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Tuesday, June 01, 2021

The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part VII


The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part VII

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

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“What’s a president gonna do? I built a 50-foot wall at El Paso and this smart aleck alien showed up with a 51-foot ladder! Maybe Joe Biden will figure out a better immigration policy.”  See “Weird News,” Huff Post, 31 August 2015.

An Illegal Alien, of the Extraterrestrial Kind

Official UFO was a mass market magazine published nine times yearly during the 1970s and 1980s by Countrywide Publications (New York, New York).  In the May 1975 issue of this publication, editor Russ A. Rueger, Ph.D., revealed that one of Official UFO magazine’s staff writers was actually an extraterrestrial.  

“As you can imagine,” wrote Rueger, “staff come and go at the offices of Official UFO.  Government pressures, nervous breakdowns, and a generally stressful environment all contribute to the rapid turnover of personnel.  If you’re completely sane when you start working here, we like to say that you won’t stay that way for long!  Unfortunately, sometimes that turns out to be true.”

It was January 1975 and one of the ace correspondents for Official UFO was out on assignment.  Everything was fairly quiet around the office, so Rueger and the other personnel decided to leave early from work one Thursday afternoon.  But when they returned on Friday morning, they found an unusual manuscript on the desk of one recently hired staff writer, William Cobb, who was nowhere to be seen.  

In Rueger’s estimation, Cobb showed great promise as both a UFO investigator and staff reporter.  He was sad to see him go.  The editor and other staff had noticed that Cobb always seemed nervous.  He never wrote articles under his own name.  When Rueger asked Cobb why he was always writing under different aliases, the staff writer simply replied, “I needed to protect myself.”

The editor felt that it would be unfair to reveal exactly which articles were written by Cobb under the sundry aliases over the few months he had been working at Official UFO.  “With all due respect to Mr. Cobb,” wrote Rueger, “we will not divulge exactly which articles because some of them were risky and inflammatory.”

Slightly more than four months had passed since Cobb first disappeared.  “Since we discovered this manuscript, we haven’t seen nor heard of Mr. Cobb, and he hasn’t even returned to pick up his last paycheck,” noted the editor, who added that, “This was very unusual behavior, particularly for Cobb.  So, William, if you’re out there reading this, we hope that everything is all right and that you will get in touch with us.”

Despite editing a magazine that deals with exceptional phenomena, Rueger was of the opinion that the story Cobb left behind in the manuscript was “patently ridiculous” and only served to demonstrate what working in a hectic office environment can do in shaking up one’s sanity.  It was good, however, that Rueger went ahead and published Cobb’s manuscript exactly as he and the office personnel had found it.  A photo of William Cobb was published in the Official UFO magazine asking readers who might know where he is to make a report to the editor at the publication’s mailing address of 257 Park Avenue South, New York, New York 10010.  He never did check back in with the office; and here we have another case of one intimately tied to the ongoing UFO saga of completely disappearing off of the face of the Earth.

The last manuscript of William Cobb, staff writer for Official UFO, follows, detailing information on the alien he was working with, side-by-side, on a daily basis and why he (Cobb) decided to disappear:

The Moon is out now; and I can see it coming in through the blinds.  It used to comfort me but it doesn’t anymore.  I’ve got to get out of here; but I guess I owe it to the readers of Official UFO to tell them what’s going on.  I hope I have a chance to finish it.  

I took the job as reporter here because I believe that the government is trying to suppress information about UFOs.  I have seen several of them myself at various points in my life, so I know they exist.  When I was young, I used to think that everybody saw them; and it wasn’t until later I realized that many people still don’t even believe they exist.  So, I finally decided to share my knowledge with the public through this magazine.  But the time has come for me to move on; so, I am telling my last news story.

One of the writers at this magazine has astonishing luck in getting great stories.  No matter what he sets out to investigate, he always comes back with an amazing revelation.  I have followed him in order to learn his journalistic secrets, but to no avail.  My first reaction was jealousy, but soon that gave way to stronger emotion.

