate your sending a photocopy of any interesting responses you get and mail it to us.  Every strange or amazing tale fits somewhere into this gigantic puzzle of life.”

Then Royce explained just how she and others at Venus Venous Research Corporation were going about in attempting to put the sundry pieces of this puzzle together: “We are in the process of trying to piece together and prepare ourselves for immortality.  There are so many things we could all learn if we had forever to learn it.  In my estimation, forever will be beginning very soon.  Are you ready for that great and glorious day?  The saints (we) have marched in.  The dead have risen.  All things are being revealed and this, the most important, the master key to the mysteries of the universe, is the one that comes from “The Two,” who are the fruit (children) of the olive tree (royal negative bloodline).”

The Cosmic Ray explores possible links between the UFO-based Heaven’s Gate religious cult and the activities of the Venus Venous Research Corporation.

This cryptic reference to “The Two” gave me some reason for concern with respect to the operations of the Venus Venous Research Corporation, however, insofar as the leaders of  Heaven’s Gate, the former Presbyterian minister Marshall Applewhite and nurse Bonnie Nettles, who formed that San Diego, California, UFO-based religious cult in 1974, began to claim that they were the two witnesses described in the Book of Revelation  and occasionally visited churches or other spiritual groups to speak of their identities, often referring to themselves as “The Two,” or “The UFO Two.” They believed they would die as martyrs and then be restored to life and, in full view of the entire world via satellite television, transported onto a spaceship. This event, which they referred to as “the Demonstration,” was to prove their claims.  Was the Venus Venous Research Corporation being utilized as a recruitment arm for “The Two,” the latter-day UFO prophets of the Heaven’s Gate cult?

In any event, the first phase of this process, as described by Royce, involved a gathering in of those individuals with Rh-negative blood types.  These are the initial ones called apart because of their starseed connections.  Royce explained further: “I’d like to recommend to all of you who are interested in corresponding with other negatives or doing your new job:  Broadcasting the good news, as much as you possibly can.  There must be some of you who are ‘night owls’ nationwide, who can call in to all night talk shows and give out your post office box number over the air.  This is the best way to avoid kooks.  Please keep us informed of the brethren (negatives) you find.  Send a list each month with their names, birthdate, blood types, heritage and address; and if possible, have them send in a filled-out copy of our questionnaire.  We are constantly updating the questionnaire as it is constantly revealing and verifying life similarities among respondents.  For example, we recently discovered that exposure to neon lights affects negative blood type people by making them dizzy.

“We are currently trying to determine how many survivors of major disasters have negative blood?  This may give us some indication as to whether they are being watched over, or guarded by higher beings.  Also, from any of you who are into genetic studies, we would be most grateful for a report on the latest developments and statistics.  And for those experiencing the phenomenon known as stigmata, we would like to know what is the blood type oozing from them?  Until next month, this is your sister in blood, the goddess Venus-Thaddeus.”  

The self-proclaimed goddess reported the following astrological information:  She was born as Bonnie Marie Royce on 3 February 1941 at the Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, at 2:22 a.m.  She emphasized that she was born under the sixth of the Chinese Zodiac symbols, that of the Snake.

Canadian Representative

Besides the articles from the two Royce sisters from California, the Venus Venous Research Corporation’s Bloodline newsletter ran an interesting piece from their Canadian representative, Ivan Boyes of Toronto, Ontario.  Boyes was born in Toronto on 8 January 1946, and expressed an intense interest in all matters esoteric and occult.  Long before the technology of the so-called “med beds” came along, Boyes pointed out that ancient Egyptian scrolls and Mayan reliefs show what appeared to be “womb chambers for creation.”  As to the restoration of the technology behind these chambers of antiquity, the Canadian correspondent wrote that, “Through the rediscovered science of radionics, we too can start new creations of life forms on this planet very easily, just by utilizing the right frequency and several subjects we want to genetically cross; not mess with, just cross.  Put a negative photo of the two on the plate of the radionic instrument and broadcast.  New forms of plants will emerge within no time.”    

Boyes urged those readers who thought this to be insanity, or at best wishful thinking, to read Joseph Goodavage’s Magic Science of the Future (New York City, New York:  Signet Books, 1976).  The Canadian noted that he had already been able to cure diseases and regrow organs in the body with the application of radionics.  He also suggested that it might be used to help us regain all of those extrasensory powers that had been lost to us over the centuries, through suppression or underusage.  To the readers of Bloodline, Boyes asked, “Are other Rh-types already creating new life forms on this planet; and how do we explain the life forms appearing such as the flying moth men in the United States or the Bigfoot?  Is the Bigfoot another radionic creation to show us and these hominids that our extraterrestrial ancestors created us for adaptability to conditions on this planet?”

Boyes remarks that, “Ancient cultures that were predominantly Rh-blood types reveal in their arts and legends all forms of clues as to who we are.  The Hallstatt Culture of Central and Western Europe, going back as early as the 12th century B.C.E., displays Martian map designs on its pottery of the Hellas area and also is exact in where the equator is, polar areas and river beds of the Red Planet are located.  This latter was only recently confirmed by the Mars probes.  How did they now, unless they had been or were from there?  Romanian pottery of the Neolithic Age also shows star maps and migration routes through the stars to Earth.  The Egyptian texts say that Ra and his train came from a city on the Moon.  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has allegedly discovered just such a space city on the far side of the Moon, but is keeping it a TOP SECRET in the interest of national security.”

