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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

'Human-Faced Dog' (Possible Jinmenken) Encountered in US Midwest

A US Midwest woman is outside hanging laundry when she encounters a 'human-face dog, possibly a Jinmenken-like cryptid. She was overwhelmed and became nauseous.

The following account was posted on my Phantoms & Monsters social media:

"This is an absolutely true account. I will never, ever tell anyone about it using my real name because I know how it's going to sound. It happened in June 1983, in the midwestern US, where I live. I was 20 years old and living alone with my cat. I was outside, hanging laundry one beautiful afternoon and my cat, who was a kitten at the time, was playing in a large basket where I could keep an eye on him.

At one point, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, just out of the blue. I turned around and looked behind me and there was nothing amiss, except my kitten had gotten out of the basket and was standing stock-still, looking toward the home nearby.

My house was next to two duplexes, which were facing the street that ran alongside. Between those duplexes was a wide gravel drive where people would pull in and then turn into their carports. On this gravel drive, I saw a dog. It was facing away from me, facing that side street. My first thought was, "Crap, it's going to go after my cat." So I scooped up my kitten and watched the dog to make sure it left. It didn't.

The hair on my arms was now standing straight up and in the middle of June, there was a chill breeze that seemed to just come from nowhere and go right through my cotton blouse. Then...the dog turned. Slowly. Deliberately, almost. It turned and faced me and I swear to God this is what I saw.

It was the face of a bearded man. Not just a sort of man-like face or the face of a dog born with a deformity. This was the absolute face of an angry man, with a full beard and his mouth was open, as if he was yelling at me, but no sound came out. My blood simply froze in my veins and I actually threw up, then and there, all over my fresh laundry.

It seemed like forever but it must have been only 30 seconds or so as whatever the hell that was looked at me. Only when it started walking toward me, angry mouth agape, that I collected my wits and ran into the house with my cat, leaving the laundry in the yard. I locked the doors and hid in my bathroom that had a window that looked over my backyard, dreading seeing that thing come into my yard. But it never did.

After an hour or so, I grabbed a baseball bat and went back outside. I looked everywhere. The thing had gone. No tracks. Nothing out of order. My laundry was still in the yard, having blown around a bit, but it was all there.

I never saw that thing again. I don't know what it was and the closest thing I can find on it is the Japanese cryptid they call "Jinmenken." I find dog-faced men stories but not the other way around. That was 1983. I've never told a soul about it. Not even my husband, who was my fiance at the time this happened.

I know how it sounds. I'm completely sane, though, and I know what I saw. Even today, every time I think of it (which isn't often anymore), I feel my skin crawl and I get a bit nauseated again. Whatever that was, it felt evil. Not just scary-looking....but evil. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up even before I turned around and saw him. Jesus, that scared the hell out of me. But I'm never, ever telling anyone if I can't be anonymous." Name withheld


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