Frequently, readers of this magazine have certainly read his material.  He writes under many names, most frequently “R. J.”  At first glance, he appears perfectly normal; but there is a strange glint in his eyes at all times; and he always seems to be laughing at some private joke that only he can hear.  One thing about him is certain, though, and that is he is one of the most important journalists of the decade.  People who work for this magazine do not get nominated for Pulitzer Prizes because the world doesn’t believe what we are telling them; but if we were, “R. J.” would probably be the first to be so rewarded.  Still, how he got his great scoops remained a mystery to me.

He kept strange hours, did strange things, ate strange goods- and soon I began to suspect the truth.  “R. J.,” a writer for Official UFO, was himself an alien!  Suddenly everything made sense.  He was not a reporter so much as a publicist.  When the aliens decided to reveal information about the human race, “R. J.” would bring it into the office, write it down and publish it.  Our entire organization was acting as a front for aliens. 

I had not fully convinced myself of this by any means because it was admittedly a little far-fetched.  If aliens wanted to transmit information to Earth, they could disrupt our television communications or our radio waves without even trying.  When then, would they send an alien in human form to our offices?  The idea was too silly to consider.

Still, I began following “R. J.” with renewed vigor.  This was the story I had been waiting for.  If it was true, then I could…. could what?  Without knowing “R. J.’s” purpose, I would not be able to say anything.  One day I cornered him as he was putting on his coat at lunch time.  

“Why are you here?” I asked him; but all he did was look confused.  I don’t know whether he suspected what I was up to, but it was a stupid move on my part all the same.  If his intentions were hostile, he might have killed me right there.  I had to be more careful.

My golden opportunity for research came this month when “R. J.” was sent away on assignment.  He was investigating new evidence of ancient astronauts unearthed at the south of France and was not expected to return for several weeks.  I began staying late in order to pursue my investigative work.  I searched his desk and found nothing except some paper clips, a red pen, a sheet of Ko-Rec-Type and a prize from a box of candy.  I was amused by how mundane it all was and applauded “R. J.” for being so careful to cover his tracks.  He was sneakier than I thought.  I would have to work harder.

I unearthed every article he had written and began going over them with a “fine-toothed comb.”  I immediately noticed several things.  Most of the stories centered on ancient astronaut controversies and all the evidence that he reported supported the existence of aliens in our past.  Other stories involved locating alien interference at specific times in human history.  Still others reported finding evidence of aliens in everyday life.

William Cobb, a staff writer for UFO Review, right before he disappeared.  Apparently, Cobb knew too much about flying saucers, for his own good.

What emerged from all these stories was the idea that aliens were beneficent creatures who had been helping mankind along the path to maturity since we were small one-celled lifeforms.  Aliens have always been with us and have always helped us, but always in secret.  They have chosen when to reveal themselves, more and more frequently in recent times.

If all of this was a well-kept secret, why was it being revealed in the pages of Official UFO?  Either “R. J.” was a renegade alien who was no longer a part of the extraterrestrial master plan or he was a major part of the plan.  Both views made sense; but the second one made even more sense than the first.  With the space program faltering and man wallowing in the 1970s, accomplishing nothing, the time had come for more severe measures to be taken by the aliens.  So, “R. J.” had come to the offices of Official UFO in order to start acclimating humanity to the idea of aliens.  Once humanity is sufficiently “prepared,” then the lid can come off and the aliens can reveal themselves.

That’s the story of “R. J.,” as far as I can determine.  On the back of one of his pads of paper, I found some doodling, but doodling unlike any I’d ever seen.  It was a solar system, but one totally unlike ours, with a pulsating binary star and six ringed planets.  Written underneath the drawing was something- I don’t know what- because it isn’t in any language I’ve ever seen on Earth.  So now I am writing this.  

Should I have revealed “R. J.’s” plan?  What will they do to me when they find out?  It’s obvious that I will have to develop a whole new identity.  I will also need a new job.  The world doesn’t need me to tell them about UFOs anymore.  They’ve got “R. J.”


-William Cobb

10 January 1975

New York City, New York


(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part VIII of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where Dr. Keller speculates on the possibility that the UFOs themselves are living organisms.  - Lon)