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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Possible 'Skinwalker' Among Co-Workers Terrifies Witness

A group of co-workers are at a bonfire in rural Utah when they noticed someone who none of them knew. The odd behavior by this man prompted then to leave, leading to a terrifying incident.

I recently came across this account:

"I don't know what to make of this. I'm honestly terrified. I'm not giving any names because I don't know if it was a Skinwalker or not. I'll keep this as short as possible because I'm at work right now and don't have a lot of time.

So, 4 days ago I went to a bonfire with a couple of my co-workers. It wasn't huge, just a small get together with about 7 people there. I knew everyone there, and for the first hour it was super fun. Now this place was out In the woods, barely got any reception. We were about a mile away from civilization, so if anything were to happen it would be pretty hard to get help. I live in rural Utah too, and there's not a lot of traffic around, so there wouldn't be many cars.

There was only one person there I didn't know, but I just assumed he was one of my co-workers' friends so I didn't think anything of it. He was a tall skinny white dude, had black hair and blue eyes. Now, I don't want to be that guy, but he was also pretty ugly. He was very distant, barely talked and kept to himself, which at first I didn't find odd. As this thing went along, I noticed he would stare at people for random every now and then, and this was when he felt a little off to me.

Before asking anyone who he was, I started to observe him. His movements were very odd. I don't know how to explain it, but the way he moved was very strange. He walked super strangely and moved his head and neck in a weird way. This made me paranoid and I asked all my co-workers if they knew him. One by one I ask and each person said no, all saying they thought he was someone else's friends. This was it for me. Something told me to get out of there now. I went to all of my co-workers and told them everything and they all agreed to leave and go to another co-worker's home.

We all packed our stuff up and loaded it into the car, acting like we were done for the night. He didn't get into any car. He just stood near the woods and waved goodbye. As we drove off, I was with my colleague and when we looked back, he was gone. It was an instant too, but that's not the only scary thing. My car window was recently broken so I didn't have a window up, so I could hear everything outside basically.

On our way to my place, every now and then I would hear something that sounded like someone screaming, and I swear that one time someone called my name. This just made me super scared, and instead of joking about the situation, my friend and I were terrified. We kept hearing these noises, whines, a dog barking, a horse nay, someone screaming, people calling my name, and wolfs howling. Something in me told me that something was making these noises to lure me into the woods, and luckily It didn't lure any of my friends into it.

As we were leaving the gravel road and moving onto the main road, we looked back into the woods. I was behind all the other cars so I got a very good view of something, I don't know what, running way faster then any human should run across the gravel road. It was tall, skinny, and it looked really pale. I booked it at that point, driving past all of other co-workers cars. My friend in the passenger seat asked what was wrong. I couldn't speak. It was like I was so terrified I just wasn't paying attention. I just drove and I almost drove into the woods at one point. I only snapped out of it when one of my friends called asking what the hell was wrong and what happened.

I lied and told him everything was fine, but he didn't believe me and kept pushing but I kept lying. He eventually gave up and told me he would see me at my house.

This made me terrified to go near any woods, and even scared to leave my house at some points. I'm simply terrified, and I think if my instincts wouldn't of kicked in and told me to leave then I truly believe someone at that bonfire would of died." DB

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