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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Real-Life Cryptid Encounters: Giant Underwater Venus Fly Traps, Bigfoot & Possible Thunderbird Pair

4 separate cryptid accounts from different locations. The encounters include giant underwater Venus fly traps, Bigfoot and a possible Thunderbird pair. Interesting incidents.

The following accounts were recently forwarded to me:

"When I was in middle school, I spent a week at a summer camp out in the Pacific Northwest wilderness. Cabins, a lake, the whole deal. I couldn't swim, so lake time really sucked for me. A cabin leader took pity on me and decided to take me and another girl out in a canoe. Even with a life jacket on, I was super nervous about going out in deep water. We didn't even go that far, maybe 30 feet out past the designated swim area. But it was far enough.

I peeked out over the edge of the boat, down at the water, and saw GIANT Venus fly traps under the water. Their mouths ranged from 4 to 6 feet wide and were waiting not far below the surface. Suddenly the cabin leader started rocking the boat from side to side. Me and the other girl got really freaked out, so they took us back to shore. Needless to say, I didn't go out in the boats again. I have never seen giant Venus fly traps like that since and the internet seems to hold no answers to what I saw. Thinking back on it now gives me goosebumps!" SN


“In 2015 I was spending the summer in West Haven, Connecticut. We were less than a mile from the ocean. One afternoon, as I sat on the front porch listening to some music, I saw a very large bird fly overhead and circle around the street a hundred feet or more from where I sat. It circled around two or three times before finding a perch in one of the trees that lined the avenue. I guess its wingspan was between ten and twelve feet. I have never seen a bird that large in my life. I lived on the east coast of the United States for fifty years.

After a moment a smaller bird of the same species arrived. I'm guessing they were mates, the larger one the male, and the smaller one the female. The smaller birds wingspan I estimate was between eight and ten feet from wingtip to wingtip. Their bodies were brown without any striking features. This was at around the beginning of August. Thunderbirds? I don't know. But I've never seen birds of such size before or since. They rested two or three minutes and then headed north up the coastline.” S


"When I was 12 my Dad, who was a cattle buyer, drove from auction to action, sometimes driving at night. While driving in Kentucky one night he saw something up ahead in the road, so he slowed to a stop. He said that what he saw was about 9 feet tall and stood upright like a man. He said it was covered in hair and had stopped walking on the edge of the highway for about 3 minutes looking in his direction. Dad said he was scared by the sight of such a large unidentified creature.

I believe what he saw was a Bigfoot. He never said what he thought it was but said it glared at him making, his blood run cold. He never took us kids in the deep woods for camping again. My dad was a honest man and would not make up such a story. I know it changed his mind about camping in the woods for life." GD


“I was on a two lane highway, Rt. 48 in Oklahoma very near Amish country. I drove a box truck hauling used tires back to Texas. It was in 2014 and was a very warm night. The moon was full, had my headlights on high, approaching a two lane bridge when I thought I saw a bear on the bridge. It stood on it legs right in front my truck which, by now, was about 20 feet right in front looking right at me. I started to move my truck. It jumped off the bridge into the creek. It was a very shallow creek. I watched it walk down the creek and disappear.

I later talked to some Amish people in the area and they told me what I had seen was real and they had seen it several times. I never said nothing to nobody because they wouldn't believe me. I later went into the creek with the Amish land owner and found fresh tracks and some smaller ones like they were from a juvenile. These landowners told me it was a regular thing. They had seen several. It was 20 feet in front me. I remember every detail. But me, being native American, I respect this and all natural beings. Some locals wanted to hunt them down and kill them. his was another reason I never said a word.” JG

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