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Sunday, June 13, 2021

'Glimmer Man' Encountered by Deer Hunters in Hells Canyon Wilderness Area, Idaho

A pair of friends regularly traveled to the Hells Canyon Wilderness Area in Idaho to hunt deer. This was until they both encountered the 'Glimmer Man' moving in the trees near their stands. 

The following account was recently forwarded to me by Cam & Kyle at Expanded Perspectives:

"Recently, I received some bad news because my health is deteriorating fast. With the ongoing pandemic and my cancer diagnosis I figured I'd better share my story while I still can. I’m in my 60s now, but this story took place back when I was in my 30’s. I was 34-35 I think, when this all happened.

Back then, I was living in a suburb of Boise, Idaho called Caldwell. My grandparents lived north of there in an area known as the Hells Canyon Wilderness Area. The town they lived in was called New Meadows. It’s a small town in Adams County, along the Little Salmon River. Well, there's some fantastic whitetail deer hunting up there on public land. I had been driving up there hunting with my brothers, uncles and father since I was teenager, so I was very familiar with the area. I used to love it there, until I had my experience in the woods.

It was late summer and a buddy of mine, named Ryan, and I were going to up to New Meadows, pick up some supplies that I stored at my grandparent's house and head out to find a good spot to set up our deer stands. We got to one of the trail heads I was familiar with and started walking some trails and trying to spot a good place to set up our deer stands. Nothing was out of the ordinary. A very normal day of scouting. We saw plenty of wildlife and a few other stands that were set up by other hunters. Some looked very recent others, though others looked old and abandoned.

After a few hours we each set up our own individual stands in spots that looked promising to us. Now, Ryan’s stand was about 1,000 yards northwest of my spot, so the plan would be for us to walk together to my stand and then Ryan would continue on to his every morning and evening. When the hunt was over I would wait at my stand until Ryan would meet up with me and then we would continue together back to our vehicle. Ryan was in much better shape than me and was about 7 years younger. We met at work and both loved the outdoors. Well, we did.

So fast forward to deer season. We were excited and eager to go hunting. So we executed our plan several times. Each morning or evening we would walk out together, split up, hunt, meet back up and talk about how everything went and what we did or didn’t see while we walked back to the truck. So, this must have happened 6 or 7 times. But after that, we would not always be able to get out and hunt because of work, family issues or whatever. There were a few times either he or I would hunt alone. No big deal, again this was all normal. On the weekends we would be together, but during the week if either one of us had a chance we would go at it alone.

So, one week, Ryan went out alone a few times, I couldn’t get away from work so I would have to wait for the weekend. I would call Ryan and ask how it went? Did you get anything? Did you see anything? Etc. He told me no, he saw some prints, but that was it. I told him that I would see him this weekend and he told me that he couldn’t make it. I was like okay, no problem, I get it, maybe next week. The next week came and Ryan said he couldn’t make it again because he wasn’t feeling well. I asked if he went during the week and he told me no. Again, I thought nothing of it, but whatever. The next week came and went, but no Ryan.

This continued week after week, though deer season would be over soon. Ryan loves hunting and fishing. This dude constantly talks about deer hunting. He has subscriptions to several hunting magazines, he watches hunting video tapes and goes to trade shows. Everything. For him to suddenly look for every excuse to not go hunting seemed very odd, so I asked him. “Hey man, what’s going on?” You haven’t been out in weeks, is everything ok?" He said yeah that he was real busy and that was that. I continued to hunt alone for the rest of the season. I failed to bag a buck that year, but was more frustrated that I seemed to have lost my hunting buddy.

Over the next few months I would reach out to Ryan and everything seemed normal. It was spring again and I was talking about going to scout for a new place this year, a new spot that would be better and if he wanted to go up with me and we could do it together. He said that it sounded fun and I got off of the phone with him.

A few weeks went buy and I asked if he was ready and he told me that he couldn’t go, again with the excuses. He kept putting me off until he finally told me that he wasn’t going to be hunting this fall, that he was too busy, and maybe some other time. I was shocked. So I went at it all alone that new season.

I found a new spot that looked pretty good. I walked by Ryan’s old location and his stand was still there in the tree. He never came and got it. So, I figured I would give his spot a try one day.

