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Saturday, June 05, 2021

Sasquatch Pair Confronts Hunters in Northern Idaho Mountains

A group of friends are spending a weekend hunting in the mountains of northern Idaho. They soon observe foot prints and broken trees, eventually confronted and terrified by a 2 Sasquatch.

The following account was recently posted on social media:

"This is a story that was told to me by one of my firearms instructors named Chris.

In northern Idaho, deep in the Rocky Mountains, there is a cabin that is on a cattle ranch. Chris’ brother knows the owner, and invited Chris to spend a weekend up there for some hunting and hiking. The brothers gathered their supplies and a few of their best pals and took off to the mountains.

As they were driving up the winding Idaho roads, his brother issued a cryptic warning. “Sometimes the cattle escape into the woods and need to be tracked down. The owner of the ranch has seen strange creatures in the forest. I’m not messing around.” Everyone laughed and didn’t take the warning seriously. Within the hour they arrived at the cabin.

On the second day in the mountains, Chris decided to go on an afternoon hunt with one of his friends. They drove down a backroad into the forest until the road ended a few miles from the cabin. They got out and walked to the nearby creek, then split off with one person going upstream and one person going downstream.

After walking for a ways, Chris came to a silty deposit where he noticed a foul odor and a broken pine tree that was green and healthy. The trunk was snapped in the direction of the water. There were four finger indentations in the tree bark like it had been squeezed and pulled down by a massive hand. Sap bubbled from the compressed bark. On the ground he discovered numerous huge footprints with 5 toes stamped into the silt. He followed them and counted 73 beautiful tracks that lead to another snapped green pine tree. This tree also had big finger marks on it, and was facing in the direction of the water. Tracks danced all around this tree. The smell was now overwhelming. Chris became so spooked that he immediately ran back to the truck. His friend had shot a deer, and they quickly drove back to the cabin with it.

At the cabin, Chris explained the situation to everyone. That night, half a dozen men from the cabin armed themselves, each with a rifle and a pistol, and returned by truck to the end of the dirt road. They parked the truck facing the creek and then walked on foot to the edge of the water. It was a moonless starry night, but the horrible smell still lingered. The band of hunters waited, and at one point howled into the night, calling for the creature.

Chris thought he could hear something moving in the forest, but the creek was too loud to be sure. He decided to walk alone upstream and into the woods to get a clearer sound. He could hear that there was definitely something big making its way through the pines. He ran back to the hunters and warned them that something was approaching.

Moments later, from both up and downstream, they began to hear branches snapping and foot steps thudding. The sounds came from both directions, closing in on the group. The footsteps grew louder and louder until the booming crunch of a log under the surface of the mud spooked them so much that they all ran back to the truck!

In less than two minutes, they made it back to the vehicle. The moment they fired up the truck and turned on the headlights, they could see two massive bipedal hairy creatures moving up the creek in the location they had just retreated from. The creatures' eyes shined from the trucks headlights. All of the men had clear shots, but all took flight back to the cabin in terror.

The stench greeted them upon their return. They feared that with the slain deer outside, the creatures would be drawn to the property. They all slept curled up with their guns that night, but no more signs of the creatures would be found.

"I told you little brother, I was not f*ckin around!”

He figures he ran into a family of Sasquatch. There was a wild look in his eyes as he turned to me and said, “I know they exist.” B


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