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Sunday, June 06, 2021

Huge Unknown Canine Seen on Navajo Family Property Ignites 'Skinwalker' Concerns

On a visit to the Navajo reservation during the Christmas holidays the witness observes a huge strange 'dog' while looking out the kitchen window. There were immediate fears of a possible 'Skinwalker' presence.

I recently came across the following account:

"My fiancé (native Navajo) invited me to go with them to their grandmother's house for Christmas. This being the first time I've ever been to the Navajo reservation, I wasn't sure what to expect.

I had a lot of ideas regarding what might be, as well as the 'what ifs,' nevertheless excited to go somewhere I had never been before. Most of my excitement was reserved towards learning more about the culture and unique opportunity of visiting a reservation as an outsider. Because of this I was also a bit nervous. What if I wasn't accepted? Would the people be welcoming or would they be hostile towards my presence? Most of my fears were quelled by the wonderful hospitality I had been shown by both grandma and the people I had the privilege to interact with while visiting.

We left our house on Christmas eve with our dog and started to make the 4-hour journey to grandma's house. On the way we saw a beautiful sunset scatter across the mountains. After traveling for about 3 hours we find ourselves at the turnoff that leads to an hour long drive on a desolate road that would eventually take us to our destination. While on this road my significant other shared stories of dances and the polytheistic practices their tribe had. All of it fascinated me and left me asking more questions than I had imagined asking.

By the time we arrive to grandma's house it is dark and cold out. As I begin to unpack the car my significant other takes our dog a bit away from the house to go relieve itself. By the time they get back I have taken our bags inside and locked the car up for the night. As we sit around the kitchen table eating food lovingly cooked by grandma we share stories and play a card game. After about an hour we all say goodnight to one another and get ready to turn in for bed.

At around midnight, my significant other and I lay down and I call our dog to the bed. A short time thereafter we fall asleep although I forgot to turn off the light next to the bed on the night stand. Around 2 to 3 am I woke up having to use the restroom and noticed that our dog was sitting just looking at the door that led out to the small hallway, on the other side was the main door to the house. I called for her to come back to bed and she just put her nose at the base of the bedroom door sniffing while scratching. Thinking that she too had to go out I walked up to the main house door and opened it ushering her out. She ended up just sitting there and staring. After trying to coax her to go outside a few times and failing in my attempts I closed the door and made my way to the kitchen to grab a glass of water.

In the kitchen there is a big window to the right of the sink that overlooks the driveway to the house with a bit of light that makes the driveway barely visible at night.

As I reach to turn on the faucet my head turns to the right to look outside and I see a dog sitting outside and staring into the house. Something was off about this dog though. It was much larger than a typical large breed by 2x times. I began to get the chills and internally said to myself, "f*** this." Grabbing my water and about to head back to bed the dog gets up and begins to walk away.

One thing that I feel I might not convey well is the way this dog walked. It seemed to walk very awkwardly and almost stiff like. After making my way back to bed and falling asleep and wake up the next morning.

While eating the breakfast grandma had made I had nonchalantly asked to anyone listening at the kitchen table if the neighbors had an extra large dog. That's when grandma began to ask questions and my significant other started to look concerned.

Grandma immediately made a few phone calls and after a bit of time passed a native priest and healer arrive at the house and they begin to converse silently with grandma. Thinking I must have done something wrong my significant other joins my grandma in the conversation.

They all begin to look at me and talk more, then the priest goes around the house with sage and cedar. The healer comes to talk with me and grandma about my experience and my significant other disappears outside the house to gather raw meat.

From what I can gather, I encountered something I should not have the previous night and by my arrival (an outsider) they had to make certain preparations to ensure our safety for the duration of my stay.

After this visit, we have visited many other times and I had no other weird experiences. But this experience left me chilled to the bone and will live with me for the rest of my life. I can't get over how this dog behaved and how large it was." LN


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