So, one morning I arrived earlier than normal because it was farther hike and went all the way out to Ryan’s stand. I climbed up and settled in. Everything remained normal for the first hour, hour and a half. Then I noticed everything went quiet. I mean deathly quiet. Like I was in a vacuum or something. I could hear my own heart beat, but that was about it. No birds, no insects, no squirrels or chipmunks, not even a breeze. I remember thinking to myself, 'Man, this is crazy, I’ve never heard it this quiet before, ever. This is strange!' This continued for about 10 minutes. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye about 70 yards away in the trees! I could see something moving, but I couldn't tell what I was looking at. I started to feel the sense of dread, like something was wrong. I don't scare easily but I was suddenly struck with fear and I didn’t even know why.

This thing was moving around in the trees, but what it was doing, I don’t know. I couldn’t focus on what it was. I kept saying to myself, 'What the hell is that? What is that man, what is that?' That’s when it jumped to a neighboring tree. That’s when I got a better look at it. I say better because what I saw is hard to describe. I couldn’t focus on it. Whatever it was, it had two arms, a head, a torso and two legs. I don't describe it as a man, because what I saw was not a man. It was about 6 foot tall, maybe even shorter. It jumped to the next tree and just squatted on a limb surveying the area. I was scared to move, so I just sat there and watched with amazement. There was still no sound in the forest and this thing just sat there. It looked like water, like liquid, like clear plastic. Whenever it stopped moving it was almost impossible to see, but when it moved you could see it much better.

The whole time I just kept thinking to myself, 'What the hell is that? Is it a sasquatch? Is it a ghost?' I don’t know and I don’t want IT to know that I'm here. I'm not going to move until it’s gone. I continued to watch this thing intently, never taking my eyes off of it, not even for one second. I don’t think that it saw me. It never gave any indication that it was aware of my presence, which now I’m very thankful for. So for an hour I just watched this thing move around until if finally disappeared off into the woods. I quickly climbed down out of Ryan's stand and high-tailed it all the way back to my truck.

Sitting in the cab of my truck, I tried to wrap my mind around what I just saw. What was that thing? Am I going crazy? Am I losing my mind? Do I have a brain tumor? I must be hallucinating. But no. No! I saw it. I watched it for a long time, whatever it was, it was real.

I drove home and said nothing to anyone about the whole ordeal. I didn't want them to think I was crazy or something. I thought about it constantly over the next few weeks. Every time I was laying down for bed, or taking a shower, driving alone in my truck. The memory would come flooding back into my mind. What did see?

Eventually, I contacted Ryan and asked if I could come by an visit. He said sure. So one Saturday around lunch time, I drove over to Ryan's and we chit-chatted for a bit about what he was up to, how was life, the normal stuff. Then I told him about my deer season and how one day I hiked up to his stand and actually hunted in it. He looked scared. He turned white! He was looking at me with this strange look I’ll never forget. 

I said, "Dude, are you okay?" He said, "Did you see anything?" I said, "No man, I didn’t see any deer." And he said, "I’m not talking about deer. Did you see anything?"

At that moment, I knew what he was insinuating. I knew he knew something. So, I said, "Yeah, as a matter of fact. I'll tell you exactly what I saw." So I told him everything. He said that he saw it too and that I was lucky that it didn’t see me. His encounter was much different than mine. He told me that the thing not only saw him but basically forced him out of the woods. That is why he never went back. He wanted to tell me but didn’t know how. He sold all of his hunting equipment and will never go into the woods again. We talked for hours and we still don’t know what it was that we saw. Ryan thinks its a demon or something alien. I still don’t know, but I know it sounds crazy. I’m glad he saw it too. Now, I know for sure that I didn’t hallucinate the whole thing. I did see what I saw, even though I don’t know what I saw.

Some friends of mine heard your show about the 'Glimmer Man' sightings and told me to give it a listen. I did and was shocked that other people have seen it too. I no longer feel alone. I wanted to shared this story with you because it needs to be documented somewhere. BTW, Ryan died 4 years ago in a horrible motorcycle accident. Maybe, one day we will finally figure out what the 'Glimmer Man' is." Mike

NOTE: The more I hear and read about this phenomenon, I'm starting to feel strongly that this a mechanism employed by Sasquatch and/or other cryptids in order to conceal themselves. Your thoughts? Lon

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