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Thursday, June 03, 2021

More Bizarre 'Frogmen' Encounter Reports

More unusual encounters with 'Frogmen' or possible Reptilian beings. There have been various 'Frogmen' cryptid sightings over the years, including the well-known 'Loveland Frog' incidents.

The following accounts were recently forwarded to me. You may want to refer to a previous post - 'Frog People' Encountered in the Meadowlands, New Jersey:

"I lived in the Mississippi Delta area. I was driving an ambulance at the time and was taking a patient to Jackson (during the day). Well, as I was passing through a swamp, something caught my eye on the right of the vehicle at the top of a guard rail. It looked like the biggest bullfrog I had ever seen. I'm talking as big as a full-size basketball. However, the closer I got the more strange it looked. Its eyes were large, black and set on the front of its head, just like a human's. The mouth was wide and the top of its head was rounded not flat like a frogs would be.

As I approached, it turned to look at me. It had a look of intelligence in its eyes as we stared at each other. I had already slowed down at the moment we made visual contact with one another. It looked at me like it was studying me, taking in my details. This is when I knew damn well this wasn't a frog. If it had been a frog, it would needed to have been perched on the rail to have had its head above the guard rail like that but there weren't any legs.

We stared into each others eyes through the passenger window, I've seen a lot but this left me stunned and grasping at reason. As I passed, it turned its head and looked at the side of my ambulance. It looked curious and was examining it. I watched in the side-view mirror and that's when I noticed it had a neck and not only that but it had to have been fairly sizable to have had its head over the railing because the other side seemed to drop off. I'm not sure how deep, but I'm 5ft 2in and I don't think I would have been able to stand behind it like that. When my ambulance fully passed, I saw it turn and look at the other cars going by. It just seemed to be looking at us, like a curious child.

It was a really weird experience for me. I will never forget the creature's face. This guard rail was literally on the edge of the road. So, when I passed we couldn't have been more than 10ft from each other. I know what I saw and I will never forget it." AA


"I have a weird childhood memory. I remember being scared to sleep because of the 'Frogmen' (that's what I called them) that would stand at the end of my bed and touch my toes I have asked my mother about it and she can vaguely remember me saying it.

The "Frogmen" were short. I could only see their heads and shoulders at the end of my bed. There was something about the toe touching that caused a feeling I would nowadays describe as fast acceleration or a kind of vertigo. They never spoke or communicated with me, but amongst themselves they would interact - like discuss what or which one would touch my toes.

There was a light blue light that would illuminate the window that herald there arrival, although from what I remember they just appeared in the room. But I would hide my head under the blanket whenever the blue light would appear.

Perhaps it's nightmares that are being mixed up with UFO/abduction encounters if watched/read about and my mind is mixing up and creating embellished memories. But the Frogmen and the toe-touching and blue light are all one of my first childhood memories and are one of only a handful from that house, because we moved to a new suburb/area the next year." GT



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