Boyes also explains other anomalies about the Moon: “The NASA and Russian space program finds on the Moon show that it is artificial and hollow, and four times the age of the solar system (20 billion years).  It contains structures resembling those of the Memphites of Egypt and Monolithic structures in Peru.  Whoever built the Moon as a massive spacecraft and put these structures on it, also built those on Earth; and they were the Rh-space colonists, us and our ancestors.”  For additional information about the Moon as a space platform for launching ships used by the extraterrestrials in observing the evolution of humankind on Earth, Boyes invites the Bloodline readers to check out Don Wilson’s classic book, Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon (New York City, New York:  Dell Publishing, 1975).  

The astute Canadian researcher points out that, “Even as far back as the Carboniferous Age, machine shop metal alloy objects and man’s footprints have been found.  Also, on the Moon as well, by the Apollo astronauts.  Whoever built the pyramids on Mars and in Egypt?  Scientists now say the same people did.  Who sculptured the face on Mars and the some of the many mountains here in North America with faces and bodies?  Who built all of those now ruined palaces and fabulous temples being discovered all over the floor of the Atlantic Ocean?  Rh-people did; and they were space and time travelers.

“These are only a few things being revealed so far.  What about the vast underground cities of the Inner Earth, right below our feet?  Under New York State, Arizona and the Black Mountains, also Mount Hood, Oregon- some of these cities are abandoned, others controlled by Deros or Teros.  Here is where we have to explore down into them and find out what has been left to us.  The ancient legacies of Teutonic myths state this is to be used by the direct descendants of Odin in the Age of the Wolf, or Space Age (Aquarius).  Bonnie, Mabel and myself are these direct descendants from the family of Bar, which means the same as “Royce” or “Boyes.”  Other translations of the name are Baradda, as of the Druids, Goth, Gin, or those of the race of the Blue Jann who came to Earth eons of years ago from the stars with the El race.  And this is the true House of Israel, through which the Biblical prophets came.  They too were like you and I, awakened Rh-negative blood types.”

Boyes revealed that the leadership of the Venus Venous Research Corporation was planning expeditions to the Hollow Earth from a base in southern Brazil; and that other people with whom the leadership of the corporation were in contact with would soon be presenting to their respective country’s government leaders and United Nations diplomats a petition to the United Nations granting official recognition for governments in place in the various Hollow Earth civilizations.  

“In the last year,” said Boyes, unknown forces have been at work, directing things- lectures for me and expounding Inner and Hollow Earth data, drawing those who were suppose to, to me; escorting me around North America to lost cities, showing another colleague the secrets of the Northlands and of space cities in the Arctic.   Finally, the Inner Earth people came out and said they were responsible.  Then I met Bonnie and Mabel Royce.  I knew I was to meet them months before.  I was told also I would soon go on the biggest mission yet.  This is it, to gather our own people together.”

Is Rh-negative blood an exotic bloodline or random mutation?  For further information, read the article by Caleb Strom on the Ancient Origins website, https://www.ancient-origins.net/human-origins-science/rh-negative-blood-exotic-bloodline-or-random-mutation-008831, dated 22 May 2020.

The Canadian admits that he was once in the dark on all these matters, before he contacted Mabel and Bonnie Royce.  Being skeptical at first, Boyes wrote that, “As a researcher, I continued to look into all of their ideas, especially concerning Bonnie being the goddess Venus-Thaddeus (in her higher self).  With intense radionic scans and with the help of top psychics, I found out that everything they were saying is true.”  

While it was the fondest wish of all those at Venus Venous Research Corporation for all of its members to get to work right away in starting to build a new age, it was comforting to realize that each, in her or his own way, was helping their brothers and sisters with the Rh-negative blood type, to find their true birthrights among those to whom Otto Binder and Max Flindt referred to as the “Children of the Stars.”

From Keller Venus Files:  An artist’s conception of Ivan Boyes’ UFO experience.

Dipping into “Cosmic Ray’s Mailbag”

On 5 March 2021, the Cosmic Ray received a question about this very issue of the Rh-negative blood types and their connection with the legacy of interplanetary beings on Earth, sent to Rob Potter of the Promise Revealed and the special mailbag from a reader of the Venus Rising books, “Eilene,” that he forwarded to my e-mail.  The following was the Cosmic Ray’s prompt response:

Dear Eilene:

Many thanks for your timely and pertinent question.

It was Helena Blavatsky, the co-founder of the Theosophical Society, who first postulated in the 1880s that around 18,000,000 years ago, a Venusian contingent on Earth was responsible for creating the race of god-kings who populated the ancient continents of Atlantis and Lemuria.  She also claims that the Venusian bloodline was carried over into Europe by some of the survivors of Atlantis' destruction.  Today we know their descendants as the Basques, inhabiting the area of the Pyrenees Mountains, situated on both sides of the French-Spanish border.

A recent United Nations study confirms the highest concentration of the Rh- negative blood group on the planet as being situated in the Basque region of the Pyrenees Mountains. Brad Steiger, a paranormal researcher in the tradition of the late John A. Keel, was the first to point out that those with the Rh-negative blood factor possess an encoded extraterrestrial DNA and are, therefore, the prime candidates for contact by Venusians and other aliens operating on Earth.  The last chapter of my Venus Rising book, “Gods of Aquarius,” under the subtitle of "Dolores is Orthon, Here's Why," goes into much greater detail about the actual physical characteristics that differ between persons with the Rh-negative blood factor (alien component) from the general Earth population.

Hope this answers your question.  

Your cosmic friend, -Ray


(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part XI of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where a Mexican doctor provides a medical examination for an extraterrestrial who walks into his office. - Lon)